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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Sad, sad day... But there will always be light at the end of the tunnel...

Just wanted to mention some things that might help with my grief over the loss of two very good people.

My friend AT's daughter Gabbie (who had been struggling for life for the last few months) has passed away last January 4. She was just a baby :( and is now in heaven.

My very good friend and fellow bag hag PR's husband Adrian, whom I last saw in October, has also passed away last December 24 without my knowing. My dear friend PR didn't want to bother me with sad news over the Christmas holiday and I just found out about it from her now.

I am so upset over these two events. Baby Gabbie touched my heart. Babies always have this effect on me and Gabbie was certainly no exception. Adrian, on the other hand, was an amazingly supportive husband to my friend (you can't really ask for a better guy for this friend of mine). He joins his mom (who also passed away last year) in the afterlife.

My only wish for my two dear friends is that they can hang on and know that they have a friend in me whom they can always call or cry on anytime of the day or night (I'm a nightowl, remember?). There are reasons why these sad events happen (think my dad's untimely passing as well). We may never accept or understand these reasons but we can only hope one day that we can find something positive out of the trauma we experienced when we suffered these losses.

Life is truly short, and that we are only living on borrowed time. In the end, take away the money, the jewelries, the shoes, the bags... we are all one and the same.

So a life lesson today for me (and bag hags out there): Make the most out of our lives, learn to live and love more, CHERISH every single moment we have with our friends and loved ones, and not create enemies (stop all that hatred and jealousy already!!)

P.S. on a lighter note: If you have dispensable income, buy yourself what you want. It's really ok to be selfish every so often. Keep yourself happy (but don't abuse your body), and lead a guilt-free life (even if you just spent your couch money on a new bag.) It's OK. As long as you are happy and you didn't steal that money!