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Thursday, January 19, 2006

B Fendi Bags have Arrived!

Lookie what I got meself at zee Vuitton shop!

In exchange for my oh-so-nice sandals (that really hurt my feet, much to my dismay), I ended up with a NEW monogram Speedy 30! I still have a credit memo with them, and I hope I won't have to like the Multicolore Petit Noe. OR else. (uh Oh).
Yes. See what I told you about the Pandora's Bag? (sigh I loooove new cowhide) Warning warning, I just opened the floodgates (OH please I hope not). Anyway, the only Speedy I have was my mom's really vintage old smelly Speedy :D Don't get me wrong, it's a bag that I should actually keep (though I had toyed with the idea of selling it, heaven forbid). But that bag is also in dire need of permanent retirement. So after purchasing this new baby, I am finally retiring her.

*Sigh I guess I am living up to that name "high maintenance" again, as once said by someone (and probably a few of you hahaha)* I can't argue there. I love the finer things in life. But at least I didn't have to steal or borrow money to be able to buy what I want. Like most of the bag-loving hags, I work. And I sell one of my own bags when I bring in a new one. So the next few days will really be all about my decision as to which bag will leave my closet community.

BAG ALERT!!: I just got an email from www.eluxury.com!!! The B Fendi Bag is NOW available there!! *WOOOOHOOOOO*!!!
B. Fendi Soft Leather Bag- $1540; 13" x 8.5" 3.25"
B. Fendi All-Patent Leather Bag- $1360; same size as the one above.
B. Fendi Soft Leather Large Bag- $2150; 18" (at base) x 14" (at top) x 11.5" x 5"; Chain strapsB. Fendi All- Patent Large Bag- $2000; same size as the one above; Chain straps

Ahh more bags to look at and dream of. Figure it out hags. Is this THE bag for you? I like it too but am hoping to see the more vibrant color like primary blue, in medium size with chain straps. Then I can decide. Ok, Gotta find a job. Dear JE: thanks for the heads up on an opening in your company :D I fear I am not qualified!!

Nite and sweet dreams!!!