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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tonsillitis and Fendi... They go well... I think

I was so confined to my bed the WHOLE day yesterday. Could not even get to blog.
I believe this is tonsillitis. My neck glands are swollen, I have a pounding headache, and I have difficulty swallowing food. I also had a fever yesterday. But thanks to Dayquil and Nyquil (my two new best friends hehe), my muscle aches and pains as well as the fever have sorta disappeared (for now anyway).

I don't remember what tonsillitis feels like. I've gotten sick roughly 10 times since last September, but never tonsillitis (I tell you, I can't wait for the new Chinese lunar year. This current year has just been bad bad bad). But anyway, I need to get up and about today to do some important chores (that should not have been delayed in the first place). Sigh...

FEELING VIP ALERT: I just got an email from the manager SA of Goyard. They are offering me free handpainting on any of the bags I should get again. How cool is that?!!! This piece of news is enough to shake my tonsillitis bug off :D Now hmm.. which bag would I want? hahaha

Fellow Bag Hoarder Dennis R. told me I have created a monster out of the bag hags with this nonstop preaching of Goyard bags that he has been flooded with orders as well :D hehehe you go babe!! I'm all for spreading the good Goyard word :D

On a different note, I've been meaning to talk about Fendi. Fendi made a pretty impressive collection for S/S06. Quick note: I have somehow prided myself in not being a clotheshorse, but this outfit yanked my chain so much that I can't stop thinking about it-- How much is it, Where will I wear it to, and more importantly, Can I afford it? :D Fendi's S/S06 bags are equally as impressive-- I'm talking specifically about the B bags (double buckle) with linen and patent trim. I'm not too keen on the all patent.. The blue patent trimmed B bag is one that I can't really resist, especially with its primary blue color. It's a comfort bag-- the color reminded me so much of my pre-school days, as I was still dabbling with those Crayons... :D And now it reminds me more of my kids' toys. It's too fancy and cute to pass up on (now where will I get my funds for one, pray tell? Someone wanna offer me a job yet? :D *giggle*)

Of course the croc B bag is also yummy, with those turquoise links! (hehe of course how smart am I to pick the most expensive and most luxe item of all right? *konk head* Before you get any ideas, I can't afford that bag, so don't even suggest it hehe)

Speaking of Fendi, I saw TWO black Spy bags at Bloomingdales right before I left for Manila. I am still not swayed by the Spy phenomenon. While I am inclined to think it's because of all the exposure that a certain bag gets that would make us lust for it, I now believe it really lies on one's personal taste. I have seen this bag over and over again, carried by celebs and all those VIPs and IT gals, but this bag didn't really call out to me. As I stared at the Spy bags on the glass case, I couldn't help but ask an SA to show it to me. Maybe this is the time that I will take to these bags. After having tried it on my shoulder and hand, I have come to the conclusion that the Spy is really not for me :( *good thing too, because I no longer have cash for another bag unless I start cleaning out my closet!*

This handpainted Spy bag reminded me of the Jean Paul Gaultier Hermes birkin that also came handpainted (now THAT was a nicely handpainted bag). This bag looks somewhat sloppily painted... Interesting but no thanks. (geez why do I have the audacity to even say no thanks, when I clearly don't even have the right to refuse since I can't afford it anyway?! *must be the tonsillitis bacteria getting into my head*)

Anyway, off-bag topic, I got myself a new Motorola Razr in Magenta :D (hehe I even got my Moto a little bag hehe) This phone would have been cool to use if not for the damn thing being locked by my Mobile carrier in the US. It has taken me like 4 phonecalls to a supposed tollfree number (but not really toll free when you call from outside the US) to get them to divulge the damn Subsidy PIN code. And it's what, day 7 already and still no PIN despite my repeated calls and attempts to get it out of them. That's the US companies for you. It's like getting them to divulge a military super secret. My request has to go through like twenty levels of superiors. *harrumph!!!* Oh well I might as well just take my phone to Greenhills to have it unlocked right? Save me from incurring an already escalating phonebill (geez I don't wanna have to see my phone bill especially if it would reach to an astronomical amount that I can already buy a bag with it *spit fire, angry bag hag biatch alert*)

Apart from that gross inconvenience, the phone is very no-frills, no nonsense. The color just does it for me. Thanks to Celine L. whom I first saw use this phone when we had our pre- Christmas dinner. Goes to show, I am still a sucker at heart despite the no-purchase of the Spy bag. :D

Later bag hags, I need to recuperate and take antibiotics!