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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Truly Sinful indulgences: Chocolates AND Bags

I was at Neiman Marcus on the day there were taking down that hugeass tree. That day made me look straight up at the tree, and my, I had to comment that what I saw was spectacular. They didn't make this store the fanciest in town for nothing :)

My last day in San Francisco was marked by nonstop running around, HOARDING medicine for my kids (I had to keep going to different checkout counters to buy all that medicine because they wouldn't allow you to purchase more than 3 per brand! Isn't that just ridiculous?)

But ahh at Goyard, they allow, if not, encourage Hoarding :D Which is how I ended up with all this loot. (Note: If I were indeed this rich, I would have kept all these bags for myself. But I only own that orange hobo) Alas, I ain't a rich bag hag-- nor do I have a job that would pay for these deadly vices). *Gulp* I know I retired the red color for a while now, since Daddy passed away, but damn the red Goyard bag is... *sigh dreamy* And the crosiere... Ah crud. If only I could win that dratted $60M Mega Millions lottery pot (sigh this is pathetic to admit, but I'm too poor to even buy myself a $1 lotto ticket). My credit card took a severe beating after I left the boutique. But it was nice to know I can actually down a flute of champagne as I forked over my card to be abused! *giggle*

Stopping by Godiva didn't help either *drooooool*. Seeing the chocolate-covered sale (think Choc coated strawberries) made me hoard-binge. Ah I shall never see this same kind of binging again (not after I tried on my old jeans, with which evidence of all that chocolate binge showed). P.S. My husband does NOT know I ate so much choklit... So since he doesn't make reading this blog a regular habit *thank God*, you better not rat on me. *hmph!*

What's with the YSL muse, they just sell like hotcakes (think Lanvin bags). Anyway I had asked to hold one for me (since there was only ONE in the store-- and note it was not even displayed on the floor!), and before I knew it, it got sold (since I didn't call back). Lucky for me, I had pleaded with my SA for another Muse for someone and voila, I get an email with the photo of the bag a few days later(thanks to my cousin who picked it up today). Apparently they get like one piece at a time. Geez, I think this is gonna be similar to last year's bag phenomenon. This medium sized Muse is getting harder to come by now, althought the large is available (again, not on the floor). So if you plan to get a Muse, do get it in medium. I like the lock detail :) *lust lust but no more money for any.. Lust lust*

Sigh.. My toddler has become SO BRATTY (thanks Mom for indulging the kids with toys and toys and toys.. now how on earth can I reverse the process of them NOT asking me for toys?). Ahh well I guess toys to kids are bags to me... So I can't really harp much about it. I remembered my friend Bee's story-- she went shopping with her hubby and brought home 6 bags from LV and her son told her (ordered is more like it) to ask Dad (Bee's hubby) for a new cellphone (son is 7 or 8 I believe), and she said, "No." and guess what her son answered back, "How come Dad can buy you bags and I can't even ask you to ask Dad to buy me a cellphone?"

YIKES. I dread the day my kids answer me back with that. But I am quick to quip though-- "Ahem, since when did your dad buy me bags?" hehehe I can't wait to answer THAT :D *whoopish!* If you can come up with a better answer, text me! +63916-7580857. La bag hag is baaaack!

Damn it's almost lunch time and I am thinking about these cakes at La Baguette back in SF... Sometimes I wish I didn't have to worry so much about what I eat. You see, I am not blessed with that eat-all-you-can-and-not-get-fat body. Besides, I'm still paying a rather steep price for having downed so much Godiva chocolates during that silly Chocolate-covered sale (it IS silly! First time I've heard of a chocolate sale!).

*Double sigh* Sometimes it's such a sin to be carrying a digicam around. When you see something that strikes your fancy, you take a photo. Then you forget about it until it comes time to upload photos into your puter. Ah then the lusting just never ends from there.

I shall make do with what I can scrounge for in the fridge... Stale fried chicken, anyone? :)

Later hags :)