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Monday, January 23, 2006

A sickly hag still dreaming about a bag or two...

Today was a bad day-- healthwise. I woke up WITHOUT a voice! And for someone that thrives on gab gab gab, THIS was pure hell. By midday, I was coughing nonstop and was having difficulty breathing without coughing.

So I went to see an ENT doctor. (I was feeling THAT bad to want to see my doc SO bad). ENT prognosis: I have BACTERIAL PHARYNOLARYNGITIS-- swelling of BOTH the pharynx and the larynx. Both tubes were fire engine red and inflammed. My ENT said, "Bad Bad. You absolutely, under any circumstances, CANNOT talk, not even whisper!". What's worse is I have post-nasal drip, also causing me to cough like I'm clearing up my throat. (I hope I really just have a swollen larynx-pharynx and not have some odd growth... that would entail surgery :( *sniff*.. and I am scared stiff)

Next stop: My pulmonologist. I was asked to do a pre and post spirometry test. You breathe into and blow into a tube that measures the (I guess) force and your breathing capacity for oxygen. Well I tell you, it ain't good. But good news was, it was NOT asthma. Pulmonologist prognosis: I have acute bronchitis that, if went untreated, would lead (in a short time) to pneumonia! Thank GOD I went to the doctor today! I have very swollen bronchial tubes AND this would in effect lead to post-infection cough that translates into an allergy (asthma-like). Sigh the UN-health cycle for me just never stops... :( It's getting depressing to talk about this.

I still need to go to the doctor tomorrow for some Xray on my lungs. Damn this is pretty scary already. But I'm glad I am FINALLY taking the right medicine. I can't imagine beating up my liver any more than it already has suffered. Imagine I've been taking medication since September! My friend Mel insists it's cabin fever since I stopped working. Hmm it reallly makes me think now...

Ok on to more pleasant matters please!
More LV news: The once special-order-only Damier Speedy will finally be made a part of the regular Damier line. Sounds like a good alternative to the Monogram Speedy (which has cowhide handles!)That just gets me more confused. To date, I have not yet used my Monogram Canvas Speedy and it's sitting in my closet with its plastic and all. Anyway good news to that is, I have about two more weeks to think about whether I want to return this bag or not. Although, I must confess, I do love the bag (and I love looking at it even more, because the cowhide is just sooooo pale!!)

Announcement to Hags (more importantly, LV lovers): can you take stock of the LV bags you have and put them all together, photograph and email me? I would love to see your lovely collections, and so would the rest of our fellow bag hags!

CELEB SPOTTING: Jessica Simpson is recently seen carrying around a GOYARD black croisiere 35. Goyard is finally going mainstream!! Believe me now? :)Alright I am required to turn in early, so I will leave you with the hot-blonde-with-the-hot-bag image. Good nite!