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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Balenciaga Dress... with NO TAGS.. (what is this, eBay?)

I am SOOOO UPSET!!! :( *and maaaaaad!!!* A few days ago, I had purchased a dress from Homme et Femme (location: Edsa Shangrila Mall, 3rd floor). Yes, they are known for labels like Costume National, Marni, Y3, Pucci, Balenciaga. Yup, all these fancy schmanzy labels.

I bought a Balenciaga dress. FIVE figures. I had saved up for a dress because of the number of weddings and parties for the first half of the year-- hehe figured I will get mileage out of an expensive dress. Anyway I had paid for the dress by cheque. So I had to wait over the weekend for them to clear my payment before they can release the dress to me. Anyway yesterday, the dress was already ready for pickup. I decided to pick it up today instead.

When I finally came home tonight with the dress, I opened it up and was SURPRISED to see the normally attached tags (that had Balenciaga on it plus the dress info) MISSING. Yes, MISSING. Some sales associate must've cut off the tag. *slowly seething!! >{< * OK my blood was brewing by this time. For such an upscale store like Homme et Femme, I would think they' d ASK their clients FIRST before they even cut off the tag. THAT'S a retail policy. YOU ASK YOUR CLIENT IF THEY WANT YOU TO CUT OFF THE TAG ON THEIR BEHALF. YOU NEVER, NEVER, NEVER TAKE THE LIBERTY OF CUTTING OFF THE TAG WITHOUT THEM KNOWING, AND WORSE, YOU NEVER THROW THE TAG AWAY! That's like RETAIL MORTAL SIN!!!

Well, that's EXACTLY what happened to my dress. I called the sales associate about it and they said the tag was taken off already, and probably THROWN away. Then instead she offers to give me a BAR CODE (Now what the Fruck am I going to do with a Frucking BARCODE?! I want the BALENCIAGA TAG!! Part of the price you pay is for the tag that basically tells you, HEY I'M ORIGINAL. You should be entitled to The WHOLE 9 YARDS for having paid a premium for an item as such! )

So call me a label whore. I am honest. I am a label whore. THAT TAG MATTERS TO ME. Would you not feel jipped, paying AN ARM AND A LEG for a designer dress that has NO TAG when you receive it?! For Fruck's sake, it's a BALENCIAGA dress, not an H&M frock!! If you go to BALENCIAGA in HK, you pay for the dress and they WILL NOT cut off the tag for you UNLESS YOU ASK THEM TO.

To clarify the matter, I ended up getting the mobile number of Jappy (the owner) from a friend (a frequent shopper of Homme et Femme). It goes further downhill from here hags.

Jappy says he cut the tag Himself. AS A FAVOR TO ME. And he does this for his other clients. Because he said the tag might snag the dress when it gets transported. Ok. I'll hand that to him. That's great he can think of that for his clients (he takes tags off for his clients as a favor and they apparently appreciate it. But not me. Hell I AM QUIRKY, and I am a LABEL WHORE, and I LOVE MY TAGS. SO SUE ME). So I asked him then, "where's the tag?" He said it was no longer there. Interpretation: THE TAG GOT THROWN AWAY. Besides, he also told me as-a-matter-of-factly, "The dress information on that tag is in the dress tag anyway."

How do I REALLY FEEL??? Tell that explanation to a label whore. THIS is what I feel: It's like I paid 74K for a Balenciaga Motorcycle City bag only to find out the Balenciaga tag was THROWN away and no longer included!! (Or it's like buying a US $28,000 Hermes crocodile birkin and NOT getting the raincoat that is supposed to come with it) By the way, the dress is MORE EXPENSIVE than the Balenciaga City bag. Go figure. (photo credit: balenciaga.com)

Ok FINE. So I have a 5-figure dress sitting in a nondescript (no, it's not from Balenciaga) garment bag with a Balenciaga hanger, covered with acid-free paper (well at least they wrapped the front with acid-free paper). I called BB and some other friends of mine to enlighten them of this event (or non-event, but wait, THIS IS A Frucking CRISIS for me! I AM SHALLOW!!). BB gets upset too, so do DP, LA, LB, RC, PD. Bottom line for them: If you get a tag from Zara, then YOU ARE ENTITLED TO GET THE TAG ETC FOR SUCH AN EXPENSIVE DRESS.

***UGGGHHH I AM FUMING!!*** So BB and I laugh about this a bit-- and we now call this dress my expensive Ukay Ukay dress. I'm so teary- eyed already. And my friends share this with me-- if they were in my shoes, they'd be fuming, angry, upset, raging mad... and asking for a full refund.

While I, DID NOT ask for a refund. Nor will I do that. I don't think I can throw that BIG a fit to ask for a refund. YET. Besides, I do love the dress... still. Despite the missing tags that claim it to be an original Balenciaga. (P.s. If this dress were not Balenciaga, I still would've purchased it. It's really pretty. Honestly.)

Don't get me wrong. I am not swearing off this store (after all, they are the ONLY authorized reseller of Balenciaga in the Philippines). It's more like, HEY, Caveat Emptor! Make sure the item you buy is properly inspected (AND with tags!!) before you take it home.

