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Sunday, January 01, 2006

HAPPY 2006!!!

It's JANUARY 1, 2006 (well tomorrow when I wake up is when it officially begins for me)!!!

HAPPY 2006, BAG HAGS!! Let's hope we become rich this new year, so that we may be able to buy all the bags we want, and if we get generous enough, give a bag to a friend :)

Just came home from a night full of fun and festivities on the other side of town-- San Francisco (downtown). Oh I failed to mention that I actually live in the boonies-- approximately 45 mins away from the city itself.

BAG HAG'S GUILTY PLEASURE: What greeted me on my doorstep when I got home, was a care package from KO, FedEx'd all the way from New York. This is so embarrassing. I can't believe I am accepting a care package from KO. Girl, THANK YOU and I swear we should meet up soon! Anyway I was soooooo happy when I opened the package. THIS is what was inside!!! I am Sooooo Stoked!!! This is really icing on the cake. KO, You really know me and it scares me! I was already thinking of asking my hubby to get me a brocade clutch and VOILA you go and get me one :) THANK YOU!! I am really blessed :D *beam beam beam* And I soo love the notebook that came along with it! Lookit!! It's the bag hags :D hehee

Ok, that positive aspect of the day aside, let me now share with you an uttery embarrassing and rather insulting incident that transpired this afternoon while I was in Union Square. You see, I ended up finding a pair of my black boots (circa 1994) a few days ago (from one of my shoe boxes!) and decided to wear them with tight jeans today. You know, feeling chic and all *puke, hehe*. Anyway, We had to pass by Macy's Mens to get to Neiman Marcus (there was an outdoor cafe by Macy's Mens) and these gay FILIPINO men gawked at me. As I passed them, one of them said in tagalog "Oh my God, ano ba yang boots na suot ng girl na yan ha, nineteen kopong kopong pa, shyettt" (then he laughs and the other gay friend laughs)" (Trans *not accurate though*: Oh my gawd what are those boots that girl's wearing? That's so oldie made in nineteen whatever, sh*tttt")

*SPITTING FIRE MAJOR BIATCH of 2005 ALERT!!!* Ptttooooey you biatches, so whaaaat!!! *hehe well they ARE old* I don't need to be friggin insulted on New year's Eve if I want to start my friggin New Year right. Besides, what the friggin hell were they wearing anyway?! That gay guy (I swear I should've just walked back and given them hell for insulting me) was not a looker. He looked like the kind of person who would PAY to have some good looking guy sit next to him, because, honey, his other amiga boytoy of a friend aint a looker either. COME ON! SHOVE IT you biatches wannabes (You don't deserve to be even called biatches because... ) hehe *censored!!* My boots may be old (they ARE friggin vintage now hehee), but they don't look ratty! *PTOOOEEY* so what's wrong with wearing old fashioned boots? I'm comfy and that's all that friggin matters :D *I swear, I hope those two farts are reading this blog!* (sigh here I go again, feeling FAMOUS *yuck*)

Ok ok, enough biatching :) hehehe can you tell I was reallly peeved? Come on, give this tired momma a big break!! As if having to bring a screaming toddler with me wasn't enough punishment, I get to be given the friggin sidewalk dress-down and criticism for wearing an old pair of boots (my boots by the way look like equestrienne boots). Hehehe this is the last of my very very biatchy biatching (I promise, I will try not to biatch so much anymore for 2006 hehe). When I wake up tomorrow, that's when 2006 officially begins for me*

Ok as I was saying, we were in Union Square this whole afternoon. I swear I feel as if I have been abusing my Goyard St Louis PM tote-- it's such a perfect diaper bag to use. Case in point, I have been carrying this bag nonstop when I'm with the kids. I stuff the following things into the bag: 1. 5pcs diaper 2. a set of changing clothes 3. a milk bottle 4. a snack container 5. a sippy cup 6. an Infantino carrier 6. a small bottle of alcohol 7. a kiddie hat 8. a pair of gloves/ mittens 9. my own water bottle 10. my own wallet 11. my cellphone 12. my camera 13. my videocamera 14. car keys 15. a pack of tissue 16. a pack of moisture diaper wipes 17. lipgloss 18. pressed powder 19. a thermos cup with my kid's leftover pasta 20. my baby's blanket... I think there's more stuff in the bag, but I can't really remember all of them. All I know is, my husband says the bag is really heavy. His exact words-- "dead weight." So if this bag was able to withstand a week or so's abuse (plus this bag got wet in the rain!) of having to hold so much stuff, then this is THE bag (this will rank pretty high, next to Longchamp.. although Longchamp still wins because it's so much cheaper hehe)

