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Monday, January 16, 2006

A journey of self-reflection

Two things bother me the most about myself:

1. The acne farm on my face: Why, oh why, do some women have to be punished with this when it nears the time they surf the crimson wave??!! I'm wayyy over puberty, so why can't I be spared?! *gnarl*

2. My mouth: There are many times when things are better left unsaid, but not so with my potty mouth. Kids say the darndest things and that's forgivable, but not when adults say the darndest things. I swear, my mouth has gotten me into more trouble that I have imagined it would (hehehe DP, MC, and FL should know! *winkwink*). I need to learn the art of diplomacy-- ASAP. And by ASAP, I mean beginning today. Yesterday's event made me realize this. So without further ado, let me tell you about yesterday's event (even if it made me stand by my actions, despite it was my potty mouth talking, or rather texting).

So a childhood friend had the audacity to ask me to throw her a baby shower (her 2nd baby), and added she wanted a shower to "save". Any sane friend would go "whoa" over that, right? (hey even if she is a childhood friend. Put it this way, I don't think I would unleash words to a non-family member eventhough I've known her forever) After all, it was pretty much said in bad taste-- and let's keep in mind that this is her 2nd baby, not first. Letting my surprise and SHOCK over that sit for a week or so, I decided to inform the other friends about our "friend's" request. Which of course didn't sit so well with the others as well, after I had also told our friends about this preggymama's request for Avent products (Avent being the LV of baby bottles *hehe what an analogy*). Naturally I get pretty negative remarks about our "friend". And soon after, I could no longer contain my anger/ frustration/ shock about how it was said to me. Come on, would ANYONE, say that out loud to you? "Throw me a baby shower so I could SAVE??" I felt like it was outright disrespectful to me (what am I or my friends, friggin money pits?) I felt like she was taking advantage of us already (oh and you don't even know HALF of it-- ask me about her countless self-pitying stories-- but make no mistake, this woman married into a rich family, albeit a stingy one *but hey that's no different from my married family, we can't have it all you know*).

I was like a pressure cooker that finally blew over. After hearing her past sob stories (as she toted an LV bag), I managed to send a string of messages to her. Scathing, but not scathing enough to make her understand completely. I swear this woman whom I used to be real good friends with, morphed into some status- conscious monster since she got married. Nothing really wrong with that if you can afford it without borrowing money from friends right? Well, I've said enough, and you can connect the dots from thereon. Made me remember Preview editor Pauline Suaco's explanation about "fashion victim" and she was absolutely right. She said (and I shall paraphrase because I don't remember the exact words) that the fashion victim is not someone like Tessa Valdez, who is a flamboyant dresser. A fashion victim is someone who needs to borrow money from people to be able to afford what's hot or what's the newest thing that would catapult her to IT status (or at least make it seem like she is IT). And as I finished typing my last words to this woman, I felt as if I had sealed the end of my friendship with someone who was once so dear to me. I don't know this woman anymore. And even though she replied with words that basically thanked me for being so brutally honest with her, I could not really believe that this was once a woman that I called a good friend (I've known her for 17 years). So I guess this was really one time that my potty mouth worked for me. Because after that incident, I felt a sea of calm wash over me. I know I have done the right thing. And though I leave this incident with a bruise (that things between that woman and I won't ever be the same), I am not guilty I did what I did.

My husband (who claims he has the gift of foresight *cough cough well I do too haha*) always told me, my emotions will kill me one day. So I shall take his advice. Learn the art of diplomacy, learn to keep my potty mouth shut :D Coz you will never really catch my husband saying anything at all-- he pretty much keeps his emotions to himself *and to me* unless he can't help but comment out loud *which makes him soooo funny*. And you can only imagine what he actually said to me about yesterday's situation :D

Ok enough said already. Hubby and I went to visit my Daddy yesterday (at the cemetery) and I found myself crying. While hubby and I were in San Francisco, I couldn't help but think of how things would've been so different if Daddy were around. I can only imagine how crazy our household would've been with all the kids screaming and throwing tantrums and my Daddy trying to gather them altogether and create calm :D hehehee he would've gone insane :D And if Daddy were alive, he probably would've thought of bought my neighbor's house for all of us to live in (6 rooms!!!) :D We were like a pack of sardines while we were in SF. Come on, 12 people, 4 rooms, Go figure! (but hey, at the end of the day, it was still a whole lot of fun!)

Sigh, yesterday was indeed a day of self-reflection.

Now back to bag business again-- peeps have been asking the size of the Gucci vintage work bag. So I have placed the bag beside the Balenciaga work bag. Doesn't the Balenciaga bag look like it took its inspiration from the vintage Gucci? :D

Anyway, enough talk now, I shall post something more bag- positive tomorrow. :D This post about self-reflection is the only one I shall do, in line with my *cough* New Year's resolution for 2006 :D

BRAG BAG ALERT: PG went to Greenbelt 4 over the weekend and bought THIS! *droool*
Fun fun ciao ciao gals!!