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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Phone bag+ a wish for my dear friend

KUNG HEI FAT CHOY! Welcome year of the Dog! (Mantra: It shall be a good year for this bag hag!!)

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was so dead tired I couldn't get my eyes wide open enough to type without every other word ending in misspelled mumbo jumbo.

I went for my check-up today and my doc says, I'm 80% well. I was like, eh?? Ok, so I am not 100% well yet? Which only means one thing. Now that both my kids are sick (again), there is a HIGH likelihood I will get what they have-- AGAIN. So much for kissing my bad year good bye!

Speaking of Chinese New Year-- I spent mine at Tagaytay with la famille of dear hubby (DH). Thought I would find myself bored to tears in bum-fruck-Egypt, but strange enough I actually had a good time. I did absolutely no damage to my credit card, and even had some time to bag-soul search (if ever there is even such a thing).

Bag- soul- search: In other words, feel guilty about your latest bag purchase OR justify (albeit failingly) your expensive purchase. In my case, I did both. Remember this is just the tail end of January 2006 and I have already paid more than enough of my share for being in the LV circle *cough cough here we go again, Feeling VIP in LV wherein I don't even contribute to .001% of their monthly sales value/volume*. I had bought the Monogram Speedy 30 AND the Framboise Vernis Reade PM. Both are really good choices, as I would stand by the purchases. However, with the Perforated Monogram Speedy in Fuchsia lining coming up, wouldn't I have been better off buying just that ONE bag (which had elements of Both-- speedy AND the bright pink color)? I have until this weekend to decide, in which case, I shall return both again and perhaps be subjected to a tongue lashing by Abby :D I am actually leaning towards returning the reade pm... I do love the color but the bag is so small... But anyway either way I am getting a head scratch from Abby *Why do you want to return it, why, why why?* And I'll tell you why. Because bag hags who love bags too much are so impulsive more than half the time and suffer from SEVERE cases of buyer's remorse. ALL TOO OFTEN (and don't you deny it!!)

Fendi Spy phenomenon (at least for me): So I told you about Bloomingdale's Spy bag on their floor. Well I am waiting on the time to call them up to beg for a white bag (I'm sure THAT won't ever make it to the floor like this one did). Oh dear Miss Sales Associate: I take back every single unkind word I said about the Spy bag. It was after all just the color I hated *snicker* If you are getting a Spy bag, might as well get either a holographic Spy in bronze OR the white! Can't really talk me into getting a teal or honey colored Spy. So that's that. *double sigh... that white Spy is just too much for me to take... I hafta have it! Question is, where do I get the money for that?!*

Since that purchase is not to materialize anytime soon (or anytime AT ALL unless by some odd Divine intervention that a chunk of cash falls on my lap), I can just return my two LV bags and wait for the perforated monogram :D.. OR return the reade PM in framboise, keep the regular monogram speedy... Both are still unused anyway. (remember my crap habit of NOT using new bags? Well I haven't really kicked that habit out of me yet).

I swear when I get a wind of cash that falls onto my lap, I am out to get me a nice Oscar Dela Renta cocktail dress (something like this that's worth well over $6000). Where will I wear it? Oh I don't know, I've never been much the type of person to dress for other people. It will probably just see the light of day within my closet, among other clothes and shoes unworn in public (how's that!) Who says no one will appreciate expensive clothes? Your other clothes and bags can stare at the dress in envy :D

I got to talking with this lady with a cute name SL. From someone who runs around in the Chinoise circle, she always thought I was a party girl-- and this is why the *cough cough* oh-so-"sociable" ladies (like matronix Queenie or lactobacillus woman Libby) in that circle do-sooo- knowingly-declare that I am some high profile vulgarity that gives the race a bad name (in fact those very same people don't even know me personally-- geez what a judgemental society. I wish it was a litigious society too-- I'd be so rich now with all those lawsuits I'd pile up on those slanderous biatches *party girl eh? vulgar eh? ok I'm suing you! slap slap! Pay my Neiman Marcus bill, biatch!* And my allies-at-law CL and PA would get rich and buy more bags too-- what with all the suits we'd be winning and collecting damages from *oh this is far too hilarious and biatchy!!*).

Joking aside, what people really fail to think is, I really DREAD dressing up for parties. I always think I end up like a walking fashion victim, waiting to be reported to the polizia. I may be bubbly and all, have this "supposed" spunk, but in reality, I really just wanna crawl under a rock and watch all the beautiful people from under that rock. I would be so happy in a Php 350 shirt. Really.

But I'd be carrying THIS bag. HAH! :D Ok time to crawl under the rock again. Too much exposure can be bad :D *snicker*

Oh Oh Hags Hags, I have to ask if you gals would be interested in the mobile phone case that I had earlier shown you all for my Moto razr (although my case has since gone to a dear friend and hot mama FS). Anyway I plan to get more of these (price is dependent on how many I get, but I got this back in the US for almost $15 *with CA tax*) Anyway, the pouch is designed by a Japanese and it's as designer as you can get in "bagging" your phone :D (yup, believe it or not, this phone bag is actually considered "designer" and was seen on celebs like Sandra Bullock, & Courtney Cox. They strap these lil thangs onto their jeans!)

