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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pregnancy and BAG babies!

I met up with my chika amiga hot momma FS who is having twin baby bag hags :D *double luck honey!* I often wondered why I never looked that hot when I was pregnant with my kids. *Sigh* FS was definitely blessed with awesome genes (just one look at her mom and you already know :D) P.S. Girl, if you are reading this, Thank you for the pink case! Now if only my phone works... *sigh*

Speaking of pregnancies, if there are any preggy mommas out there who want to go for their 4-D (four dimensional) ultrasound where you can actually see your baby's face (and hope he/she looks like you), try going to FORT MED-- This is an outpatient clinic located at 3/F Equitable Bank Bldg, Buendia corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati (right by Bel-air Village and Jupiter Street). You don't have to worry about all the germies you can possibly catch at the hospitals because this place is so clean! Plus no long lines, and the best thing is, the cost is only Php 2,800 (Cardinal Santos charges Php 4,000!!) and you get to bring home a personalized CD as well! They are reachable by appointment at landline 897-9111. I went there for my ultrasounds as well and had great experience with the staff, so I had to plug them here (my way of thanks to the super helpful staff!) Style queen Tessa Prieto-Valdes also had her 4D ultrasound there (this is sad-- that's my so-called connection to the high society de Manille-- we had 4D ultrasound at the same place *hehehe I'm such a social climber!*) :D

BAG ALERT! BAG ALERT!: LV will be coming out with the perforated monogram bags-- Speedy 30 will be available with the colors pink, orange, or green peeking from those tiny pinholes! Also, two more colors will be added to the denim line-- an olive sorta green, and a pink one!! Watch out for them :-) The LV perforated monogram canvas looks like this:Can you believe it, a SPEEDY in one of the yummy colors? (shown here is the pink colored 'background') *sigh*!! I really can't wait! Estimated cost is US$1300... (boy these Speedy prices just keep getting higher and higher!)

Oh and here is a photo of the black Multicolore petit noe.

Also I saw the Framboise (raspberry) vernis already. I was not really too into the color until my friend showed me this photo. I think the reade pm looks great as a small funky party bag... hmmm..... :)

Triple sigh, I really need to work, work, work and get paid. I ain't no tai-tai like Taitai :D My Chinese horoscope says this chinese new year will be a lot better for me, so hey, what do you know, maybe I will go back to work after all :D *wink!*