Anyway, I am gonna get ready soon. Tonight is one of those nights where I actually am getting dressed to go out to attend a party. Embassy turns ONE tonight. I ought to celebrate with my hubby + cousin and some old friends. (and this will be my FIRST time in that superclub.. sigh how pathetic). Besides, I have MUCH reason to get wasted.... *curse curse curse!@#!#@!#! then sniff sniff :( *

Later hags! I gotta drown my sorrows. *Ok I know, I know, I AM PATHETIC. I AM SHALLOW*

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

Postscript: Jappy of Homme et Femme texted and said this: "Our sincerest apologies again. Rest assured that we will take note of this lesson. If there is anything we can do- please let us know. I've taken the liberty of requesting a tag from Balenciaga for your dress. I hope this helps. We do appreciate your advising us"

My assessment of this: I did not reply nor did I answer his call. I'm still upset over the incident, although it's somewhat comforting to hear an apology. Hmmm... Hags, why don't you tell ME if this is acceptable... I for one, will go ahead and party. Text me how you'd react: +639167580857.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Bag Review!

There's nothing more luxe than owning AND carrying a alligator- chinchilla clutch. Alexandra Knight (www.alexandraknight.com), famous for bringing on bags for the Oscar ladies on the red carpet, produced this ultra- luxe clutch. The chinchilla strap is detachable. I am soo bowled over with this bag. Someone please get me one!

The Dolce & Gabbana Miss Ruches small bag is so cute. At US $1395, this washed leather bag with ruffle trims would make you stand out in a crowd easily. The coin purse in front adds character to this bag as well as some function to it. I like the fact that I can put my car keys there so I don't have to dig through my bag for it when I need it. Sigh... If only I wear red again, I'd have grabbed this bag, fast! (www.saksfifthavenue.com)

Dior's gaucho bag (thanks to Bryanboy for bringing this up) has been on the lips of a handful of bag hags, but I have to say I'm not yet in love with this bag. I hope I don't do a Dior turnaround later on, the way I did a Fendi turnaround with the Spy. But I am still not persuaded into liking the bag. Perhaps that is also due in part to the fact that I am not into the Western thang. Yet. But this bag is definitely one that you should watch out for. At US $1395 (www.eluxury.com), who knows, this might be one of 2006's IT!

Oh my, I never thought I would end up liking Isabella Fiore, but this bag grabbed me. For US $725, this tan embroidered fabric hobo with brown leather trim combines my fave style with my fave color! Hobo with turquoise accents-- actually, lots of turquoise. The size is quite ideal too, at 16.5"H x 15"W x 4"D. This was actually a toss-up for me-- this bag, and the Little Miss Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I had featured a while back. If I were paying for a bag that is made of fabric, I think I would spend my money more for details than for a silk-screened/ printed design (Marc bag). So this is clearly the winner for me. Very boho too! (www.neimanmarcus.com)

OOoohh in line with my previous obsession with that white Prada multipocket bag, I found this Chloe Betty Satchel to be just as satisfying to own. At US $1800 though, the bag isn't as cheap as I wished it were. I love the pockets, the color... and the clear and obvious fact that this bag was not gonna be anywhere as heavy as its sister, the Paddington! I can't possibly have another bag-- a white one at that. Sigh, but a bag hag can always ogle :D By the way, the Betty comes in different forms, but I find the satchel to be the best. (www.bergdorfgoodman.com)

The Botkier Bianca bag looks so much like a marriage of the YSL Muse and a generic multipocket style. Though this bag can't help but remind me of brasserie (hehe ok that doesn't really conjure up a positive image.. hehe), it's quite affordable at US $595. Oh and check out this dusty gold version of the same style! *heart heart* Both are available at the Bergdorf Goodman site.

Sigh, so many good bags to lust for. I don't know about you hags, but I have to work work work again or else no funds for a new bag! *bawl* Ok so I'm shallow. But you already knew that :)

Night hags!!! xoxo Dream and Dream big!!

Blog Quickie!

I was surfshopping on forzieri.com (see link above). I saw a reallllllly nice Prada leather bag in white. Me likey likey this crushed/ washed leather multi-pocket Bauletto bag. Thing is, it's US $1,595. I saw the same styled bag at Prada Greenbelt4, but not in white. What is it with me and white bags?!

First the Goyard, then the Fendi Spy. Now this! I gotta stop obsessing already :(

I'll do a complete blog in a bit. I need to rush off to bring my kid to the doctor. Later :D

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Designer Purgatory in Alabang

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, I was going to Alabang Town Center for my mini day trip to SSI's designer graveyard on Saturday. I brought my baby along for the ride, thinking it would be a nice departure from the usual city's malls which were almost always brimming with maddening crowds.
First shop on MY list (after my kid's candy corner of course *haha*) was of course, Designer's Blvd. The store which is originally situated beside Marks and Spencer's was closed due to renovation. Instead, they have moved much of their stuff to another store, Tutto Moda (TM) located right beside Make Room (around the old central plaza). Anyway, TM does not disappoint because this small store houses all these brands-- YSL, Gucci, Prada, Tods, Kate Spade (other brands like Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, Springfield are also in-store). I love the fact that I was able to get some stuff for moi at a more affordable price :D Here it is, my loot! I bought a Gucci belt (they still have a pink and also a green one!!), and a pair of Kate Spade T- strap "flamingo" sandals! (Note though, most of the prices here would have just been ALMOST the same as that of when the stuff at SSI go on sale at their brands' boutiques). Nevertheless, it was still fun to look around. From Gucci: there was a small black monogram Bardot bag (photo credit lvprovence *I couldn't take the photo of the actual bag myself, this bag style in black monogram is what's on sale at TM) It costs 26k more or less, down from something like 45k. There was also a rectangular monogram tote in black with cowhide handles and a huge silver horsebit design in front (30k if I'm not mistaken-- from 58k). I also saw in the shop window, a red hobo with bamboo handles (didn't ask the price anymore). Other bags that I like but of course, could still not afford, were the Bottega Veneta magenta leather bags. They are sooo yummy (not intrecciato though) but even after the discount, I still could not afford it. Not for the month of March, and definitely not for this month! (I need to sell, sell, sell my old bags and it's just soooo hard to let go!! *bawl*) There were also some tiny satin Prada clutches that would make for perfect evening bags, a Tod's Miky maquillage bag (photo credit www.forzieri.com) in a salmon color (not really my color) , and more Gucci + Prada shoes that are sooo yummy if you can take wearing uber high heels. Sigh... TM was my version of designer heaven today and I would honestly not mind making the trek back there again soon. Sad thing though is, they never go lower than 45%- 50%! I wish they could do a Neiman Marcus percentage sale (up to 60%!!) *hehehe dream dream bag hags!!*

