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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Hi hags!

Heard word about my friend Brownie. He is currently under Intensive Care on a respirator, paralyzed from neck down. Apparently he has pneumonia and high fever, and cannot breathe unaided, hence the respirator. It's really a trying time for him and his family. We, as his friends, can only hope and pray for his recovery. And again, I truly appreciate if you can also include him in your prayers. I just wish he can be well enough to read my blog. I know he will laugh out loud again at my silliness and shallowness (as he always did), and he will once more call me a taitai wannabe.

Now, as promised, I am posting a few bags worth looking into. The brands are not as popular (although known enough) hence, not as pricey (all under $500, YAY!! ). But hey, they're all good!

BCBG: This is the Lisa hobo bag. At $440, I think it's quite fair a price to pay. Would've even be cooler if there was an Ivory colored version of this very same bag though. The strap looks real soft on the shoulder, and I like the way the bag hooks onto that strap. The belt-like detail is good, since I take that this bag slouches-- and if it is just a snap lock, it is a thief-attraction. But with the strap-weight, it encloses it by flapping one side over the other (get my drift? Sorry I'm not very articulate today).

Carlos Falchi: In a whiskey colored leather, this is a bag I wouldn't mind using (if someone were kind enough to buy for me *wink! Freeloading biatch! * (ahem KO does that remind you of someone? hehehe) It looks so basic, without being too boring-- I like the bag with just enough studs as it is. Drawstring gussets on each side provide a nice touch as well. It is an open top bag though. I don't really mind open top bags, quite frankly, so this piece is much better price-wise. And the color is a pretty lively shade for a neutral colored bag. Priced at $745.

Betsey Johnson: Oh I am sooo drawn to this "Good girl hobo" bag. It says that this is a hobo bag. The way I look at it, it seems like a shopper! Apparently there is a shoulder strap that would make the bag a hobo (10.5" strap drop) :) Nevertheless, the style is something up my alley. The handles vaguely resemble the Chloe paddington series' handles. Oh and here's a value added feature! The bag is HUGE-- apparently it can hold legal-sized documents! For the price of $385, you are getting a real good deal. In fact, let me go and get this now. I would not mind buying bags at this price range. After my financial crunch (and those still- unused bags), I oughta start buying bags below a certain price range-- one that I can actually really afford!! *Cough cough, HUBBY, I like this bag!! (at least from the way it looks in the photo)* Which reminds me, I ran into legal genius couple TR and GR and I had commented (while hubby was with me) that I would rather get a bag than a bunch of flowers for Valentines' Day. (sneaky sneaky! I hope the hubby got it! Now, I hope he is reading this blog. Who knows, a repeat of the Christmas present, at a fraction of the cost!! *wink!!*

Francesco Biasia: I can't tell you much more about why I like this bag, other than the fact that it resembles a Bottega. This is a perfect alternative bag if you can't see yourself spending over $1k for a Bottega (come on, I only WISH I can afford another Bottega. I'd have to find a job first-- a REAL job). Anyway this woven leather bag may not have that same softness as the Bottega, but it's just as good. At $378, why complain or compare! :D That bag scores well with moi. What a toss-up between this and the Betsey J. bag!

Ok, so here, the disclaimer. Before you buy these bags, do bear in mind that these brands won't have high resale value. Remember if there is no demand for a particular style or brand of a bag, then high likelihood the bag will 1. Not sell; 2. Will sell but at a realllllly dirt low price.

With that in mind, I urge you to go and spend on a nice and "more affordable" bag for yourself. if you are very much like me, you would end up storing your expensive bags in the closet, and use the "cheaper" ones more often. That being the case, you might as well also do a little investment and put your money into something that will last. And these bags get my thumbs up (oooh especially that Betsey Johnson and the Francesco Biasia)

Sigh, as I post, I can hear my poor baby crying. Poor bubbah has a fever now (because of some vaccine) coupled with a cough and stuffy nose. *sigh*

Please stay healthy hags! And I shall now rest for the night!

P.S. JB I'll post your photos soon. I hafta rest up (that and I need to edit your photos!)