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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Phone bag+ a wish for my dear friend

KUNG HEI FAT CHOY! Welcome year of the Dog! (Mantra: It shall be a good year for this bag hag!!)

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was so dead tired I couldn't get my eyes wide open enough to type without every other word ending in misspelled mumbo jumbo.

I went for my check-up today and my doc says, I'm 80% well. I was like, eh?? Ok, so I am not 100% well yet? Which only means one thing. Now that both my kids are sick (again), there is a HIGH likelihood I will get what they have-- AGAIN. So much for kissing my bad year good bye!

Speaking of Chinese New Year-- I spent mine at Tagaytay with la famille of dear hubby (DH). Thought I would find myself bored to tears in bum-fruck-Egypt, but strange enough I actually had a good time. I did absolutely no damage to my credit card, and even had some time to bag-soul search (if ever there is even such a thing).

Bag- soul- search: In other words, feel guilty about your latest bag purchase OR justify (albeit failingly) your expensive purchase. In my case, I did both. Remember this is just the tail end of January 2006 and I have already paid more than enough of my share for being in the LV circle *cough cough here we go again, Feeling VIP in LV wherein I don't even contribute to .001% of their monthly sales value/volume*. I had bought the Monogram Speedy 30 AND the Framboise Vernis Reade PM. Both are really good choices, as I would stand by the purchases. However, with the Perforated Monogram Speedy in Fuchsia lining coming up, wouldn't I have been better off buying just that ONE bag (which had elements of Both-- speedy AND the bright pink color)? I have until this weekend to decide, in which case, I shall return both again and perhaps be subjected to a tongue lashing by Abby :D I am actually leaning towards returning the reade pm... I do love the color but the bag is so small... But anyway either way I am getting a head scratch from Abby *Why do you want to return it, why, why why?* And I'll tell you why. Because bag hags who love bags too much are so impulsive more than half the time and suffer from SEVERE cases of buyer's remorse. ALL TOO OFTEN (and don't you deny it!!)

Fendi Spy phenomenon (at least for me): So I told you about Bloomingdale's Spy bag on their floor. Well I am waiting on the time to call them up to beg for a white bag (I'm sure THAT won't ever make it to the floor like this one did). Oh dear Miss Sales Associate: I take back every single unkind word I said about the Spy bag. It was after all just the color I hated *snicker* If you are getting a Spy bag, might as well get either a holographic Spy in bronze OR the white! Can't really talk me into getting a teal or honey colored Spy. So that's that. *double sigh... that white Spy is just too much for me to take... I hafta have it! Question is, where do I get the money for that?!*

Since that purchase is not to materialize anytime soon (or anytime AT ALL unless by some odd Divine intervention that a chunk of cash falls on my lap), I can just return my two LV bags and wait for the perforated monogram :D.. OR return the reade PM in framboise, keep the regular monogram speedy... Both are still unused anyway. (remember my crap habit of NOT using new bags? Well I haven't really kicked that habit out of me yet).

I swear when I get a wind of cash that falls onto my lap, I am out to get me a nice Oscar Dela Renta cocktail dress (something like this that's worth well over $6000). Where will I wear it? Oh I don't know, I've never been much the type of person to dress for other people. It will probably just see the light of day within my closet, among other clothes and shoes unworn in public (how's that!) Who says no one will appreciate expensive clothes? Your other clothes and bags can stare at the dress in envy :D

I got to talking with this lady with a cute name SL. From someone who runs around in the Chinoise circle, she always thought I was a party girl-- and this is why the *cough cough* oh-so-"sociable" ladies (like matronix Queenie or lactobacillus woman Libby) in that circle do-sooo- knowingly-declare that I am some high profile vulgarity that gives the race a bad name (in fact those very same people don't even know me personally-- geez what a judgemental society. I wish it was a litigious society too-- I'd be so rich now with all those lawsuits I'd pile up on those slanderous biatches *party girl eh? vulgar eh? ok I'm suing you! slap slap! Pay my Neiman Marcus bill, biatch!* And my allies-at-law CL and PA would get rich and buy more bags too-- what with all the suits we'd be winning and collecting damages from *oh this is far too hilarious and biatchy!!*).

Joking aside, what people really fail to think is, I really DREAD dressing up for parties. I always think I end up like a walking fashion victim, waiting to be reported to the polizia. I may be bubbly and all, have this "supposed" spunk, but in reality, I really just wanna crawl under a rock and watch all the beautiful people from under that rock. I would be so happy in a Php 350 shirt. Really.

But I'd be carrying THIS bag. HAH! :D Ok time to crawl under the rock again. Too much exposure can be bad :D *snicker*

Oh Oh Hags Hags, I have to ask if you gals would be interested in the mobile phone case that I had earlier shown you all for my Moto razr (although my case has since gone to a dear friend and hot mama FS). Anyway I plan to get more of these (price is dependent on how many I get, but I got this back in the US for almost $15 *with CA tax*) Anyway, the pouch is designed by a Japanese and it's as designer as you can get in "bagging" your phone :D (yup, believe it or not, this phone bag is actually considered "designer" and was seen on celebs like Sandra Bullock, & Courtney Cox. They strap these lil thangs onto their jeans!)

Sad sad news: I just recently heard from one of my old friends that our dear friend A. Brown (he is a correspondent/reporter for CNN) has been taken ill at a hospital in the UK after having been operated on a tumor found at the base of his spine. Brownie is a very good friend of mine, I met him during my brief, short-lived career in Hong Kong as a freelance associate producer for a news network. Brownie and I hit it right off. He is the funniest guy, and is sooooo nice. He came to my wedding with DH despite the HUGE storm in HK that day AND the Cathay Pacific Airways pilot strike!! His last visit to Manila was just last August (and we were even talking about freelance and joking wildly about me working again since I was already without a job). We email regularly and all of a sudden he stopped replying to my emails. It was two days ago that I found out about his condition, because the friends I sent my forwarded mails to (my kids' photos) replied en masse and was asking if anyone knew about B's condition. I was just far too shocked for words. My old pals from BBC and CNN were also up in arms, trying to figure out where he is right now (Apparently his family didn't want people to contact them ... perhaps he asked for privacy... I don't know... but it's so frustrating). Imagine the very people who can track down almost anyone powerful, having a hard time getting to an old friend and colleague. Anyway another friend managed to track down where Brownie is confined, and we are all sending notes to him now. The reason for my posting this here is this: I ask you to please, please pray for him. He suffered a blood clot post operation and somehow lost feeling in his arms and legs (and no one knows if this is permanent). I don't ask much from bag hags (apart from prayers for little Gabbie), but now again I ask for your prayers for my friend. He means a lot to me and my husband. He is a good friend, a mentor, and a comrade.

What a sad way to end this post... Anyway I hope tomorrow will be a better day for him. This situation really makes you wonder about life. Life is really too short for enemies (so I take back what I just said about those litigations about the slanderous people-- I can be biatchy but I am also forgiving for these evil people know not what they say *wink*). Bottom line really, make yourself happy. Be with the ones you love. Never neglect them. Spend as much time with them as you can.

Thank you bag hags. Today is also one day that I am grateful to those of you who continue to read my continuous ramblings about nothing. These last few paragraphs actually come straight from my heart and I truly appreciate if you include my friend Brownie in your prayers...

Forget the bags, the accessories. My one wish this Chinese New Year is just for my friend to get better and be out of peril...

Good night! *So sorry if I depressed you hags :((* I promise bag review day tomorrow!