Yikes it's time for hubby time-- we have a date with Alias. You have to congratulate me. We are on our Second Season *hahaha* :D

xoxo and enjoy your Sunday!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wrist factor, Bag Dreams, and Bag Graveyard?!

I woke up to news of a failed coup attempt. Eeeks!! Well I won't talk about politics here, except that I hope the political landscape from where I'm at, stabilizes. I can't keep worrying about the US$ peg-- I can't be adding a few more thousand to my dollar denominated credit card bill should I opt to pay it in local currency! *hehe sellllfiiiiiiish* Anyway I just hope everything gets straightened out soon. No bloodshed and all. (uh- huh!! Peace to all and goodwill to Mankind :) you know, the works!! *raspberry :P*)

Ok, so I was going through emails over the last few days and this one which came from Ms. Cheeky Dreamer. This much I can tell you-- You will fall off your chair (or bed, or whatever) once you've read it. I MUST share! Here is an exerpt of her email.

"Last Feb. 14, my boyfriend surprised me with a huge box. When I removed the white cloth covering it, it actually revealed a huge LV trunk! When I opened it, there was another trunk, and another one. The last was a Chloe Paddington bag.
I was super uber happy and excited. Shaking hands [and all]. I opened the paddy, and it revealed a THREE CARAT DIAMOND RING. Then he said, ' I couldn't find a good giftwrap that's why I used these as leather wrap'. Then he asked ' will you marry me?' AND THEN I heard someone knocking and it woke me up! Inday, Why the hell do you have to wake me up?!! Grrrr... Oh these bags... they give me Dreams!!..."

I swear, hags. I FELL OFF MY BED laughing!!!! THAT would've been the most perfect marriage proposal *hehehe materialistic biatch!* You are not alone there CD. I have had several bag dreams that involve my husband buying me LV (wait, make that GOYARD) trunks and IT was SOOO real. But then I had to pinch myself and wake up to reality, realizing the only trunk I have is the cheap wooden one that holds our bed sheets *pah-theh-tiiic!*

Anyway, I told KO this and I'm telling you now, I sprained my wrist. Yep. Not because of oversurf-shopping. Because today, I carried my indigo Chloe Paddington
(CD read carefully hehe) WITH the lock today. Ouch. And it was H-E-A-V-Y. So, I suspect the cause of the sprain was the bag *hmmmm * In fact, my new baghag friend Paz (who is such a Hermes junkie *high five*) talked about her own Paddington experience back in September 30, 2005 (read Paz's blog-- http://thedailychronicleshow.blogsome.com/category/runway/) and I quote "this chloe in-demand bag claims it has the functionality and unparalleled leather luxury but fails to mention it’s heavy padlock, monstrous enough to cause serious health issues. "

Oh Mah Gawd, girl, you could not have said it any better. In fact, I now believe my wrist sprain is due largely to the fact that I fastened that damn heavy padlock. I had to lug around a serious 15 pound bag PLUS a wriggly toddler this morning. Thanks to BagHag Paz, the wrist boggle is solved!! Culprit: PADDINGTON BAG :D *hey but again, this is not gonna stop me from loving this bag!!*

EXOTICS: OoOoohhh I see my bag hag buds are all moving toward purchasing (or have already purchased) at least one exotic bag this season. Be it an Hermes croc kelly *wink wink you know who you are, who knows! hehehehe was that confusing or what :)*, a Nancy Gonzalez minaudiere
*wink wink goes to BB* (don't know if it's this one though, but I'm liking this golden python box minaudiere), or an Alexandra Knight lola *wink wink to Paz*, everyone just wants a slice of an exotic piece to keep. And hey, if it's too expensive to own an actual exotic skin- covered bag, you can always go with an exotic skin patterned/ embossed bag. Just make sure it's not a bugly one. I personally loove croc ( and umm duh if you didn't get that I love Hermes crocodile bags by now from my posts of those yummy croc birkins, well now I am making it official. I LOVE Hermes croc bags) but alas, I cannot afford a croc birkin! Nor will I ever, unless KO wins the $212M lottery and buys me one *fingers crossed!!!* So, I went with croc-embossed bags. I have two (one in bronze and one in chalk), both of which I loooove!! :) *See, I keep on telling you hags, I DO have non-designer branded bags too and I do love them! I don't have a money pit boohoo!!* A hag can always dream :D *wink* Someday a revelation, but not now. Not yet! *double wink!!*

BRAG A BAG ALERT!: I got this email from a very humble bag hag who wishes not to be mentioned (awww) and I just had to post this photo of her yummy Guccis.
Has anyone here heard of Designer Blvd at Alabang Town Center? Well, I've heard of it. That is actually what I fondly call the SSI (Stores Specialists Inc.) graveyard. Most of the unsold sale bags are "dumped" into that graveyard and put on sale. *FIELD TRIP TIME!!* And thanks to Gucci bag hag, she has re-acquainted me with it, and allowed me to share the info with the rest of my blog reading baghags :D If you plan to head there this weekend, darnedit, SMS me! +63916-7580857!! I wanna meet up! *hehehe*

