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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Noodles, Frocks, and A Goyard Goodbye

Ah today is a bright new day.

My trek yesterday took me to Metro Market Market (my fave fave mall) wherein I had to satisfy my current noodle craving by purchasing X amount's worth of instant noodles. No, I am not pregnant, thank you. I think I am settled on two kids for now (hehe).

My version of noodle heaven was to walk through THIS:And there's more where that came from! I should seriously stop binge eating on these instant noodles. Gawd knows how much MSG they pack into those little suckers and my brain cells are slowly being zapped into insanity.

I happily wore a black tshirt that said a lot about who I am. Bought this tee for $10 (cheap eh?) and if I could wear this as my daily uniform, I swear I would. One thing I hate most is waking up and picking out the clothes to wear. * yeah yeah I am one of those conformists*

Anyway speaking of clothes, I was rummaging through boxes of clothes last night and found some label-worthy clothes that have not seen the light of day since I got married (geez I can't believe I even fit into those clothes! Worse, some of them were not even worn yet!!!)

Labels such as Vivienne Tam and Versace were in boxes marked "unworn". So I have no idea now how to sell that since 1. I don't fit into them 2. My husband would KILL me if I wore those :D hehe lest I mention those clothes are a bit on the skimpy side... *so much for you got it you flaunt it-- I don't know what possessed me to even buy those dresses since I never wore them-- I was too chicken to wear em!* I will just have to sell these... I think! Geez, I still remember having bought them for quite a sum too. That was when Vivienne Tam was just a hot new designer. Wow it's been THAT long? These are already vintage Vivienne Tam!Oh well... Will see.. (Gee I can't believe I once fit into a size 0 and size 1!!) And since I am 5'8" in height, I can only tell you that these sheaths are SHORT on me. So really, I don't know what possessed me to buy them.

Anyway I will cut this post short and continue on a bit later. Have to meet up with MB today :D Ogle all you can gals, this hot red Goyard bag's a goner!! :D