Sad sad news: I just recently heard from one of my old friends that our dear friend A. Brown (he is a correspondent/reporter for CNN) has been taken ill at a hospital in the UK after having been operated on a tumor found at the base of his spine. Brownie is a very good friend of mine, I met him during my brief, short-lived career in Hong Kong as a freelance associate producer for a news network. Brownie and I hit it right off. He is the funniest guy, and is sooooo nice. He came to my wedding with DH despite the HUGE storm in HK that day AND the Cathay Pacific Airways pilot strike!! His last visit to Manila was just last August (and we were even talking about freelance and joking wildly about me working again since I was already without a job). We email regularly and all of a sudden he stopped replying to my emails. It was two days ago that I found out about his condition, because the friends I sent my forwarded mails to (my kids' photos) replied en masse and was asking if anyone knew about B's condition. I was just far too shocked for words. My old pals from BBC and CNN were also up in arms, trying to figure out where he is right now (Apparently his family didn't want people to contact them ... perhaps he asked for privacy... I don't know... but it's so frustrating). Imagine the very people who can track down almost anyone powerful, having a hard time getting to an old friend and colleague. Anyway another friend managed to track down where Brownie is confined, and we are all sending notes to him now. The reason for my posting this here is this: I ask you to please, please pray for him. He suffered a blood clot post operation and somehow lost feeling in his arms and legs (and no one knows if this is permanent). I don't ask much from bag hags (apart from prayers for little Gabbie), but now again I ask for your prayers for my friend. He means a lot to me and my husband. He is a good friend, a mentor, and a comrade.

What a sad way to end this post... Anyway I hope tomorrow will be a better day for him. This situation really makes you wonder about life. Life is really too short for enemies (so I take back what I just said about those litigations about the slanderous people-- I can be biatchy but I am also forgiving for these evil people know not what they say *wink*). Bottom line really, make yourself happy. Be with the ones you love. Never neglect them. Spend as much time with them as you can.

Thank you bag hags. Today is also one day that I am grateful to those of you who continue to read my continuous ramblings about nothing. These last few paragraphs actually come straight from my heart and I truly appreciate if you include my friend Brownie in your prayers...

Forget the bags, the accessories. My one wish this Chinese New Year is just for my friend to get better and be out of peril...

Good night! *So sorry if I depressed you hags :((* I promise bag review day tomorrow!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bags and Jewelry-- Can't Stop Talking!

My day was not entirely wasted (as it normally would be). I woke up later than usual because well, I slept at the time my husband woke up. *hence him saying we live in different time zones :D*

I had a pretty unremarkable day except for the sporadic cough and constant parching of my throat. Oh but short of saying my day was really unremarkable (my day was otherwise unremarkable because I did not see a bag on the internet that made my knees turn into putty), it was Very productive. friend Di was able to come visit me at the last minute. I swear this woman's creative juices just flow out like waterfalls. I don't honestly know how she can make a design evolve further, and yet she came through with even better pieces!

Something like Bulgari: I can tell you now, I love the pieces that Bulgari makes. And in fact, the very reason why I love the DiVa bangles is because it evokes that Bulgari look without the price! Hey I may not have the coffers that provide Royalty like Denmark's Princess Mary the gems that only a girl could dream of *lust lust lust.. gaudy as those jewels may look when worn altogether, I still want want want them!!!!* I tell you, ladies, we all DESERVE to feel like princesses. And this is where my friend Di comes right in.

Since I've been notoriously texted by the fans of the DiVa bracelets if Di will come out with a necklace, Di has finally made one. And oh please, tell me if this necklace doesn't ever so slightly remind you of a Bulgari piece. It has that same bling bling element, married with real Austrian crystals (in lieu of Bulgari's bar diamonds and semi precious stones). What's sooo good about this necklace is, it's sooo much cheaper than fine designe jewelry, AND it has a detachable pendant drop that you can actually use to string into a single thin-chained gold necklace! I'd wear the necklace sans the drop with a simple white tee. It's so no frills, and pearls just light up your face. And all that bling! I think it's a true versatile piece in that I can actually just attach the pearl drop to complete the look for a formal event. It's one of those day-to-night necklaces. (P.S. pardon my ugly neck) The piece is being sold for Php 5,000 (gold balls are all 10K-- but don't be a smartass and dip them in water, it is still categorized as fashion and not fine jewelry) and *woohooo* dear hubby paid for mine (lucky me he came home and Di was still around. So I showed him this on my necklace and looked at him with those begging puppy eyes *choke*). According to him, it's his Valentine's Day pressie for me since he is already so dead broke after my LV Baggy PM *hehehe ok it ain't a bag, but hey, at least I LOVE it!* Boy I sorta became her town crier, but hey if she didn't produce beautiful pieces, I can tell you now, I ain't doing this for her :P *raspberry*) By the way, Di also made a bigger pearl version of the DiVa bangle (holy smokes its a Mama DiVa bangle-- check out the difference! Supersized DiVa!! and nice charms) and this can be worn single (as opposed to the trio DiVa). I personally think it would look too overwhelming to wear three Mama DiVas. Anyway the Mama DiVa costs Php 2,500 each.

Ok enough jewelry talk. Two things that get me real going and gabbing are bags and jewelry. Can't help it :D

So onto bags now:
I was at one point last year, searching high and low for a Chloe Loaf bag. It's similar to a Paddington, but it's more boxy and supposedly slightly lighter. Well now that I no longer am looking for one since I am contented with my indigo paddy, I finally get to see a loaf bag! Sheesh. :D But thank goodness I have no desire in my heart to get it hehehe...

I saw new Marc Jacobs bags and I have to say, either he patterns the bags he design for LV after his own collection, or he does it the other way around. I mentioned previously that LV will come out with the perforated monogram collection, which will include a Speedy 30. This is Marc Jacobs' version of the Speedy. It's called a Brigitte at $1295.
Oh and this is the bag I originally said would make a good summer must-have. (I posted this same style in dark denim) It's made of washed denim with white stitching. The chains might make this bag a tad heavy, but hey, if you have carried a Paddington, this is nothing already. Priced at $995 (not bad!) (Reminds me a bit of the Baggy PM too!)