Oh by the way, the LV Monogram Perforations Collection will be out sometime next week already! Here's a look at the Speedy perforation in green! *yummmmy*
(photo credit: ebay drod8645)

P.P.S. My dear friend Daph went for an ultrasound today and found out the gender of her baby! *yes hags, our dear fashionhag DOP is preggy! Doesn't show but she is :)* !!! HUGS and my congratulations to you!!! Little bag hag Soph will be soooo thrilled to have a sibling :D *wink wink wink!*

Ok hags, I gotta cut this post short. My paddington sprain is beginning to impede me from typing without spelling errors. Nighty nighty!!!


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hoochie Mama Donatella

Sorry I was negligent with blogging. You see, for the past two nights, I've been having an ALIAS Season 1 marathon with the hubby. My eyes sting to the point I can't even squint without having to rub my eyes! Talk about my obsessive- compulsive behavior :D Once you start, you can't stop (it's like them Pringles crisps!)

So now I have a lot of making up to do. The last few days have been sort of a blur *gulp... not Alzheimer's I hope... I'm TOO young for that!!!*

Ah I remember now. So many of you found the time to sent me a text, expressing your views about fake/ counterfeit designer bags. BD for one had remarked that she too, was not treated well at LV makati. But that has not stopped her from buying LV products (she still looooves her LV... she was the one who suggested a bridal registry at LV haha). Hot mama FS also had difficulty dealing with one sales associate at LV Makati, but like BD, that didn't push her into buying fakes. She just doesn't buy them here anymore. There's always LV HK (numerous branches too!), eluxury (!!!), LV Singapore... :D *you go girls!!!!* In relation to fakes, I have in fact a text conversation I want to share, which of course appalled me so much.

TO: Is the speedy 25 on your site available?
TO: Can you give me the background on the bag?
TRESOR: The owner of this bag got a new speedy because this had dark patina already and I guess it came time for her to upgrade to a larger speedy.
TO: Any idea what the retail price for a speedy 30 is?
TRESOR: It was 37.8k; 35.8k now.
TO: Ok, so that one on the site, is it class A?...Do you get discount at LV?

OK. I don't know whether to scream profanities at this woman or not. I can't even entertain people like that. I'm sorry for being so biatchy, but HELLO?! Would I risk my own reputation to SELL fakes?! NO!!! Geez!!! *fuming mad* And to ask if I have discount?! Umm hello, I don't even know you, and you ask if I'm selling a class A bag (you think Mega would publish stores/ sellers who offer fakes?! NO they DON'T and WON'T!), and now you ask moi to help you get a discount?!

PMSing BIATCH in 3...2...1: If you wanna buy a fake LV bag, go to bag hell. If you wanna get a discount at LV, you can submit your resume. Even I can't get a discount at LV (and believe me, I have tried!)

Erase erase. No more bad craptalk on this blog. I'm supposed to be channeling serenity and bag peace here. So out, out, out!!

Ok wait. I just came back from a meeting with a lithe, tall, very chic legal eagle LC. I wonder if I should just go to Law school and become a legal albatross (I can't be an eagle. I'm too clumsy) myself. Do something productive with my time and all, and maybe earn mega bucks when I'm 50 and Finallly practicing *guffaw* (bling bling and knowing me I'll look like a hoochie mama at 50).

Speaking of hoochie mama, I was checking out Versace bags on elux (Don't ask me why I related hoochie mamas to Versace but somehow I had begun thinking Versace designed her stuff FOR hoochie mamas...).

I am already troubled by the fact that Marc Jacobs had sorta taken inspiration from Versace and made bags for LV that looked like signature Versace in the early 90s, and now Versace has *gulp* taken inspiration from other designers? WHAT'S WITH THESE?!

Doesn't this bag look sooo much like the Gucci scarf shopper bag?! (US $1,050) Gucci's own scarf bag costs US $1290. But wouldn't you rather pay an extra few hundred for this than Versace's? (what's with that floral scarf?!)

And what about this bag? Doesn't it strangely remind you of a Balenciaga motorcycle clutch? (US $1,565-- p.s. the Bag's not croc. It's just croc- embossed leather! Where's the luxe in that?)

But wait, there's more! What about this intrecciato woven leather bag? Channeling Bottega Veneta? (And wow the price? US $4,326!!) Oooh what would BE nice is if Bottega actually came out with PINK intrecciato! *yummmmmy*

Donatella?! Hello, woman, what are you doing to your brand??? *sigh* And here I was, harping about our own local bag designers who take inspiration from popular styles (i.e. bastardizing the motorcycle bag) and calling it their own. I was even appalled by Ferragamo's version of the denim sac plat (one that, I might add, looked a bit like LV's sac plat). And now Versace has followed suit.

Where, oh where is the originality?!

Sigh, what frustrating sights to see. Big fashion houses doing what small bag stores here are doing. Making profit off an originally popular style made by someone else.

I honestly can't wait for next season. Perhaps something better will come along. Designers, don't be lazy!!

Peace, bag hags! (Sorry about my biatchiness today. PMSing BIG time! And WE know what THAT'S Like!! *muwahaha*)


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Death by...

Today's topic of choice: I don't know, don't ask me why this. I just thought it was appropriate hehe... You soooo don't wanna die by these.

