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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Today I woke up with good news and I was beginning to think being sick wasn't THAT bad, as long as there's something good that comes out of it (yeah, cough like a dog, squeak like a mouse, and it's ok since something good happened? Come on, who was I kidding, IT IS BAD and NO, It AIN'T OK!!) Anyway let me let loose:

1. Motorola finally emailed me the subsidy unlock pin while the Tmobile bafoons continued to point their fingers at Motorola, faulting them for not sending the unlock pin to Tmobile. Motorola replied to me and said, there was NEVER a subsidy unlock pin request for my IMEI (phone ID) from Tmobile. Moto didn't even ask me to fax over a bunch of receipts that prove ownership of the phone! Tmobile was asking for all that. And I keep getting stupid SYSTEM GENERATED EMAILS apologizing!!! Ok. Have I done enough damage to Tmobile? No this ain't libel. THIS WAS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! Imagine that! It took them TWO WEEKS to get me to REPEAT over and over again my personal info and phone IMEI and to date, NO REPLY. All it took for Motorola was five days! Now why didn't I just think of doing that? Because Tmobile said they do it within 24 hours of request! Now you know, We Filipinos are not the only ones on "Filipino" time. Apparently this American company has adopted our Filipino time too-- and gave it a baaaad name. How's 20 days for late?! *grumble*

Anyway it's all water under the bridge, I got to use my Motorola Razr Pink FINALLY!

2. Despite my condition, my lung xray showed: nothing. It's clear! So at least we all know I have no permanent damage to my breathing organs (Thank God! I promise to live a healthier life!)

3. Ok Ok, this is BAD. Even my partner in baghogging-crime MBS (yes girl, YOU!) didn't know I ended up paying a small visit to our fave bag mecca... hehehe... and can you imagine I actually used sign language to buy another bag? I felt like a Japanese tourist :D *so kick my bootie for buying a new bag... well I think I deserve some shallow-kinda happiness... hehehe... well the credit card gods are gonna be kind to me when they see this bag!!I know, I know. I promised. I know. *bawl* Can't you guys just make me smile a bit? Having no voice is just PURE TORTURE for someone who was given the gift of gab!! When I met up with MBS, I was practically croaking (I'm half sure the woman pitied me already. Thanks for your pity girl! :D)

CL greeted me this morning with the same remorseful message... Sigh, don't you guys feel like I buried my voice? *bawl* Ok a little more sacrifice and I shall get it back. Full form babies! Full form!!

Anyway enough craptalk. So are YOU a Swinger? :D

I'm not ashamed to say it, I am a swinger-- a bag swinger of course!! Today was my LV denim Baggy PM day, at least til the rain just poured hard. I swung from one brand to another in ONE day :D You see, apart from the rain today, I was also inspired by my friend's CHLOE Paddington which she has not even used yet!! It's that most wanted Beige with pink undertoned Paddington. This bag was so hard to get anywhere, I couldn't even get one at Neiman! (I was only able to get the Beiges but not this pinkish one), and now, right before my eyes, is the VERY same pink that was such a "get" (in journalism terms).

So I toted my own Indigo paddington, after toting this pinky one for posterity. :D Very vintagey look too. I am still convincing my friend to sell it. Because she had wanted to let her whiskey paddington go in exhange for this one :D *hehehe usual self serving interest!*

I tell you about the Paddington though, if you don't think you can hack carrying a heavy bag, then you can leave the padlock at home. Because that's what I do when I tote my indigo paddy :D People don't really have to know you are carrying a paddington, right? As long as you know it is one, that's really good enough.

Quite frankly the reason why we are such bag swingers is because we just want to be able to bask in the comfort of knowing that we can get such a highly covetable bag. And once we get it, it doesn't necessarily see the light of day and just stays in the comforts of our very humid closets. And that's the very reason people like me exist in the baglife as Tresor. Think of it, our bag closets would take over our children's rooms if Tresor (or other respectable resellers) didn't exist, and before you know it, your kids would be sleeping in your ratty couch (because you squandered off the new-couch-fund) *cough cough I felt sorta guilty there. hehe*

Anyway speaking of couch money, I have set aside enough money for a full length mirror (the couch will have to take a back seat). No you peeps, it ain't for Me, it's for TRESOR!!! People have been complaining coz I don't have a full length mirror. Worry no longer, I shan't squander thy full-length mirror fund :D

Ok time for me to sleep. I took a better shot of the DiVa bangles because of numerous emails asking me to do so (sorry it took this long). My friend Di wishes to thank all those who supported her by wearing her bangles. I love em I love em, and I just hope Di can make more styles :D Go girl! And I am also on the way to converting this girl into a swinger :D

P.S. I just had to mention that while I was blogging, I was chatting up a storm with KO. We shared horror stories (hehehe wink) and it was such a fun "bashing about something or someone" night :D So again, if there was some break in my writing that you don't understand, it's because I got distracted. KO is wayy too funny and I swear this woman just has too many things in common with me. *double wink!*

P.P.S. I committed a kiddie crime today by swiping my kid's Megasketcher thingie so I now walk around the house with that--I call it my PALM :D It's one huge hi-tech blackboard :D *and I betcha my househelp can't help but laugh behind my back hehehe... Even they whisper when they talk to me! Hehehe my laryngitis is THAT catchy eh?*