Oh and guess what, for the longest time, I have been resisting getting the Fendi Spy. I guess also it's because I was never too hot about the colors Fendi produced. But hey, THIS bag which just came out, certainly caught my eye!! (It's white!!! and I will forgive those bumpy handles!!)
I'll leave this as the last image for the night. And I guess I will dream about it... and hope it goes away like a bad dream :D *hehehe*

WooHoo: CB who decided against baghag's advice (of getting an LV epi alma in myrtille) and bought the LV baggy PM instead has certainly done good. I love the baggy and you will too. Congratulations girl! What a way to say goodbye to the Year of the Rooster :D

KUNG HEI FAT CHOI hags! I shall herald in the new Chinese year with some bubbly and who knows, a new bag :D My horoscope said this year of the dog will be good for me. I sure had a rough 2005 and have no qualms about saying the final goodbye to that!

Have a good weekend!!! Will post on Monday :D Text me (coz I still have NO voice!) 0916758-0857

Friday, January 27, 2006


SHOW ME YOUR BAGS (or your Mom's :)): And that's exactly what JP did, showed me a photo of mommy's lovely bag collection (to be specific, LV collection!) JP dahling, I love that vachetta Alma. And mommy hit it big with the mini boulogne! :D And oh my gawd, you have WAY more LV bags than moi :) I am sooo jealous!!MM, D (friend of IA), JC, JY, KO, and MM of ACity, thank you for those uplifting words about my health. This voice loss has taught me to really shut my piehole :D

By the way this was funny-- I got a call from a segment producer of Rated K (I don't really know the show, though I do know it is produced by my former employer, ABSCBN). I was apparently referred to her by my old friend and former party buddy Tim Y (who has since turned blonde :D *wink*) to be interviewed for a segment on having a 'serious' shoe fetish *gawk, me? shoe fetish? sigh, goes to show I haven't touched base with TY in a long time (baby, my shoe fetish mutated into a bag fetish! But I still don't have as many bags as JP up here!) Anyyyway, I had to decline so graciously to such a flattering invitation (I do not deserve to be interviewed, because I don't have that many pairs of shoes) for two reasons: 1. I have NO voice still and when I start talking, I will cough. And I WILL cough. And 2. Interview was too short-noticed, I already had plans tomorrow and I am not about to change them (I don't want to be called a flake, plus I have a doctor's appointment).

So, TY, thank you so much for thinking of me for the part, and I miss hanging out with you too-- I promise as soon as I get better I will take you out for din-din! (I missed TY's birthday party at Embassy- Eurostar because of my bronchitis). And speaking of Eurostar, has anyone been there? Do share your experience and rate the place. Til when is it open, how much, etc? I'm sooo curious!! Text me at 0916-7580857.

Ok, have you ever had a bag/ accessory you didn't really like at first, and when you finally decide you want, it's no longer available? Well I do. My frustration is the LV vernis greene (in either fuchsia *yup, pink again?*, lavande, peppermint, or purple *the one I'd realllly want to have*). Why, oh why did LV have to discontinue this style remains a mystery to me. And must I resort to ebay to actually get one?! :( And not even in a color that I like? *double pout* Can anyone, anyone out there, who has a greene, tell me how useful it is? I need to feel better please (I do know for sure that preggy hotmama FS has one *luckkky hag!!*) And how much was this greene selling for in the past? A purple vernis of this one would be sooo nice... I can think of one bag I can let go of for this one.. *hehehe enough bag sacrifices. I should just be thankful this is no longer available, or my credit card will be challenged again!!*

By the way, while we remain on topic about discontinued Louis Vuitton bags/ accessories, if anyone out there reading this blog (apart from the faithful bag hags) is interested in a Cherry Blossom red on cream bag, let me know. I might know someone who is half- planning to part with hers (she won't sell it cheap though is what I'm sure of).

I gotta get sleep. I need sleep. I'm back on that different timezone again and for fear of upsetting my system any further, I shall try to re-normalize over the weekend. Chinese New Year's resolution time :D

Til tomorrow then! JP thank you for the cool photos!! Hags, geez don't make me feel like only one or two of you are reading my blog! I want photos of your bag collections! Get to it! Tut- tut!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Royal Wishlist and Marriage Tips?!

I just HAD to post this photo. I love babies and this little guy is no exception. He is Prince Christian Valdemor Henri John , future King of Denmark-- firstborn son of Princess Mary and Prince Frederik. He was christened 4 days ago. Sigh this baby is sooooo cute!! And it helps that he has a pretty mom (they look alike!) (Although I don't approve of her outfit. Her aigrette is catchy though.. but not with that outfit)

You know, I've always wondered what it would be like to be a princess (married, not by birth-- or I'd end up stodgy like the Brit royals hehehe). *cough cough gold digger alert!* well actually, you can't call a princess by marriage a gold digger. Because unbeknownst to many, princesses don't really have a bottomless pit of money that they can call their own (unless of course you are Princess Marie Chantal of Greece-- who is an heiress to the Duty Free fortune. Her husband is the royal with the title without the country. Perfect match, a title with money :D ). And we may all think their lives are a bed of roses, but they work too (Royals WITH countries that is)-- imagine having to wake up everyday at 5:00 am to be made up already because you have to attend a breakfast ribbon cutting event, and geez you can't even pick your nose in public! Heaven forbid that picture would make it to National Enquirer *hehe eww*. Sigh, can't have 'em all. But they sure have the tiaras and the jewelries (although again, they belong to the "Firm" as the late Princess Diana used to call them).

