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Friday, January 20, 2006

A Prelude to Spring (cleaning)

My bags have somehow earned a far better reputation than I *sob* (at least no one gets to call them vulgar or pretentious!! hehehe). Anyway I want to apologize for having announced earlier about an LV Cherry Blossom pochette for sale. The owner has ended up deeming the bag a "keeper" since she has a daughter whom she can pass the bag on to one day (smart decision really-- MBS would've done the same! *wink*). Hence you noticing the absence of the pochette on www.tresormakati.com
So anyway, I am posting my pink on brown LV Cherry Blossom papillon, (by popular demand!) I've had this piece for quite some time now, and have only used it a handful of times *including yesterday*. It was sitting in my closet for a bit, enjoying the cold and company of other LV bags, when suddenly, I had the urge to see them happy faces! I don't know why, I just like seeing the happy faces on the pink flowers :D *the damn bag is so chipper!!* So now you know why this is such a "happy" bag :D

And of course while I was checking out my other bags (I think this is a Spring cleaning prelude... or is it really Spring cleaning already?!), I pulled out another limited edition Chanel fantasy tweed "kelly" bag (colors yellow, pastel pink, pastel blue, lilac all interspered with black thread). I remember having bought this bag for a bit over US$2,100. I remember having carried this bag exactly TWICE-- once to my friend's birthday lunch last year 2005, and the other carried to dinner at Sala in Malate with Celine L. and the group (this was before I got pregnant with our first child!!!). I bought this bag because this bag was the closest thing to a Chanel boucle fantasy tweed jacket that I can actually afford to own!!! (I'd never pay $5000 for a tweed jacket-- I can't afford it!!) So this bag has been truly a permanent resident of my closets (from my first residence to my current one!!)

The bag measures 10"H x 10"L x 2.75"W and can be carried on your hand or on the crook of your arm. I am already pegging this bag's price at Php 55,000. If you are interested, please SMS me at +639167580857. My fantasy tweed Chanel bag comes with the care booklet, the authenticity card, as well as the original dustbag and the Chanel box. This is a rare find, that much I can tell you! I am letting it go because I have hardly used it and I would at this point, go for another Goyard bag (I have to be practical, with two kids and all). I am also happy to let this baby go to a new (and HAS TO BE LOVING) home since I have a new Chanel bag, remember? :D

Ok I gotta get ready. Tonight is one of those rare nights I get to go out and attend someone's wedding party. I have not found the right clothes to wear yet. So if you happen to run into me tonight and I look grossly mismatched, please try not to laugh in front of my face *snicker hehehe*. I just know one thing, I have to work around my outfits to be able to tote my LV Pink Satin gleamer :D

P.S. MP, you will get yours soon and I tell you, heads will turn when you carry that bag!!

Ciao Ciao bunnies and Have a good Friday + weekend!!