Death by...

1. ... a fake bag. Did you read the Alex Vergara article entitled Sham Luxury on Feb. 17 (from the Inquirer)? Hags PG, TM, MG, RL, JV, DC, AL, RS, RG, PD, MY, CP, GG, NB, RH, (yup and THERE are MORE hags uproared!) are all peeved over the article, and in particular this paragraph "...what really pushed Grande to the extreme was the unfair treatment she allegedly got from the LV store in Makati. She’s inclined to believe that its staff plays favorites, especially when it comes to attending to clients on a waitlist, in favor of regular customers. 'They didn’t know me because I usually bought LV bags abroad,' she explains. Grande claims that she once wanted to buy a Murakami bag from the Makati store. When she learned that the last remaining piece on the display window wasn’t for sale, she asked a staffer if she could at least see it up close. 'She refused,' says Grande. 'I would have left it at that, but a few days later I learned from a friend that the same piece had been sold to a regular client.' The spurned shopper ultimately got her revenge when she went with a friend to Greenhills the next day. She found a replica of the very same bag that was denied her. Not only did it look almost the same, but it also cost a fraction of the original’s price. 'It didn’t look like a fake at all,' she says. (Executives at LV and Stores Specialists Inc., exclusive representative in the Philippines of such brands as Gucci, Prada, Tod’s and Bottega Venneta, declined to be interviewed for this story.)"

Having read that, I myself AM peeved. Whoever this lady is, she should be ashamed of herself for defaming the LV boutique. First of all, I too, was never really a client of that brand until only February of last year. When I walked into that store, I was helped. Right away (even if I looked like roadkill that day). And I can tell you I was NOT VIP back then. I had never even bought anything at that store! Not even back when they were still at 6750. There was none of that snootiness that this woman was claiming. And even if I get negative treatment, it still WOULD NOT drive me to buy a fake. Besides, WHERE IS THE PRIDE IN CARRYING A FAKE BAG LIKE THIS?!?!?! I think hers is a totally shallow reason to buy a fake. She found an easy excuse. Someone to blame for her shameless defection. Lady, shame on you. You are giving LV a reason to sue you (for defamation) AND put you behind bars (for buying counterfeit). *Snooty stare* And that's your infamous, opinionated, biatchy bag hag talking right there :D

Again and again (and I try not to be a hypocrite when I say this), you won't die if you can't afford to buy a real designer bag. Really. No one will die of designer deprivation. In fact, it is a noble thing to be able to resist the temptation of succumbing into this vortex of designer obsession. Indeed I applaud you for not taking that lethal step (i.e. buying Pandora's bag *hehe*). Just don't go buying fakes. Not only are you fooling yourself by buying into a fake sense of luxury, you are also supporting possible child labor camps (or worse, I shudder to even mention). There are other non- designer bags that are equally great. Non-designer bags that can equally give you some form of satisfaction. THAT is good enough. It was never about what you can afford and what others can't. It is truly about being able to satisfy yourself and ONLY yourself. No real need to parade around in the hottest bag. (For fear of being called a braggart *boohoo, I get called a braggart all the time!*) I also tote non- designer, wait, in fact! no-namebrand bags-- LOOK at THIS bag of mine! I LOVE this bag too! Use it! Happily, I might add. And don't forget that. It's true that we have no control over who carries fakes and why they continue to do so. Heck it's even hard if your own relatives enjoy buying them (what will you do when you get one as a present? Throw it back to their face? *weevil*)
*Sigh* Just don't go buying fakes yourself. Show some respect for copyrighted (?) property. Trust me. You don't wanna die of humiliation when authorities grab and cuff you cause you carried a fake designer bag.

2. ... cholesterol overdose. As I write this, I am downing a few crunchy fatty and spicy pork rinds *eeeewwww grooooosssss*. Yup. And as I write this, my blood pressure is probably going up, and fats are probably clogging up my brain arteries. Sorry. I thought writing it out (what I am thinking at this very moment as I take a bite) would make me stop eating. It didn't work. Ok wait. This isn't even related to a bag... Well, almost. If I die early (ie. because of all that bad cholesterol coating my brain cells and heart), I won't live to see myself carry a Croc birkin (not like I can EVER afford one-- well yes technically I can, if I win the California lottery *ponder...*) There. Ok now I am scared. Enough gross pork rinds. Time to take some Ampalaya tea *snicker* (photo credit: ebay montecarloclub)

3. ...debt from overspending. Nothing more horrific than watching those damn credit card bills piling up, and the all- important bank account balance shrinking to an unbelievable near-zero value (unless you have someone who will pay for them on your behalf with THEIR money, not yours *wink*). Otherwise, it truly is very difficult to be a woman. We ALWAYS find a way to justify a purchase. Case in point. I first met up with skinny (I mean reallly skinny! *oh how I envy her body sniff*) hot mama BeryO at my place before I headed to Shangrila Mall where I then met up with AA (holy cow this lady does NOT look like she has had THREE kids). Before I met up with her, I passed by Homme et Femme to pickup my check (since I withdrew an order for a Balenciaga bag). I got my check back alright, but I ended up reissuing another one just the same :( I had bought myself a frock. *shock shock* Death- by- Designer alert!! Oh dear. I should've gone straight in meeting with AA first. Then tell her to go with me to Homme. Nope didn't do that. Anyway, righteous purchase justification in 3...2...1... Ok, I need a dress to wear to a friend's wedding. And I had none. And as I told my husband, "Don't worry, I will get plenty mileage off this dress... It's good enough to keep forever.. You know, one day I can say I own a vintage designer cocktail dress". He could only say this, "Baby I hope you are not yet swimming in debt." I had to give him the sweetest *cough fake* smile. Rats. Buyers remorse? *confused* Maybe I should've bought that available Balenciaga Motorcycle Medium City Bag in ink blue *looks like black* for Php 73,400 instead. (photo credit: Balenciaga.com) QUICK someone, anyone! I need to get a writing job! Loungeri Lux gal/ editrix CL flatly ignored (read: rejected) my offer to write for her *muwahaha that's proof for you: I-CAN'T-WRITE!* and DOP, you are right. I am driving myself cray-zee!! *bawl* Anyway, I gotta pick up the pieces and move right along. Enough wallowing in self- pity. I've got bills to pay, damnit. I don't have a "keeper" who can pay for all those things. Damn I'm not even close to being called a Royal! (A wannabe, yes. But not a true blue blood I'm afraid). It's back to work, work, work for me. My kinda death is definitely not one by insurmountable debt :D *my poor, poor children!*