I have a confession to make (My Goodness, one confession to another in just a few days!): I am a Royalista. I love royal watching. It's my guilty pleasure. That, and surfshopping. My husband always teased me about my being a Royalista, and he would always ask me if I had ever dreamt of marrying a Prince. And of course I answer (deadpan), Well I married you, didn't I, lilleprinsen? :D *hehehe cheeeesy* So sometimes he would call me Princess (other times he would just call me Pomme Frites *French for french fries hehehe*).

So let's do role play here. If I were a princess (married to a rich prince-- note there are poor princes too), I would be adding WooHoo expensive clothes (i.e. a $5K Chanel tweed jacket, a $6k Oscar dela Renta cocktail dress...) to my wardrobe (barring of course spending scrutiny I would get from my stodgy inlaws *snicker*), and loads of bags (i.e. Hermes bleu roi *royal blue- how perfect for a royal!*croc birkin with diamonds, a regular Hermes birkin for daily use (my "meets and greets"), and LOADS of Monogrammed with Royal Coat of Arms Goyard Trunks!!!!) to my Bag ROOM (not closet!) I'd be that same baghag, only 200 times more pretentious and vulgar to an extreme degree!! AND Proud, and Biatchin!!! *muwahaha I'm SO full of it!* Oh my Gosh I would be able to buy that Lime 32cm Hermes Kelly! (This bag is my frustration. No matter how long I wait for another one at Hermes, this is the ONE color that they CANNOT get for me. *Well I didn't order one* I got offered but don't want the vert anis, chartreuse. I want this vert-cru!! I saw the bag, I held the bag, I loved it, but alas it was already spoken for.)
Wait wait, if I were a princess, I would never really be able to enjoy wearing my $7 ratty jeans or my old sweats. Hmm... but then again, I get to wear a tiara and lotsa blingblings! (even if it means I'll look overdecorated and not pull off the look that Princess Mary tried pulling off here -- but hey, she looked like a Million bucks right?)Anyway I better kill this train of thought. I'm beginning to sound like I've had a zillion milligrams of antibiotics in my system for me to spew out insanely impossible "buys" if I became a princess *muwahahaha* But hey we can always dream (about the things Princesses can buy, not about being married to a Prince. I don't think I'd be able to hack Royal duties-- I can't even wake up on certain days to send my child off to school! *ok I'm a negligent mother. I said it* I just want the jewels and the expense account, that's all! *selfish biatch!!!*)

*Money hungry blood sucker alert*: Aww come on, you can't really marry a good looking guy and expect his good looks to feed you (unless you married Brad Pitt). *ENOUGH!* Having worked in the weddings industry for over 4 years led me to the conclusion that women should not be blinded into thinking it's love because the guy comes from a wealthy family (imagine if you married an heir-to-a-vast fortune who also happened to have a bellpepper for a brain...I digress!) I can tell you sob stories upon sob stories of women who were "fooled" into thinking they were marrying into a good life (cross legs-no work-plenty pay like TaiTai kinda good life). You placed your life on Double Jeopardy and Lost- TWO FOLD! So, marry a guy you love because you guys are great together (you are each other's best friend), not because your merged bank accounts would look great together. *I'm sure I'm hitting a few chords here-- I know a woman who "stole" the man (whom she thought was her ticket to financial freedom) she married from another woman. I can tell you this-- she ain't having a good life now. Just cause you thought you found a guy who can buy all the bags you want (when you were not yet married), doesn't mean he WILL continue to buy all the bags you want AFTER you are married (although some get lucky!) :D

You know what, I'm on an adrenalin high and I don't know why. Probably from that hot cuppa tea... I better go offline. I'm getting far too many crazy ideas already.. Royals, unlimited funds for new expensive "get" bags... sigh... I need sleep. That's what I need!

P.S. Day #3 already and STILL NO VOICE. *gulp* Am I being punished? *double gulp*

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Today I woke up with good news and I was beginning to think being sick wasn't THAT bad, as long as there's something good that comes out of it (yeah, cough like a dog, squeak like a mouse, and it's ok since something good happened? Come on, who was I kidding, IT IS BAD and NO, It AIN'T OK!!) Anyway let me let loose:

1. Motorola finally emailed me the subsidy unlock pin while the Tmobile bafoons continued to point their fingers at Motorola, faulting them for not sending the unlock pin to Tmobile. Motorola replied to me and said, there was NEVER a subsidy unlock pin request for my IMEI (phone ID) from Tmobile. Moto didn't even ask me to fax over a bunch of receipts that prove ownership of the phone! Tmobile was asking for all that. And I keep getting stupid SYSTEM GENERATED EMAILS apologizing!!! Ok. Have I done enough damage to Tmobile? No this ain't libel. THIS WAS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! Imagine that! It took them TWO WEEKS to get me to REPEAT over and over again my personal info and phone IMEI and to date, NO REPLY. All it took for Motorola was five days! Now why didn't I just think of doing that? Because Tmobile said they do it within 24 hours of request! Now you know, We Filipinos are not the only ones on "Filipino" time. Apparently this American company has adopted our Filipino time too-- and gave it a baaaad name. How's 20 days for late?! *grumble*

Anyway it's all water under the bridge, I got to use my Motorola Razr Pink FINALLY!

2. Despite my condition, my lung xray showed: nothing. It's clear! So at least we all know I have no permanent damage to my breathing organs (Thank God! I promise to live a healthier life!)

