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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ogling at the Shop Window...

Heya! I wanna keep my post short today because I am in the middle of packing and cleaning up our place.

I just had to post some styles of Goyard, as requested by faithful bag hags reading these insanely written and grammatically incorrect posts on my blog.

I will head off to Goyard in a few days again. For the two consecutive days that I was at Union Square, the boutique was closed *a-ha! I knew they know I was going so they closed. hehehe* The SAs at the boutique must think I'm stalking them... (am I not? hehe) Anyway good thing they were closed or else I might have lost all sanity and bought yet another bag (It's strange when you are not shopping with your kids, you somehow let loose. Case in point-- yesterday at Neiman Marcus, right? Look at what damage I did to my card-- all those bags! *sigh*). The annoying bit about Goyard is that they have all these yummy colors! It's not like a Louis Vuitton where there's only one kind of monogram canvas-- brown (for label whores like moi).

So anyway here are the store window displays. I shamelessly took photos since they were closed, or else the SAs would really think I'm insane!! *gulp*:

Crosiere 35 in Black ($1475)Boeing 45 in Red ($1715)St. Martin Bag in Red ($1335) & Okinawa in Red ($1330) *That St.Martin Bag reminds me of an Hermes Plume :D*And here are the traincases that feature all of the colors of Goyard's handpainted chevron monogram canvas *white not shown*. Aren't those handpainted stripes and monograms awesome? *ogle*ENJOY ogling at these bags and cases :) Am I right, the more you look at em, the better they look? Hence the more you want to have one? :D *sigh this is the Pandora speedy bag syndrome... One bag opens up the damn door to more...*

P.S. In the next few days I won't be blogging because I'm gonna be tied up taking care of some household matters and I need to sleep early since I will be doing double duty taking care of the kiddies (something I actually look forward to doing :D-- because I am so broke, I might as well not shop hehehe)

CONTACT ME thru +14152835591 in case you need to get in touch with me. I am completely gonna be incommunicado via the internet. CIAO baggyhaggies!!

I'll be back online on the 10th. I'll try to log in sometime when I have a wee time off taking care of the tots :D Will be back in Manila on the 12th :D