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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Goyard that I'm lusting for...

Ok, I said I won't be blogging for a few days, but I couldn't resist sharing this photo with you.
While I would not take a second look at a white bag since I can never seem to keep my whites clean, I could not help but admire this Goyard white St. Louis MM. It's just too pretty, with its custom stripes and all.
So I called Goyard. Ahhh there was ONE white St.Louis MM left. Being the hog that I am, I had that reserved. I don't know. Is it for me? Or for anyone of you bag hags out there who also wants it. (Let me know because Goyard has already sold 4 whites and this is the LAST one!). The bag doesn't come with the stripes or the crown (those are all custom-made. Bags need to be sent back to France for that)

I'm gonna make the trip to Goyard within the week, so since I won't be able to check my mails, I suggest just sending me a text through +14152835591. (I just charge a minimal 8% fee for total purchase price as my service fee *wow this bag hag is a personal shopper wannabe, cough cough*)

If you aren't a white bag kinda gal, I also suggest RED, BLUE, ORANGE, and YELLOW :) If you are more conservative with colors, then go with GREEN.