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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Field Trip!

I love bag hag MSB. She is so awesome to hang with, even for just 30 short minutes. In that span of time, we were able to walk the designer corridors and chat bags. Being with a fellow bag lover though I tell you, can be quite lethal. Not in the sense that you end up buying a new bag, but in the sense that you end up buying SOMETHING *choke*

I was just waiting for MB and I went into Gucci. Yup the sale is still ongoing, and if you have Php 43k to spare, I seriously suggest that you get the Violet Guccissima monogram leather banana hobo. I was just way too tempted to get it, since it was from a price of Php 60,650. 30% off in my book is better than 0% off. So I told Deena the sales associate that I would highly likely come back for it (come on, where do I pull off having that much cash with me? Even with EPS, I don't have enough. Sad to say, my BPI account is maintaining balance-- after all those expenses, I am even surprised I still have a wee bit enough to maintain the required balance!). I won't be too worried especially since there are still two of the bag in store.

So I moved right along to pass by Louis Vuitton. Just to say hi to the nice sales associates and all. Damn. BIG mistake. I ended up meeting up with MB there, and when we walked out of the boutique, I was already carrying this out:
I wanted the wedge actually, but in pink. And they didn't have it. And I realistically can't wear a wedge-- it'll make me taller than my hubby hence make me look older and "bigger". No can do. So I settled for the flats. And for that price, I could've gotten myself that violet Gucci hobo.
Trust me, I walked out of the boutique feeling the pinch, while trying (albeit failing) to justify the shoe purchase. I found myself listening to the stupid reason "I will use them a lot, I have a tendency to wear out my sandals". Gawd who am I kidding? MB sure didn't see through that pathetic justification. All she could say was "yea yea ok ok".

We also went into YSL. I HAD to, after seeing that they are now carrying the IT bag of the moment, the YSL Muse bag! The black medium muse is Php 78,750. They also have the oversized Muse in tan (although that bag is really rather huuuuge). So if you are eyeing the Muse, head over to YSL already before it gets sold!!

We had to part ways quickly and it was there that my guilt sank in. A bag in place of shoes... But geez what a dilemma. I really like these sandals. Have been eyeing them since the time I was in San Francisco. But I was too tuned out to shoes back then. So now this was it. I happily skipped out of Greenbelt 4 with my new purchase (ahhh...)

When I got home, I tried the sandals on again. WooHoo they look great on my feet :) So I walk around my so-called boudoir to test-drive the shoes, and after about 3 minutes of walking in them, my feet felt pain. Damn. PAIN. On where the leather cut-outs were. Ouch, BIG time. Dennis R was right about the painful cutout part :( So I guess this pair of shoes will go back to the store. For store credit. Hmmm... for that price, what should I get? Hmmm...

Ok that will merit another post. Now, before I retire for the night (notice the normalcy in my sleep schedule lately? *wink!*) I have to do this. HAVE to:

It's time for the infamous SHAMELESS BAG HAG PLUG!! In case anyone is interested, I have in my hand a brand New CHLOE Silverado bag in Tan. (Php 70k) Surprisingly light bag, especially after having gone through the Paddington Bag :DAlso, I will be updating TRESOR (www.tresormakati.com) soon. New bags will include:

1. LV blue vernis thompson street
2. LV lilac epi nocturne pm
3. LV cipango gold epi petit noe (and matching belt that's brand new!)
4. LV monogram papillon 26
5. Prada denim and brown leather satchel
6. Fendi lime green nappa leather baguette

Plus another HOT item: The LV Monogram Cherry Blossom pink on brown Pochette!

Nitey hags! :D Text me tomorrow if you want more info on the new bags!! +639167580857