3. Ok Ok, this is BAD. Even my partner in baghogging-crime MBS (yes girl, YOU!) didn't know I ended up paying a small visit to our fave bag mecca... hehehe... and can you imagine I actually used sign language to buy another bag? I felt like a Japanese tourist :D *so kick my bootie for buying a new bag... well I think I deserve some shallow-kinda happiness... hehehe... well the credit card gods are gonna be kind to me when they see this bag!!I know, I know. I promised. I know. *bawl* Can't you guys just make me smile a bit? Having no voice is just PURE TORTURE for someone who was given the gift of gab!! When I met up with MBS, I was practically croaking (I'm half sure the woman pitied me already. Thanks for your pity girl! :D)

CL greeted me this morning with the same remorseful message... Sigh, don't you guys feel like I buried my voice? *bawl* Ok a little more sacrifice and I shall get it back. Full form babies! Full form!!

Anyway enough craptalk. So are YOU a Swinger? :D

I'm not ashamed to say it, I am a swinger-- a bag swinger of course!! Today was my LV denim Baggy PM day, at least til the rain just poured hard. I swung from one brand to another in ONE day :D You see, apart from the rain today, I was also inspired by my friend's CHLOE Paddington which she has not even used yet!! It's that most wanted Beige with pink undertoned Paddington. This bag was so hard to get anywhere, I couldn't even get one at Neiman! (I was only able to get the Beiges but not this pinkish one), and now, right before my eyes, is the VERY same pink that was such a "get" (in journalism terms).

So I toted my own Indigo paddington, after toting this pinky one for posterity. :D Very vintagey look too. I am still convincing my friend to sell it. Because she had wanted to let her whiskey paddington go in exhange for this one :D *hehehe usual self serving interest!*

I tell you about the Paddington though, if you don't think you can hack carrying a heavy bag, then you can leave the padlock at home. Because that's what I do when I tote my indigo paddy :D People don't really have to know you are carrying a paddington, right? As long as you know it is one, that's really good enough.

Quite frankly the reason why we are such bag swingers is because we just want to be able to bask in the comfort of knowing that we can get such a highly covetable bag. And once we get it, it doesn't necessarily see the light of day and just stays in the comforts of our very humid closets. And that's the very reason people like me exist in the baglife as Tresor. Think of it, our bag closets would take over our children's rooms if Tresor (or other respectable resellers) didn't exist, and before you know it, your kids would be sleeping in your ratty couch (because you squandered off the new-couch-fund) *cough cough I felt sorta guilty there. hehe*

Anyway speaking of couch money, I have set aside enough money for a full length mirror (the couch will have to take a back seat). No you peeps, it ain't for Me, it's for TRESOR!!! People have been complaining coz I don't have a full length mirror. Worry no longer, I shan't squander thy full-length mirror fund :D

Ok time for me to sleep. I took a better shot of the DiVa bangles because of numerous emails asking me to do so (sorry it took this long). My friend Di wishes to thank all those who supported her by wearing her bangles. I love em I love em, and I just hope Di can make more styles :D Go girl! And I am also on the way to converting this girl into a swinger :D

P.S. I just had to mention that while I was blogging, I was chatting up a storm with KO. We shared horror stories (hehehe wink) and it was such a fun "bashing about something or someone" night :D So again, if there was some break in my writing that you don't understand, it's because I got distracted. KO is wayy too funny and I swear this woman just has too many things in common with me. *double wink!*

P.P.S. I committed a kiddie crime today by swiping my kid's Megasketcher thingie so I now walk around the house with that--I call it my PALM :D It's one huge hi-tech blackboard :D *and I betcha my househelp can't help but laugh behind my back hehehe... Even they whisper when they talk to me! Hehehe my laryngitis is THAT catchy eh?*


Monday, January 23, 2006

A sickly hag still dreaming about a bag or two...

Today was a bad day-- healthwise. I woke up WITHOUT a voice! And for someone that thrives on gab gab gab, THIS was pure hell. By midday, I was coughing nonstop and was having difficulty breathing without coughing.

So I went to see an ENT doctor. (I was feeling THAT bad to want to see my doc SO bad). ENT prognosis: I have BACTERIAL PHARYNOLARYNGITIS-- swelling of BOTH the pharynx and the larynx. Both tubes were fire engine red and inflammed. My ENT said, "Bad Bad. You absolutely, under any circumstances, CANNOT talk, not even whisper!". What's worse is I have post-nasal drip, also causing me to cough like I'm clearing up my throat. (I hope I really just have a swollen larynx-pharynx and not have some odd growth... that would entail surgery :( *sniff*.. and I am scared stiff)

Next stop: My pulmonologist. I was asked to do a pre and post spirometry test. You breathe into and blow into a tube that measures the (I guess) force and your breathing capacity for oxygen. Well I tell you, it ain't good. But good news was, it was NOT asthma. Pulmonologist prognosis: I have acute bronchitis that, if went untreated, would lead (in a short time) to pneumonia! Thank GOD I went to the doctor today! I have very swollen bronchial tubes AND this would in effect lead to post-infection cough that translates into an allergy (asthma-like). Sigh the UN-health cycle for me just never stops... :( It's getting depressing to talk about this.

I still need to go to the doctor tomorrow for some Xray on my lungs. Damn this is pretty scary already. But I'm glad I am FINALLY taking the right medicine. I can't imagine beating up my liver any more than it already has suffered. Imagine I've been taking medication since September! My friend Mel insists it's cabin fever since I stopped working. Hmm it reallly makes me think now...

