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Friday, January 27, 2006


SHOW ME YOUR BAGS (or your Mom's :)): And that's exactly what JP did, showed me a photo of mommy's lovely bag collection (to be specific, LV collection!) JP dahling, I love that vachetta Alma. And mommy hit it big with the mini boulogne! :D And oh my gawd, you have WAY more LV bags than moi :) I am sooo jealous!!MM, D (friend of IA), JC, JY, KO, and MM of ACity, thank you for those uplifting words about my health. This voice loss has taught me to really shut my piehole :D

By the way this was funny-- I got a call from a segment producer of Rated K (I don't really know the show, though I do know it is produced by my former employer, ABSCBN). I was apparently referred to her by my old friend and former party buddy Tim Y (who has since turned blonde :D *wink*) to be interviewed for a segment on having a 'serious' shoe fetish *gawk, me? shoe fetish? sigh, goes to show I haven't touched base with TY in a long time (baby, my shoe fetish mutated into a bag fetish! But I still don't have as many bags as JP up here!) Anyyyway, I had to decline so graciously to such a flattering invitation (I do not deserve to be interviewed, because I don't have that many pairs of shoes) for two reasons: 1. I have NO voice still and when I start talking, I will cough. And I WILL cough. And 2. Interview was too short-noticed, I already had plans tomorrow and I am not about to change them (I don't want to be called a flake, plus I have a doctor's appointment).

So, TY, thank you so much for thinking of me for the part, and I miss hanging out with you too-- I promise as soon as I get better I will take you out for din-din! (I missed TY's birthday party at Embassy- Eurostar because of my bronchitis). And speaking of Eurostar, has anyone been there? Do share your experience and rate the place. Til when is it open, how much, etc? I'm sooo curious!! Text me at 0916-7580857.

Ok, have you ever had a bag/ accessory you didn't really like at first, and when you finally decide you want, it's no longer available? Well I do. My frustration is the LV vernis greene (in either fuchsia *yup, pink again?*, lavande, peppermint, or purple *the one I'd realllly want to have*). Why, oh why did LV have to discontinue this style remains a mystery to me. And must I resort to ebay to actually get one?! :( And not even in a color that I like? *double pout* Can anyone, anyone out there, who has a greene, tell me how useful it is? I need to feel better please (I do know for sure that preggy hotmama FS has one *luckkky hag!!*) And how much was this greene selling for in the past? A purple vernis of this one would be sooo nice... I can think of one bag I can let go of for this one.. *hehehe enough bag sacrifices. I should just be thankful this is no longer available, or my credit card will be challenged again!!*

By the way, while we remain on topic about discontinued Louis Vuitton bags/ accessories, if anyone out there reading this blog (apart from the faithful bag hags) is interested in a Cherry Blossom red on cream bag, let me know. I might know someone who is half- planning to part with hers (she won't sell it cheap though is what I'm sure of).

I gotta get sleep. I need sleep. I'm back on that different timezone again and for fear of upsetting my system any further, I shall try to re-normalize over the weekend. Chinese New Year's resolution time :D

Til tomorrow then! JP thank you for the cool photos!! Hags, geez don't make me feel like only one or two of you are reading my blog! I want photos of your bag collections! Get to it! Tut- tut!!