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Monday, January 02, 2006

Money oh Money Where art thou?

Sometimes it irks me when people think I married for money. Because what these backtalking e-diots all fail to realize is, my husband is poor *bawl boohooo where's mah bag allowance?!?!* Which really confirms what my beloved detractors say their so- called "low key" *ahem aka publicity hungry but none given* rich Chinese friends say about me-- that I am pretentious. Because TRULY, I am! I am a blue-blooded pretentious bag hag. I am really poor (although I looove pretending to be rich *hey I'm pretty convincing sometimes... even I get convinced, I think! hehe*, and I am married into a pretentious rich family (but they are really poor financially-- I have to coerce my in laws to treat me to a cup 'a Joe :D hehe ). So you see, I scour the bargain bins ALL the Time!! If I can get away with not paying full price, why not!!! :D Aww crud, I am soooo knee deep in bag debt that it's sooo pathetic. Don't be surprised when you see me out in the streets, begging. :D (charity is good, peeps!! Keep on giving!) *cough cough FREELOADING BAG HOGWART ALERT!*

It's a horrible, horrible thing to be dead broke and be in the middle of the bag section at Neiman Marcus (or Saks for that matter) at the same time. THANK HEAVENS for the Amex card *sigh* (I better use the card before it gets confiscated by my Big Bro :D). Sooo, on New Year's day, January 1, 2006, I did more serious damage (thereby chucking out my New Year's resolution... or rather, making an exception). Buying the following:
1. CHANEL- Remember TRESOR had a Chanel bag in tan/camel lambskin? Well, I saw my shopper today (forget CC!) and she brought out some more DISCOUNTED bags at the back (these bags were never displayed on the floor). A friggin' CHANEL lambskin bag in Mauve Pink!!! I mean, WHY are the bag goddesses so bad to me? Why ME???!! Tell me, would there be any SANE woman who'd be able to resist buying this bag at a discount??? From $1,650.00 to $1,237.00 (plus tax)! And let me tell you, for the most part, only the seriously uncarriable (aka bugly) CHANEL bags go on sale. There is just a teeny tiny mark on the leather but it's soo not noticeable unless you have bionic eyes :D (ahem like me *brag brag*)2. MARC JACOBS- This orange bag was screaming, screaming, screaming my name since the day I saw it on the elux site!! Marc has married the shape of the Alexander Mc Queen NOVAK/ YSL Muse with his own Blake bag, and further married the Hermes orange color to produce THIS! The bag is huge, can be carried on the shoulder :) *The bag looks sooo much better in person by the way* Which makes it soooo delectable! Downside: Had to pay fullprice for this bag. $1,075 + tax.3. PUCCI- I bought this bag not really for myself. I had one person in mind for the bag. (Paging legal eagle Ms.P) These Pucci pochettes normally cost $235 plus 8.5% tax, but this being the ONLY pochette (off the floor) on sale, it was just $163.90 (plus tax, it's just $177.84. Equivalent to about Php 9,605!!) And this is NEW!! (Comes with the dustbag too) Told you I'm a sucker, I HAD to buy it coz it's pretty cheap! And this is PUCCI :) *It fits my fat Gucci wallet as well as both my mobile phones!*
4. YSL- THE YRIS bag in Ivory! This is the sister bag of the HOT MUSE bag. Now THIS bag is Not THAT great when you first look at it. But it grows on you. I LOVE to look at bags. At first glance, I thought this bag was rather plain. Nothing great about it, looks quite plain, right? But like the Goyard, this bag just grew on me. I had to get it. My SA said this bag is the more expensive *Sigh* alternative to the Muse, and it is only a matter of time (a short short one) before it gets bought-- what, being our purchase patterns, especially after seeing this bag on celebs like Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Demi Moore, Naomi Watts. Set me back $1795. *sniff sniff*

*BAG TREND ALERT*: It seems that the "hot" bag shape now is that of the Hermes Bolide- LV Alma style. Think about the Novak bag and the Muse, as well as the Marc Jacobs bag... Ok bag hags, the LV alma is back in circulation :D hehe time to buy buy buy this style :)

Nitey! I have to figure out a way to make mucho dinero this year. Alas, my bet on the state lottery was but a waste of a good $1. Some lucky biatch won the $55 Million... A happy new year to her :D * I'm sure she really deserved the money more than I do... but hey, that doesn't mean I can't continue to biatch about it, right? :D*

P.S. It was raining... I mean, POURING outside the whole time, so I carried my Goyard orange hobo bag. Did you know the whole bag is waterproof? :D How's THAT for a bag :) I'm telling you, the brand is a total investment. There is simply nothing else like it. An LV bag you say? Yeah, check out the cowhide handles when you get drenched in pouring rain :) I love LV, but LV has nothing on Goyard :DGeez, I should be meeting the Goyards when they fly to San Francisco for the formal opening of the store... Hmm... can I stay much longer in SF?... Alas I will have to fly back to Manila in a few days already... Which gives me an idea. Why can't I just ask the Goyards to put me in charge of a boutique in Manila? :D *Selfish thought: So I can get discount!! muwahahaha*