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Saturday, January 14, 2006

A White Summer... (well not completely)

Only a moron like me would cry foul over a completely unfounded price increase info. Yesterday I freaked out when I saw the tag of $785 for the Goyard tote, when in fact it was that same price all along! I had thought it was $745! Where on earth did I get that idea?! I was sorta glad I looked at my receipt to confirm it this morning (I refused to believe that the price increase only pertained to ONE style), and ok I win the Moron Award of the Month. The price has remained the same. I was the one hallucinating over the supposed price increase (must've been Nyquil working). Well Thank God, because if they did increase, I would've felt so bad about not hoarding more totes! *sigh, a bag hag certainly cannot learn from her mistakes, that's for sure* My apologies go out to friends ST, MB, SJ and the other bag hags (I don't remember how many got my SMS) for misinforming them. You can pelt me with tomatoes now. *booohoooo!!*

Ok, moving right along, there has gotta be something worse than eating a pack of STALE (yes, stale) potato chips for breakfast... (hmm.. I guess what would be worse than that is NOT being able to eat stale chips because of tonsillitis... Ok I take the former. *I'll shut my piehole, thank you*). It's not possible NOT to eat chips while surfshopping...

Bag babe MPR of San Diego, CA asked me what my bag wishlist is for this year. I was wayyy too drowsy to answer her email (I don't know why yahoo is asking me to type a string of characters to send messages.. I'm not a spammer! *bah*) So ok, I can't really come up with a wish LIST, but here are more bags that in my opinion (sorry for being soooo darn opinionated) worth thinking about:LV White Multicolore Murakami Petit Noe is finally gonna be available. Straight from the LV lookbook, this bag is what most MC (multicolore) fans are waiting for. The best thing about it is, there are exterior pockets! You don't have to fumble around for your keys anymore :D Honestly though, I won't be getting this bag, but since it's pretty new, I would want to see the bag for myself when it hits the boutique shelves (this will also come in black). Estimated price is $1430++ Cute! I was once tempted to get an epi petit noe in myrtille... I ended up not. Thank Goodness it saved me 50Gs! (P.S. At least this MC noe looks better than the fringed MC bags.. hehe) P.S. a white suhali would be a nice bag too *hehe evil evil...*
BOTTEGA VENETA white woven leather scalloped-trim bag. WHITE is such a perfect Spring/Summer color. It's dainty and so "pure"... so Clean and so refreshing (boy do I sound like a soap commercial.. or an iced tea commercial *cough, refreshing?!*). Price $1680++ (pre-order only). Bottega adds a really nice touch with that scalloped trim edge with eyelets. It's so lady-like, so ethereal (well, sorta), and so angelic * Alas I can't pass carrying this bag. I'm too devilishly biatchy for it, but make no mistake about it, I give this bag high marks!* I think Bottega bags are so understated, and a lot of people often don't pay much attention to it since this bag is practically logo-free *ouch that hurt me-- I'm a logo biatch!*. Unless you know Bottega, you won't really know that woven leather is their signature style. But as I've said, this bag is worth your money. Touch the leather and you will know why it's expensive :) That one touch seriously made me a believer. That much I can tell you.GUCCI white leather tote with scarf detail. Remember a few months back, I posted the monogrammed version of this bag? This is also a nice bag to get. It's 1. GUCCI, and 2. has that nice scarf detail. This is the season where scarves take a permanent place on your bag. LV has done it (remember their scarf bags? *although I'm not too excited about them), and Gucci has made it look better. I am not really for loud scarf prints on the bags, but this scarf is perfectly positioned-- it just acts as an accent piece, thereby not overpowering the sleek look of the bag. High marks too for this bag. And it's leather too! Priced at $1750++ Perfect for cruising :D
YSL white muse leather bag is so hot, hot, hot. I've mentioned that this bag is now one of the most toted bags in Hollywood and for good reason. It's roomy, can be carried on the shoulder or on the crook of your arm, and has a classic shape that won't really go out of style. I think you will need to look at the bag up close to appreciate it, because I myself was not really persuaded into thinking this was a good bag until I saw it up close. That lock in the middle is also so very cute (far better than carrying a bag with a humongous padlock :D Think Chloe Paddington *speaking of which I love the bag still but it's just soooo heavy!*) Priced at $1195++ this is worth every single cent. I stand by this.GOYARD White Saint Louis PM. While this tote is not exactly small, it is perfect to carry for everyday use. I know. You knew I had to sneak in a Goyard. I just Have to! It's a privilege to be carrying a Goyard! Don't you wanna feel like those European aristocrats who were the original patrons of this brand? :D Well I certainly do (knowing how pretentious of a *cough* rich bag hag I am :D). The Saint Louis PM is the perfect bag to start you off on your Goyard hoayard *hehe*. And if you can have it custom painted with stripes and monograms and so on, hey, then hats off to you! Tote without any stripes or embellishment is (and was) $785++.
MARC JACOBS Denim quilted Sophia. I know it's not white (but hey it's from the Resort 2006 collection). And it's kinda cute. I saw this bag and passed by it a few times but never really took a second to really check it out. I do know it's heavy *sigh* hence no double-take on the bag, but it's way too cute. Honestly. There is a lighter denim version with white trim. That's cute too (well, in line with my White theme *hehe only I can break the rules hehehe*)

Ok I after that bag review, I still feel nasty about having thought Goyard increased prices. Proof that I should learn how to keep my mouth shut more often and not surf shop so much. Geez think of what it does to my blood pressure!!!

Ciao gals!