Ok on to more pleasant matters please!
More LV news: The once special-order-only Damier Speedy will finally be made a part of the regular Damier line. Sounds like a good alternative to the Monogram Speedy (which has cowhide handles!)That just gets me more confused. To date, I have not yet used my Monogram Canvas Speedy and it's sitting in my closet with its plastic and all. Anyway good news to that is, I have about two more weeks to think about whether I want to return this bag or not. Although, I must confess, I do love the bag (and I love looking at it even more, because the cowhide is just sooooo pale!!)

Announcement to Hags (more importantly, LV lovers): can you take stock of the LV bags you have and put them all together, photograph and email me? I would love to see your lovely collections, and so would the rest of our fellow bag hags!

CELEB SPOTTING: Jessica Simpson is recently seen carrying around a GOYARD black croisiere 35. Goyard is finally going mainstream!! Believe me now? :)Alright I am required to turn in early, so I will leave you with the hot-blonde-with-the-hot-bag image. Good nite!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pregnancy and BAG babies!

I met up with my chika amiga hot momma FS who is having twin baby bag hags :D *double luck honey!* I often wondered why I never looked that hot when I was pregnant with my kids. *Sigh* FS was definitely blessed with awesome genes (just one look at her mom and you already know :D) P.S. Girl, if you are reading this, Thank you for the pink case! Now if only my phone works... *sigh*

Speaking of pregnancies, if there are any preggy mommas out there who want to go for their 4-D (four dimensional) ultrasound where you can actually see your baby's face (and hope he/she looks like you), try going to FORT MED-- This is an outpatient clinic located at 3/F Equitable Bank Bldg, Buendia corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati (right by Bel-air Village and Jupiter Street). You don't have to worry about all the germies you can possibly catch at the hospitals because this place is so clean! Plus no long lines, and the best thing is, the cost is only Php 2,800 (Cardinal Santos charges Php 4,000!!) and you get to bring home a personalized CD as well! They are reachable by appointment at landline 897-9111. I went there for my ultrasounds as well and had great experience with the staff, so I had to plug them here (my way of thanks to the super helpful staff!) Style queen Tessa Prieto-Valdes also had her 4D ultrasound there (this is sad-- that's my so-called connection to the high society de Manille-- we had 4D ultrasound at the same place *hehehe I'm such a social climber!*) :D

BAG ALERT! BAG ALERT!: LV will be coming out with the perforated monogram bags-- Speedy 30 will be available with the colors pink, orange, or green peeking from those tiny pinholes! Also, two more colors will be added to the denim line-- an olive sorta green, and a pink one!! Watch out for them :-) The LV perforated monogram canvas looks like this:Can you believe it, a SPEEDY in one of the yummy colors? (shown here is the pink colored 'background') *sigh*!! I really can't wait! Estimated cost is US$1300... (boy these Speedy prices just keep getting higher and higher!)

Oh and here is a photo of the black Multicolore petit noe.

Also I saw the Framboise (raspberry) vernis already. I was not really too into the color until my friend showed me this photo. I think the reade pm looks great as a small funky party bag... hmmm..... :)

Triple sigh, I really need to work, work, work and get paid. I ain't no tai-tai like Taitai :D My Chinese horoscope says this chinese new year will be a lot better for me, so hey, what do you know, maybe I will go back to work after all :D *wink!*

Saturday, January 21, 2006

What Bag to Use...

I was staring at the bags guests carried at last night's wedding party. I don't mean to be a Mr. Blackwell when it comes to the top 10 women who used crappy bags for weddings, but I can't help it! (I can mention a few sets of initials here actually *Matronistas who may have all the money in the world, but as the cliche goes, money simply can't buy class*)

1. Rich real estate matronista Queenie. Woman, you may have all the beautiful houses and vast land (and yes, I am jealous. Damnit, I'm greeeen with envy *hehehe*), but you have got NO bag sense whatsoever! Wearing a silk sheath (by the way the color peach makes you look pasty-- it's either that or your makeup... or both!) that is ill-fitting on your body is bad enough, but carrying a branded Doctor's bag?? Come on. *cough cough* Que horror!

2. Here's another lady: Taitai. Married a rich guy's son, made it her career to have lotsa kids. No work but plenty pay. In Cantonese, she would be aptly described as a tai-tai (hence her nickname). She has in her days, been the subject of much, much gossip. Anyway this wench is somewhat of a fashion quagmire. While she is still young, she carries bags like she's a matronista. And tonight was no exception. Sad I tell you. Oh and her own mama and sister-in-law are totally ugh... I'd rather not even say anymore for fear of being reminded of them in my dreams. *now THAT would be a nightmare*

Anyway I think I've been too much of a biatch already (darn do I have that much angst??? That is soooo not me, especially with my supposed strict adherance to my New Year's resolution of being nicer, learning to be more diplomatic, and shutting my piehole when there is no emergency reason for opening it in the first place). So I'll leave what I just said to your imagination. I will never confirm or deny who these objects of my ire are.. hehe what unlucky women! I don't really have any one thing against lady #2-- in fact, sometimes I wish I could tell her that she needs to be made over. Lady #1 however, I have every reason to be appalled at-- she is a snooty little sod who'd mock you for not knowing a chi-chi designer brand (come on, biatch, we were all designer greenhorns once!)

