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Friday, January 20, 2006

New LV styles!

Here are more new LV styles in case you have plans to passing by LV to park your money *look for Abby!*
Vernis Brentwood (This style is far better than the Houston or the Colombus. Straps are removable so if they stain up next time, all you need to do is buy new straps-- looks like the Cabas piano doesn't it? )Vernis Lagoon (Alternative to the Pochette or the Shirley, this can be a great night clutch)Suede Onatah hobo (This is a limited edition piece and will be made available by order only. It's not high on my wish list because the bag is suede, and suede is notorius for picking up dirt fast. That, plus the cutout florets could get curled edges over time. Too bad. It's cute too.)
*hehe photo lifted from ebay*
My current wishlist however, includes a Louis Vuitton Red-cream Cherry Blossom papillon!! I have one in the pink on brown installation, but I have read that the Red on cream combination is the rarest of all. Sad thing is, this bag is being sold for over $2000. So if I buy one from the secondary market, I need to be sure I won't resell the bag or else (!!!). If I do get this, I will end up selling my own Pristine cherry blossom pink on brown papillon :D

Seeing this photo inspired me (to collect more hahahaha). It made me sorta want to take a second look at the Framboise vernis collection. This photo is courtesy of fellow bag hag LV lover DK. She puts all of us to shame with her exquisite vernis collection. Fuchsia is so nice!!!
VUITTON INFO ALERT: Fellow LV hags, I heard that LV will come out with a GREEN Vernis color! I will confirm this soon. So gals, hold your horses!

Nitey for now!!!