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Friday, January 13, 2006

Time for BAG REVIEW!! Plus the Sales! Ahh...

This is horrible. My Nokia phone konked out on me. The camera is not really working, and the bluetooth has ceased to sync to my Mac. Maybe the phone is having some form of jealousy because I got another phone (one that's still locked, thank you). *ugh I HATE T-Mobile service!! They now claim that Motorola has the code.* Worse is, I have tons of photos in my Nokia that I'd like to save... *sigh why can't I just have ONE perfect day?*

I have to say though, my tonsils feel much, much better today. Thanks to all your well-wishes too! I'm on the slow path to recovery. I am such a medicine junkie. Right. My profession: Bag hag/ medicine junkie. What a way to start 2006 eh? I just seriously hope my health is gonna be better this year.

SALE ALERT: By the way, if you have the time, pass by Greenbelt 4. Designer labels like Bottega Veneta are having a sale on their seasonal bags! Prada will also be having a sale beginning today til Feb 28. FYI folks!! Time to take lunch to Greenbelt 4 (geez forget lunch! This is eye candy. If you pass this up, I don't know how you will be able to live with yourself hehehehe). And if you have bought something, DO SHARE!!! I like photos! Send to tresormakati@yahoo.com so we can all ogle!!!! SHARE bag hags! SHARE! (preschool taught us all that!)

I think it's time again for a BAG REVIEW!
I wonder, what is this Blumarine bag supposed to be? A cross between a Prada multi-pocket and a Marc Jacobs cum LV? And the sequins! Sigh this bag is just sooo wrong. I'm sorry it looks like a bag taken straight out of the Chinese flea markets... You would frankly expect these high end labels to hire really good designers who have a grasp of what the market wants. And then they marry all the elements together to create this bag. It's just sooo wrong. And an ad campaign to promote it is certainly not the way to go.
YSL: Now, YSL has been churning out pretty interesting bags lately, think the Muse. And then there is this bag. It's really nice. It's like a birkelly (wow am I jumping on the annoying bandwagon of name-joining? *ugh please shut me up already, having celebs' name joining is annoying enough*). I swear that lock is so cute :D *wink wink!* Although I can imagine the bag must be hard to open, since you loop the handle through that flap. But nevertheless I think it's a great bag. (credits: photo clipped from WWD magazine)
BOTTEGA: I am still waiting for the Banana scroll Bottega bag to come out so that I can see it for myself personally. It's really different when you just see it in photos as opposed to seeing and touching it in person. I know the YSL muse bag did it for me when I saw it in person. Anyway while waiting for the Banana Bottega, this grass green leather woven hobo is likewise nice, not for its design really (I prefer the single shoulder strapped hobo) but more for its color. I better go check Bottega boutique ASAP to see this in actuality. It's $1690++.
MARC JACOBS: One of my all-time fave bag designers would have to be Marc Jacobs. After his first introduction of this multipocketed Sophia bag, he continues to produce more colors and variations (think his denim quilted Sophia with gold chains) of this particular style. I personally like teal and this bag is definitely back on my wishlist. I wonder if MJ will produce an LV bag patterned after this bag (oh how I will dislike the cowhide strap though). He has already done the Venetia and the Blake bag on LV (Manhattan GM and PM), so I won't be surprised if it comes out in Monogram Canvas. Nevertheless, if I had a few $$ to spare, to be exact $895++ (roughly Php 55,000), I think I'd like one of this please! *hint hint* The bag is not heavy, and the pockets are a real help for a packrat like me. (don't castigate me for reviewing this bag since this is already a classic iconic bag that just keeps on coming baaaack :))

OK peeps, I think it's time to get up and about. It's 4pm and I'm still in bed. I need energy. Oh gosh and it's a Friday today!! Go enjoy yourselves hags! Time to hit Greenbelt4-- those of you who have leftover (rather, unused) bonuses, go blow it all on a great deal!! :D

I'll be updating TRESOR (www.tresormakati.com) in a bit! I've been soooo negligent :-D *hehehe sorrry*
Some bags to look forward to:
1. Balenciaga Silver Office- NEW
2. LV Black Multicolore Murakami Speedy- NEW
3. LV Cerises Speedy 25- NEW
4. LV Red Epi Alma- EXCELLENT
5. GUCCI black monogram w green stripes Office (same shape as Balenciaga office)!- Vintage!

Have a fun and safe Friday and TELL ME ABOUT YOUR SHOPPING EXPEDITION!!!! :D