So in light of these two women, I want to throw in a short list of bags you should NOT carry when you attend a wedding party.
1. A big shopping tote: Even if it's a Chanel or a Fendi, you don't want to look like you just came from the office or a shopping expedition at 168 prior to the wedding. :D *Sorry for being so biatchy, just telling it like it is!*

2. A doctor's bag: Anything chunky that you think doesn't really work with your outfit, won't work with your outfit. And even if it's an LV neverfull bag, it still WON'T work as a wedding party bag.
3. A large satchel: Even an exotic bag with real Chinchilla and lizard trims won't make it an appropriate bag for a wedding. At all. (p.s. this Marc Jacobs bag is realllly bugly)

The key is to use a bag that's not chunky, not too large, and not casual. I have always used non-designer bags to weddings (save for the exception of the small LV satin bag that I used tonight). As long as they are relatively small, nothing too distracting to the eye (i.e. a leopard print), it's ok. A clutch is a good style to use. Also some women like carrying the Lady Dior bag (reminiscent of Princess Diana of Wales) I also prefer to use non-leather bags as well. Satin is my top choice for weddings. While satin is quite high maintenance, you don't really use it everyday, so it won't wear out that fast.

Again, my wedding party bag guidelines are not meant for everyone. But bottom line is, NEVER EVER Carry a FAKE designer bag to a wedding. THAT would be a MAJOR fashion faux pas, one that is unforgivable. Really.

Later hags!

Friday, January 20, 2006

A Prelude to Spring (cleaning)

My bags have somehow earned a far better reputation than I *sob* (at least no one gets to call them vulgar or pretentious!! hehehe). Anyway I want to apologize for having announced earlier about an LV Cherry Blossom pochette for sale. The owner has ended up deeming the bag a "keeper" since she has a daughter whom she can pass the bag on to one day (smart decision really-- MBS would've done the same! *wink*). Hence you noticing the absence of the pochette on www.tresormakati.com
So anyway, I am posting my pink on brown LV Cherry Blossom papillon, (by popular demand!) I've had this piece for quite some time now, and have only used it a handful of times *including yesterday*. It was sitting in my closet for a bit, enjoying the cold and company of other LV bags, when suddenly, I had the urge to see them happy faces! I don't know why, I just like seeing the happy faces on the pink flowers :D *the damn bag is so chipper!!* So now you know why this is such a "happy" bag :D

And of course while I was checking out my other bags (I think this is a Spring cleaning prelude... or is it really Spring cleaning already?!), I pulled out another limited edition Chanel fantasy tweed "kelly" bag (colors yellow, pastel pink, pastel blue, lilac all interspered with black thread). I remember having bought this bag for a bit over US$2,100. I remember having carried this bag exactly TWICE-- once to my friend's birthday lunch last year 2005, and the other carried to dinner at Sala in Malate with Celine L. and the group (this was before I got pregnant with our first child!!!). I bought this bag because this bag was the closest thing to a Chanel boucle fantasy tweed jacket that I can actually afford to own!!! (I'd never pay $5000 for a tweed jacket-- I can't afford it!!) So this bag has been truly a permanent resident of my closets (from my first residence to my current one!!)

The bag measures 10"H x 10"L x 2.75"W and can be carried on your hand or on the crook of your arm. I am already pegging this bag's price at Php 55,000. If you are interested, please SMS me at +639167580857. My fantasy tweed Chanel bag comes with the care booklet, the authenticity card, as well as the original dustbag and the Chanel box. This is a rare find, that much I can tell you! I am letting it go because I have hardly used it and I would at this point, go for another Goyard bag (I have to be practical, with two kids and all). I am also happy to let this baby go to a new (and HAS TO BE LOVING) home since I have a new Chanel bag, remember? :D

Ok I gotta get ready. Tonight is one of those rare nights I get to go out and attend someone's wedding party. I have not found the right clothes to wear yet. So if you happen to run into me tonight and I look grossly mismatched, please try not to laugh in front of my face *snicker hehehe*. I just know one thing, I have to work around my outfits to be able to tote my LV Pink Satin gleamer :D

P.S. MP, you will get yours soon and I tell you, heads will turn when you carry that bag!!

Ciao Ciao bunnies and Have a good Friday + weekend!!

New LV styles!

Here are more new LV styles in case you have plans to passing by LV to park your money *look for Abby!*
Vernis Brentwood (This style is far better than the Houston or the Colombus. Straps are removable so if they stain up next time, all you need to do is buy new straps-- looks like the Cabas piano doesn't it? )Vernis Lagoon (Alternative to the Pochette or the Shirley, this can be a great night clutch)Suede Onatah hobo (This is a limited edition piece and will be made available by order only. It's not high on my wish list because the bag is suede, and suede is notorius for picking up dirt fast. That, plus the cutout florets could get curled edges over time. Too bad. It's cute too.)
*hehe photo lifted from ebay*
My current wishlist however, includes a Louis Vuitton Red-cream Cherry Blossom papillon!! I have one in the pink on brown installation, but I have read that the Red on cream combination is the rarest of all. Sad thing is, this bag is being sold for over $2000. So if I buy one from the secondary market, I need to be sure I won't resell the bag or else (!!!). If I do get this, I will end up selling my own Pristine cherry blossom pink on brown papillon :D

Seeing this photo inspired me (to collect more hahahaha). It made me sorta want to take a second look at the Framboise vernis collection. This photo is courtesy of fellow bag hag LV lover DK. She puts all of us to shame with her exquisite vernis collection. Fuchsia is so nice!!!
VUITTON INFO ALERT: Fellow LV hags, I heard that LV will come out with a GREEN Vernis color! I will confirm this soon. So gals, hold your horses!

Nitey for now!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

SOLD OUT?!!! OK we have another IT bag!

P.S. The B Fendi bags in tan leather with black patent trim SOLD OUT within a few minutes!!!

B Fendi Bags have Arrived!