Ok enough of this death by topic. For those of you who were asking about my super light and super yummy bronze bag that DOP gave me-- it is a bag made by Coco and Tres. You can purchase bags from them at Atelier Debbie Co., 2nd floor Jupiter Place Bldg, Jupiter Street Makati (where Nullah formerly was).

I got a pleasant email from MG whom I haven't chatted with in a realllly looong time. She has a lovely daughter who is equally fond of bags (and at such a tender age!) MG, you are goood. Your daughter is already a mini bag hag :D MG also said this which made me laugh so hard "Need to get a baby version of my 'childless' papillon" :D So anyway if any of you peeps out there read this and have a monogram canvas papillon trousse ronde
to spare and sell, do contact me at +63916-7580857 or email tresor@compass.com.ph ! (photo credit: ebay ultimate_handbag)

It's 12:50am, I think I need to park the post right here. I have to finish an article or else I won't be paid :D *hehe*

Night hags!! xoxo

Monday, February 20, 2006

Pray for a Miracle... Talk bags to make you smile

I am very surprised I can still fill up pages in my agenda book (thanks to PTR for the real nice black agenda book. I'm not much of jotting down my activities and to-do lists, but I feel so handicapped now when I'm without this book!). Strange thing is, I have been harping about needing a job, and yet when I stare at the contents of my agenda, I shudder to think about how I can still schedule all these things when I "have" to be somewhere else (umm something called W-O-R-K). *Shudder.. Office cabin fever?!*

SAD NEWS: I was told by my househelp that she has relatives who died (as of this morning, 9 people) in the landslide tragedy that happened in Leyte last week. I am so saddened by this. What really made it truly disheartening is that she had two relatives whom, up until yesterday morning, were texting her that they were buried under mud, and that their little girl was already gone. They were just praying for a miracle that someone can get them out. By afternoon, they were no longer reachable. It breaks my heart that we here can't even physically do anything to help them. It remains unknown if they are still alive (let's hope so) and that their phone battery just died out. I don't know them personally but I am very disturbed that we stand to lose two more lives with the delay in rescue operations. Those who survived have lost their homes, their families, and the only things we can do now is to pray, and also to donate goods or money and have them brought to the proper distribution agencies (I suggest goods over money-- at least they won't get squandered off by possible opportunists. You never know). Please, please continue to pray for the families and the ones that are still alive. I really appreciate this. We cannot do anything more beyond that at this point, but our strength will lie in our prayers for these people who need our support in this most difficult time. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I know it is a tad untimely for me to be talking about bags, but I realize we each have our own way of coping, and this is mine. I don't want to be a hypocrite by being socially conscious of what's going on then talking about spending money over a bag or two, but I too don't want to sink into further depression about this situation. My only saving grace right at this moment is to talk about bags. Thanks for understanding and for bearing with this silly hag :)

So yesterday, I forgot to mention that my fashionable galpal DOP got me this uber cool bronze ruched hobo bag. Nothing like having an awesome bag hag friend. *cough* FREELOADING and SOCIAL CLIMBING HAG ALERT!: After all, you don't get free bags everyday :D I love it! The brand is called Coco and Tres (it's a local brand and it's fab!), and it's SO light and roomy. I couldn't ask for anything more. I also love the metallic trim and bronzey look. I have already dumped all my daily "hardware" into the bag, so it's ready for toting tomorrow :)

So for the past two days, I have been toting my *wooHoo Brag brag* New LV Perforated Speedy 30. Today I was just wearing house clothes and I still toted it around! *hahaha pathetic!!!*
I love, love, love it!!! I can't wait to get the green. Then I can truly decide which color I will keep. HOGGING HAG ALERT!: Oh Mah Gawd. *cover mouth* Did I just say I will also get the green? I swear girls, someone has to take my other bags off my hands. I need to do Spring Cleaning. Fast. I have a good week to do this or else, ding ding, where do I get moolah for the 2nd bag?! I try not to brag, hags, I swear I try. So please don't crucify me *bawl beg beg* (Heyy I am only gonna keep one of the two, I promise! *cross fingers in the back hehe*)

Lightbulb bright idea: I know! I'll get a job this week! Some copyediting work! To pay for a bag! *cough cough Ms. NS of the call/email center firm, ask your boss to hire me for the week!!* Hehe, hey desperate times call for desperate measures! The Speedy is INDEED Pandora's bag. Heck I had even begun neglecting my Fendi Spy for the Speedy! Que mal!