So I went to Neiman Marcus,hoping against hope, that I can still find a Green Patent Gucci hobo (the same style as my blue). Of course who was I kidding, right? December 26-- the post Christmas day sale was insane-- people were literally grabbing bags off each others' hands! I should've just hogged both bags when I wasn't able to decide which one to get then. That way if I let one of the bags go, I'd still have one more. At $766+ 8.5% tax (total $831.11) , the bag's a steal, steal, steal!!Too late, when I went to their bags section today, hehe the only bags left there were a couple of ETRO, LORO PIANA, and a LOT LOT LOT of UGGS *UGH! Bugly bugly alert!!* There was also 1 lone BOTTEGA VENETA orange pouch bag left, as well as a PRADA orange leather multipocket bag (that has one penmark in front, hence the bag being left behind on this so-called Bargain Bin table).

Anyway I didn't stay long in NM because they closed at 5pm today and I was there at 4:30pm *duh*. We were with all the kids. So you can imagine the chaos and all that... I swear I didn't even have the energy to look at the other bags. CC showed me a denim and leather BALENCIAGA Box bag (something about the shiny silver hardware that makes me dislike the bag), as well as a CHLOE Bronze Silverado bag (that same one she "claimed" to have been reserved.. but I guess it didn't sell... HAH, Silverados are almost *or already* over I guess. But then again like I said, I was never into the Silverado in the first place. I missed my own s/a SK. I didn't see her today. I was hoping to greet her a Happy New Year. :D CC was in my opinion, in a sullen mood (maybe because she had to work on New Year's eve... blah :D) I guess I'm always used to being given the A+ treatment *Gloating biatch, feeling VIP again!! AS IF!!!* But then again, I'm reading too much into it (hint hint, hello bag hag, Idle time, idle mind?!)

Anyway, after leaving NM, I walked with my kid to GOYARD (I know, I know, starting 'em young hehe). Alas they were closed. So my kiddo and I ended up spending time at the Plaza where the big Christmas tree was. We just took in the nice holiday weather and air... *sniff, I will miss this weather...* And at around 6pm, we headed into Macy's. And oooh guess what I saw, and without hesitation, got? :D A relatively cheap bag. I say the word cheap because compared to a Marc Jacobs bag, it is cheap! Brand: Liz Claiborne. Style: looks like the Marc J. Sophia multipocket bag, but this bag has Zippered pockets instead of the pushlock ones :) And I am so loving the price I paid for this! $55!! (It was on sale) Can you believe it????!!!

We ended up having dinner at Cheesecake Factory *yummmmmmmy* but we had to wait an HOUR for a table (we were twelve!!). Check out the line anyway! It was utter chaos! We were like sardines in a can! It was really crazy, a sign, tonight was indeed New Year's eve. In all that chaos, I saw a flurry of interesting bags: LV pink vernis lexington pochette, another a Marc Jacobs quilted stella bag, Chloe paddington, Balenciaga first, LV manhattan, Chanel tweed shoulder bag, and dig this, THREE Goyard bags (1 croisiere and 2 st.louis pm)!!! *WOOWOO!!* Eye candy tonight!!

Sigh, Today also marked the day of my Amex receipts turnover to my brother. Boy did his eyebrows reach his hairline when he saw the amounts charged to the card *gulp... I shudder to think what Daddy would think of me now.. hehe soooweeee New Year's resolution will take effect SOON... but not today yet.. hehe*

Ok, I think I've covered just about everything. Hubby and I topped off our mini celebration of New Year by taking a nice walk outside our house. I was able to pass by a street that I haven't actually driven by since the time I left the US for good (post-graduation!). I was amazed at this new house. I Have to take photos of it during the day. Makes me wish I get the chance to win the friggin lottery... Maybe if I become a millionaire, I can afford to own a house like that.. hehehe ahhh.... more wishful thinking for the year 2006!

And what will the New Year bring each one of us? Will our bad bag buying habits spill over to the new year? Gee, what a question... It's like asking if trees have leaves... (well most trees anyway!)

Ok, Night night!!!! :D Enough revelry for the night! Tomorrow I will head back to Union Square, sans the kids :D hehehe...