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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bags and Jewelry-- Can't Stop Talking!

My day was not entirely wasted (as it normally would be). I woke up later than usual because well, I slept at the time my husband woke up. *hence him saying we live in different time zones :D*

I had a pretty unremarkable day except for the sporadic cough and constant parching of my throat. Oh but short of saying my day was really unremarkable (my day was otherwise unremarkable because I did not see a bag on the internet that made my knees turn into putty), it was Very productive. friend Di was able to come visit me at the last minute. I swear this woman's creative juices just flow out like waterfalls. I don't honestly know how she can make a design evolve further, and yet she came through with even better pieces!

Something like Bulgari: I can tell you now, I love the pieces that Bulgari makes. And in fact, the very reason why I love the DiVa bangles is because it evokes that Bulgari look without the price! Hey I may not have the coffers that provide Royalty like Denmark's Princess Mary the gems that only a girl could dream of *lust lust lust.. gaudy as those jewels may look when worn altogether, I still want want want them!!!!* I tell you, ladies, we all DESERVE to feel like princesses. And this is where my friend Di comes right in.

Since I've been notoriously texted by the fans of the DiVa bracelets if Di will come out with a necklace, Di has finally made one. And oh please, tell me if this necklace doesn't ever so slightly remind you of a Bulgari piece. It has that same bling bling element, married with real Austrian crystals (in lieu of Bulgari's bar diamonds and semi precious stones). What's sooo good about this necklace is, it's sooo much cheaper than fine designe jewelry, AND it has a detachable pendant drop that you can actually use to string into a single thin-chained gold necklace! I'd wear the necklace sans the drop with a simple white tee. It's so no frills, and pearls just light up your face. And all that bling! I think it's a true versatile piece in that I can actually just attach the pearl drop to complete the look for a formal event. It's one of those day-to-night necklaces. (P.S. pardon my ugly neck) The piece is being sold for Php 5,000 (gold balls are all 10K-- but don't be a smartass and dip them in water, it is still categorized as fashion and not fine jewelry) and *woohooo* dear hubby paid for mine (lucky me he came home and Di was still around. So I showed him this on my necklace and looked at him with those begging puppy eyes *choke*). According to him, it's his Valentine's Day pressie for me since he is already so dead broke after my LV Baggy PM *hehehe ok it ain't a bag, but hey, at least I LOVE it!* Boy I sorta became her town crier, but hey if she didn't produce beautiful pieces, I can tell you now, I ain't doing this for her :P *raspberry*) By the way, Di also made a bigger pearl version of the DiVa bangle (holy smokes its a Mama DiVa bangle-- check out the difference! Supersized DiVa!! and nice charms) and this can be worn single (as opposed to the trio DiVa). I personally think it would look too overwhelming to wear three Mama DiVas. Anyway the Mama DiVa costs Php 2,500 each.

Ok enough jewelry talk. Two things that get me real going and gabbing are bags and jewelry. Can't help it :D

So onto bags now:
I was at one point last year, searching high and low for a Chloe Loaf bag. It's similar to a Paddington, but it's more boxy and supposedly slightly lighter. Well now that I no longer am looking for one since I am contented with my indigo paddy, I finally get to see a loaf bag! Sheesh. :D But thank goodness I have no desire in my heart to get it hehehe...

I saw new Marc Jacobs bags and I have to say, either he patterns the bags he design for LV after his own collection, or he does it the other way around. I mentioned previously that LV will come out with the perforated monogram collection, which will include a Speedy 30. This is Marc Jacobs' version of the Speedy. It's called a Brigitte at $1295.
Oh and this is the bag I originally said would make a good summer must-have. (I posted this same style in dark denim) It's made of washed denim with white stitching. The chains might make this bag a tad heavy, but hey, if you have carried a Paddington, this is nothing already. Priced at $995 (not bad!) (Reminds me a bit of the Baggy PM too!)

Oh and guess what, for the longest time, I have been resisting getting the Fendi Spy. I guess also it's because I was never too hot about the colors Fendi produced. But hey, THIS bag which just came out, certainly caught my eye!! (It's white!!! and I will forgive those bumpy handles!!)
I'll leave this as the last image for the night. And I guess I will dream about it... and hope it goes away like a bad dream :D *hehehe*

WooHoo: CB who decided against baghag's advice (of getting an LV epi alma in myrtille) and bought the LV baggy PM instead has certainly done good. I love the baggy and you will too. Congratulations girl! What a way to say goodbye to the Year of the Rooster :D

KUNG HEI FAT CHOI hags! I shall herald in the new Chinese year with some bubbly and who knows, a new bag :D My horoscope said this year of the dog will be good for me. I sure had a rough 2005 and have no qualms about saying the final goodbye to that!

Have a good weekend!!! Will post on Monday :D Text me (coz I still have NO voice!) 0916758-0857