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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Royal Wishlist and Marriage Tips?!

I just HAD to post this photo. I love babies and this little guy is no exception. He is Prince Christian Valdemor Henri John , future King of Denmark-- firstborn son of Princess Mary and Prince Frederik. He was christened 4 days ago. Sigh this baby is sooooo cute!! And it helps that he has a pretty mom (they look alike!) (Although I don't approve of her outfit. Her aigrette is catchy though.. but not with that outfit)

You know, I've always wondered what it would be like to be a princess (married, not by birth-- or I'd end up stodgy like the Brit royals hehehe). *cough cough gold digger alert!* well actually, you can't call a princess by marriage a gold digger. Because unbeknownst to many, princesses don't really have a bottomless pit of money that they can call their own (unless of course you are Princess Marie Chantal of Greece-- who is an heiress to the Duty Free fortune. Her husband is the royal with the title without the country. Perfect match, a title with money :D ). And we may all think their lives are a bed of roses, but they work too (Royals WITH countries that is)-- imagine having to wake up everyday at 5:00 am to be made up already because you have to attend a breakfast ribbon cutting event, and geez you can't even pick your nose in public! Heaven forbid that picture would make it to National Enquirer *hehe eww*. Sigh, can't have 'em all. But they sure have the tiaras and the jewelries (although again, they belong to the "Firm" as the late Princess Diana used to call them).

I have a confession to make (My Goodness, one confession to another in just a few days!): I am a Royalista. I love royal watching. It's my guilty pleasure. That, and surfshopping. My husband always teased me about my being a Royalista, and he would always ask me if I had ever dreamt of marrying a Prince. And of course I answer (deadpan), Well I married you, didn't I, lilleprinsen? :D *hehehe cheeeesy* So sometimes he would call me Princess (other times he would just call me Pomme Frites *French for french fries hehehe*).

So let's do role play here. If I were a princess (married to a rich prince-- note there are poor princes too), I would be adding WooHoo expensive clothes (i.e. a $5K Chanel tweed jacket, a $6k Oscar dela Renta cocktail dress...) to my wardrobe (barring of course spending scrutiny I would get from my stodgy inlaws *snicker*), and loads of bags (i.e. Hermes bleu roi *royal blue- how perfect for a royal!*croc birkin with diamonds, a regular Hermes birkin for daily use (my "meets and greets"), and LOADS of Monogrammed with Royal Coat of Arms Goyard Trunks!!!!) to my Bag ROOM (not closet!) I'd be that same baghag, only 200 times more pretentious and vulgar to an extreme degree!! AND Proud, and Biatchin!!! *muwahaha I'm SO full of it!* Oh my Gosh I would be able to buy that Lime 32cm Hermes Kelly! (This bag is my frustration. No matter how long I wait for another one at Hermes, this is the ONE color that they CANNOT get for me. *Well I didn't order one* I got offered but don't want the vert anis, chartreuse. I want this vert-cru!! I saw the bag, I held the bag, I loved it, but alas it was already spoken for.)
Wait wait, if I were a princess, I would never really be able to enjoy wearing my $7 ratty jeans or my old sweats. Hmm... but then again, I get to wear a tiara and lotsa blingblings! (even if it means I'll look overdecorated and not pull off the look that Princess Mary tried pulling off here -- but hey, she looked like a Million bucks right?)Anyway I better kill this train of thought. I'm beginning to sound like I've had a zillion milligrams of antibiotics in my system for me to spew out insanely impossible "buys" if I became a princess *muwahahaha* But hey we can always dream (about the things Princesses can buy, not about being married to a Prince. I don't think I'd be able to hack Royal duties-- I can't even wake up on certain days to send my child off to school! *ok I'm a negligent mother. I said it* I just want the jewels and the expense account, that's all! *selfish biatch!!!*)

*Money hungry blood sucker alert*: Aww come on, you can't really marry a good looking guy and expect his good looks to feed you (unless you married Brad Pitt). *ENOUGH!* Having worked in the weddings industry for over 4 years led me to the conclusion that women should not be blinded into thinking it's love because the guy comes from a wealthy family (imagine if you married an heir-to-a-vast fortune who also happened to have a bellpepper for a brain...I digress!) I can tell you sob stories upon sob stories of women who were "fooled" into thinking they were marrying into a good life (cross legs-no work-plenty pay like TaiTai kinda good life). You placed your life on Double Jeopardy and Lost- TWO FOLD! So, marry a guy you love because you guys are great together (you are each other's best friend), not because your merged bank accounts would look great together. *I'm sure I'm hitting a few chords here-- I know a woman who "stole" the man (whom she thought was her ticket to financial freedom) she married from another woman. I can tell you this-- she ain't having a good life now. Just cause you thought you found a guy who can buy all the bags you want (when you were not yet married), doesn't mean he WILL continue to buy all the bags you want AFTER you are married (although some get lucky!) :D

You know what, I'm on an adrenalin high and I don't know why. Probably from that hot cuppa tea... I better go offline. I'm getting far too many crazy ideas already.. Royals, unlimited funds for new expensive "get" bags... sigh... I need sleep. That's what I need!

P.S. Day #3 already and STILL NO VOICE. *gulp* Am I being punished? *double gulp*