Sigh, so my friend GT asked me why we women buy more bags than before wherein we can just buy jewelry instead, what with all that amount we spend on bags. You see, it used to be that women would buy one bag and stick to that til it "drops dead" from continued use and daily abuse. Not so now. You have hags like me who would have NO time for other things, but plenty time to move my so-called "hardware" from bag to bag on a daily basis. Yea, that's me alright. I always say "I'm late, I'm late" but I always seem to squeeze a few minutes into moving stuff out of Bag A and moving it into Bag B. I love the liberty of being able to change bags on a daily basis even if it means spending extra time doing it. Hence my saying "I'm late." Go figure! *hehehe knowing what you know now, that's why I can't get any decent company to hire me hahaha*

Oh, and I'll tell you WHY we spend on bags over jewelry. For instance. This pair of Asscher cut diamond earrings with EGL certification (heck not even GIA!) at 2 carats each (hey, might as well ask for a bigger "face" diamond-- you do want to maximize your beautiful earlobe space, right?) cost US $32,000.
And that's already on eBay! Which means, it's being sold at a discount! Now, WHO can afford a $32K pair of blings? For that price, you can already get about 4 Hermes leather birkins! FOUR BIRKINS! Better yet, 1 Balenciaga Medium Motorcycle bag, 1 Chloe Paddington, 1 Hermes Birkin, 1 Hermes Leather Kelly, 1 Fendi Spy, and then a few LV and Goyard bags (even a small hardcase!) And you settle for small earrings? Hmm... I guess that's why jewelers like Raffy ended up bringing in Moissanite. Though they won't have the Asscher cut stone, they do have the classic round brilliant. (Thank Goodness I never have to buy jewelry! Apart from not affording it, I don't have anywhere to wear it to :D) Sigh, it IS hard to be a woman-- a high maintenance woman *snicker* Darnit, I need a keeper! Can anyone be my keeper? :D

Speaking of having the moolah for jewelry and bags, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is on an official visit to Germany with her husband and the lil' prince (She is blooming! Motherhood really suits her).
She is seen carrying yet another black Prada bag (that inverted triangle logo is unmistakable!). Wheee... Prada is indeed the unofficially appointed brand of this Royal lady. Time to stock up on this brand, hags! *hehehe* By the way, these photos were taken two days ago (photo credits on watermark)

Gotta head off now. Another morning appointment to see the neurologist with my Mom-in-law. Hope tomorrow brings good news as well about the landslide! Take care you all and lots of love from your bag hag hog!

P.S. BB babe, me? Give you bag nightmares? (check out www.bryanboy.com Feb.19 post) *blink blink innocent look* I feed off of your bag obsession hahaha!! and THANK YOU for thinking I am thin and don't fit your matronair profile. Now, *thwap* stop calling me a Mrs. *I'm in denial muwahahaa* But that was a fun trip to Gbelt 4 :D Next time *YOU* are buying a bag *hehe*

Night peeps!!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Bag Review

I was surfshopping again *guilty look* despite knowing that I no longer have the funds for anything, unless I sell something. *Sigh!* Anyway, "surfshopping" without buying is a pretty harmless hobby (save for the fact my eyes might get gouged out because of nonstop ogling!). I like this Burberry Summer Check shopper bag. The checks are not the traditional tartan ones (that's why I like it!). At US $510, it ain't cheap. But I figured, hey if you're the Hamptons (or hehe Tagaytay) kinda gal, this might be a great tote to use for those weekend gallivants! Plus, gotta love those side pockets. (Hmm this would make for a perfect diaper bag too!)

Oh Look, the Alexander McQueen Novak came out in a crochet version-- in RED! I have not really heard much about the bag lately. I really like the croc version of the bag (which I'm sure is not a price any faint-hearted, broke bag hag is willing to pawn her kids for *hehehe*) For some reason this bag reminds me so much of the YSL Muse (I guess especially the 'lock' detail). I like the bag and all, and of course what caught my eye even more was the Alexander McQueen skirt. W-o-W! But I can't honestly justify paying US $3195 for a skirt! Especially not if the bag itself only costs US $1980!! The bag is not something I will get for myself. After all, where do I get the funds eh? Geez it's just February and I'm already fixing up my Christmas wishlist!!!!! (What the?! *bawl!!*)

Ashley Olsen was seen around carrying a *huge (for her)* Hermes 35cm black Birkin (too yummy!) The furor over birkins have somewhat fizzled last year (after all, how many birkins do you REALLY need?), but again, let me tell you bag hags, this is THE only bag that once you have, you DO NOT sell without thinking long and hard about it. If you have some moolah that you can spare, you get one of these bags. Why? The Hermes Kelly has been around and popularized by Grace Kelly since the 50s, and the Birkin was 'introduced' in the 80s for actress Jane Birkin and then became popular (mainstream) after the episode with Samantha and Lucy Liu on Sex & the City. And now, there's one of the Olsen twins carrying it (and that's enough for the fashion radar to go on alert here-- the twins are just so popular when it comes to making or breaking a bag. Think Balenciaga Motorcycle bag and the twins and how they 'doublehandedly' made it a must-have in every bag hag's closet.). Ding Ding Ding, the Birkin is coming baaaack!! Realistically, it will always be a hot bag to own. It's an investment piece. It's a bag to keep and pass on to your daughter/ niece/ son's wife/ grand daughter one day (re: son's wife-- that is, ONLY if she is super nice to you, i.e. kisses hiney and all *weevil hehehee*)

Chloe Betty. This is what other bag hags are considering in place of the Chloe Edith bag. I'm personally not too hot about this bag or the Edith bag. The Edith (if you can check my earlier posts in Archives) resembles a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, while this Betty reminds me of an old Prada multi-pocket bag that I had (Bag costs US $1970). Not digging it, sorry. The only Chloe that I really like (to date) remains the Paddington. Bag hags, if any of you has this bag, can you tell me how you are liking it so far? And is the leather as supple as it looks??