Lookie what I got meself at zee Vuitton shop!

In exchange for my oh-so-nice sandals (that really hurt my feet, much to my dismay), I ended up with a NEW monogram Speedy 30! I still have a credit memo with them, and I hope I won't have to like the Multicolore Petit Noe. OR else. (uh Oh).
Yes. See what I told you about the Pandora's Bag? (sigh I loooove new cowhide) Warning warning, I just opened the floodgates (OH please I hope not). Anyway, the only Speedy I have was my mom's really vintage old smelly Speedy :D Don't get me wrong, it's a bag that I should actually keep (though I had toyed with the idea of selling it, heaven forbid). But that bag is also in dire need of permanent retirement. So after purchasing this new baby, I am finally retiring her.

*Sigh I guess I am living up to that name "high maintenance" again, as once said by someone (and probably a few of you hahaha)* I can't argue there. I love the finer things in life. But at least I didn't have to steal or borrow money to be able to buy what I want. Like most of the bag-loving hags, I work. And I sell one of my own bags when I bring in a new one. So the next few days will really be all about my decision as to which bag will leave my closet community.

BAG ALERT!!: I just got an email from www.eluxury.com!!! The B Fendi Bag is NOW available there!! *WOOOOHOOOOO*!!!
B. Fendi Soft Leather Bag- $1540; 13" x 8.5" 3.25"
B. Fendi All-Patent Leather Bag- $1360; same size as the one above.
B. Fendi Soft Leather Large Bag- $2150; 18" (at base) x 14" (at top) x 11.5" x 5"; Chain strapsB. Fendi All- Patent Large Bag- $2000; same size as the one above; Chain straps

Ahh more bags to look at and dream of. Figure it out hags. Is this THE bag for you? I like it too but am hoping to see the more vibrant color like primary blue, in medium size with chain straps. Then I can decide. Ok, Gotta find a job. Dear JE: thanks for the heads up on an opening in your company :D I fear I am not qualified!!

Nite and sweet dreams!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Field Trip!

I love bag hag MSB. She is so awesome to hang with, even for just 30 short minutes. In that span of time, we were able to walk the designer corridors and chat bags. Being with a fellow bag lover though I tell you, can be quite lethal. Not in the sense that you end up buying a new bag, but in the sense that you end up buying SOMETHING *choke*

I was just waiting for MB and I went into Gucci. Yup the sale is still ongoing, and if you have Php 43k to spare, I seriously suggest that you get the Violet Guccissima monogram leather banana hobo. I was just way too tempted to get it, since it was from a price of Php 60,650. 30% off in my book is better than 0% off. So I told Deena the sales associate that I would highly likely come back for it (come on, where do I pull off having that much cash with me? Even with EPS, I don't have enough. Sad to say, my BPI account is maintaining balance-- after all those expenses, I am even surprised I still have a wee bit enough to maintain the required balance!). I won't be too worried especially since there are still two of the bag in store.

So I moved right along to pass by Louis Vuitton. Just to say hi to the nice sales associates and all. Damn. BIG mistake. I ended up meeting up with MB there, and when we walked out of the boutique, I was already carrying this out:
I wanted the wedge actually, but in pink. And they didn't have it. And I realistically can't wear a wedge-- it'll make me taller than my hubby hence make me look older and "bigger". No can do. So I settled for the flats. And for that price, I could've gotten myself that violet Gucci hobo.
Trust me, I walked out of the boutique feeling the pinch, while trying (albeit failing) to justify the shoe purchase. I found myself listening to the stupid reason "I will use them a lot, I have a tendency to wear out my sandals". Gawd who am I kidding? MB sure didn't see through that pathetic justification. All she could say was "yea yea ok ok".

We also went into YSL. I HAD to, after seeing that they are now carrying the IT bag of the moment, the YSL Muse bag! The black medium muse is Php 78,750. They also have the oversized Muse in tan (although that bag is really rather huuuuge). So if you are eyeing the Muse, head over to YSL already before it gets sold!!

We had to part ways quickly and it was there that my guilt sank in. A bag in place of shoes... But geez what a dilemma. I really like these sandals. Have been eyeing them since the time I was in San Francisco. But I was too tuned out to shoes back then. So now this was it. I happily skipped out of Greenbelt 4 with my new purchase (ahhh...)

When I got home, I tried the sandals on again. WooHoo they look great on my feet :) So I walk around my so-called boudoir to test-drive the shoes, and after about 3 minutes of walking in them, my feet felt pain. Damn. PAIN. On where the leather cut-outs were. Ouch, BIG time. Dennis R was right about the painful cutout part :( So I guess this pair of shoes will go back to the store. For store credit. Hmmm... for that price, what should I get? Hmmm...

Ok that will merit another post. Now, before I retire for the night (notice the normalcy in my sleep schedule lately? *wink!*) I have to do this. HAVE to:

It's time for the infamous SHAMELESS BAG HAG PLUG!! In case anyone is interested, I have in my hand a brand New CHLOE Silverado bag in Tan. (Php 70k) Surprisingly light bag, especially after having gone through the Paddington Bag :DAlso, I will be updating TRESOR (www.tresormakati.com) soon. New bags will include:

1. LV blue vernis thompson street
2. LV lilac epi nocturne pm
3. LV cipango gold epi petit noe (and matching belt that's brand new!)
4. LV monogram papillon 26
5. Prada denim and brown leather satchel
6. Fendi lime green nappa leather baguette

Plus another HOT item: The LV Monogram Cherry Blossom pink on brown Pochette!

Nitey hags! :D Text me tomorrow if you want more info on the new bags!! +639167580857