Peeps, it's time for my early dinner. My eyes are a tad sore from all that staring, and of course I feel worse now after I stared at my bank account (Mine's worse than a fictitious- named bank account-- at least a fictitious- named account can contain TONS of moolah. Mine's practically at zero!! Anyone wanna trade?) *hehehe*

Hope you all had a fantastic problem-free (and expense-free) weekend :D

HAPPY 100th POST! :)

Louis Vuitton's Monogram Perforation collection will be unveiled supposedly on February 27 in Manila. Part of the collection which I saw yesterday were the Pochette (real cute) which was pegged at about Php 30K++, Compact Zip Php 20K+, and the Cles (I didn't ask for the price of this).

I was supposed to fly out of the country today to get some R&R as well, when I decided to just defer the plan to two weekends from now. I don't think I can honestly afford to spend a cent anymore without first generating some income *shock I dread my credit card bill*. Especially after I got the LV Monogram Perforation Speedy 30! Here she is with my also similarly new Speedy 30 classic monogram (sigh how redundant!).Oh this is funny :D So dear hubby offered to pay for the perforated Speedy. But when he found out the price, he reneged :D hahahaha! He offered to just pay for the Compact Zip that I was sorta interested in! I find it so endearing when he has that "Oh-My-Gawd, HOW MUCH AGAIN?" face! (well what do you expect, the price of this bag is Php 76,500 *bawl*)

By the way, I just realized this is my 100th post :) Yeehaw, Bag hag has been serving fellow bag hags for quite some time now! Wow wow wow. I guess it's your 100th time to think, bag hag is bragging again *muwahaha* I can tell you this much by the way-- what started out originally as a blog meant to cure my bag obsession has escalated into what I now call a bag obsession plague-- most of you who have read my posts have sent me a message more than once, claiming they have become addicted to bags as well (or their bag addiction got worse). No thanks to me I'm sure. I should stop posting bags I like, but then that would be like a snowman getting a whiff of harsh sunlight. He will melt, just like I will wither *hehehe and I'm no flower* Alrightey. That's that.

CELINE boogie satchel. This bag is exactly like the one I have, only in a happy bright shade of yellow :) . I have been contemplating on whether I should let the bag go already or not. A new one costs US$1,200 + tax. And I used my bag what, a good four or five times? I stared at my closet as I looked at this bag and remembered why I even bought my bag which I have sorta christened the name, "Sunflower" :) I love the color far too much. So I really don't know... Should I sell this? I hate undergoing seller's remorse. It is a far too horrible feeling to have, especially knowing that the bag you sold is one that you can never get again. (This sunflower bag is such the case. No more sunflower yellow available!) So I shall ponder a bit longer. I might cringe when someone offers Php 34,000 for the bag (approx. 50% of the price of a new) *booohooooo!!!!!!*

Oh here's another Celine bag. The perforated Boogie! I believe perforated bags are hot for this spring. Case in point, Marc Jacobs' white Brigitte bag as well as his perforated version of the LV speedy.

Anyway hags, if I am doing my pre-Spring cleaning, you better start doing yours too, so you can make room for a new bag.

BAG HAG's Shameless plug: If you need some of your old LV, Gucci, Prada, YSL or other designer bags sold, email me at tresor@compass.com.ph or text +63916-7580857. You can also check www.tresormakati.com (at least I get to do a good deed today. Unload your bag and hey, you can raise some funds to buy a new bag! Unless you are already a tai tai and no need to save up for a new one!)

Ciao hags!!!

P.S. On a more serious note-- readers from the Philippines would've by now known about the landslide that covered a whole town in Leyte. Let us all please pray for those lost souls as well as for the living who had lost their loved ones that fateful day. Thank you very much!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Bryanboy and My Speedy Factory :D

I will keep this post short but plenty sweet because I've to run off with my kid to do some errands.

I MUST post this or I'll forget later.

Had a brief lunch meeting with KT for some "business", and met BryanBoy and had one of those "two kids let loose in a candy store" moments :D It was sooo hilarious!

And here was what we both saw. Now THIS S. Ferragamo bag has to be real proof that copying another idea off of a popular brand (whereby the same style took off), still CANNOT boost bag sales. After all, why get this bag? It looks so much like the LV Denim Shopper (and this is a pretty bad version, sorry if I offended anyone!).

Apres that, we went into the Bag mecca, Louis Vuitton. Guess what. My SA Abby has apparently been calling me today to inform me that my bag arrived. And THIS is it (and it's the ONLY ONE *muwahahaha*)!! :DIt looks a like a mini dog carrier with all those teeny holes *teehee* and it's truly endearing in reality. I'm heading back there tonight to pay for the bag (natch, I didn't bring my credit memo). BB posed with this bag. He loooves it too :D *thanks for justifying this babe haha*

More 411 on the bag: This LV perforated Monogram Speedy is slated for countrywide release on February 27. And your bag hag is getting it tonight :D

Biatchin!! Ok enough gloating already. I don't want you all to be spitting fire at me later. hehe

Anyway more talk later on how my day with Bryanboy went :D Here's a parting shot!P.S. he went to Mix to buy a Loungeri Lux tee :D

Ta-ta!! xoxo