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Saturday, December 10, 2005

WooHoo Check out the BRACELETS! *OFF TOPIC POST!*

Ok, I hosted a get together of my old friends *sigh, we are getting old* at my place tonight. We had such fun that half the night had passed before we all saw our friend DCV wearing these super nice bracelets. I for one, immediately fell in love with it. (She was wearing a long sleeved Victorian top so I didn't see her arm til she folded up her sleeves toward the end of the night).Since I am such a sucker for accessories too (yes, I hog accessories as well)-- think my IPPOLITA bangles *sigh*, I wanted to know where she got these. Guess what. She makes them. *Boy I am so proud of my friends for being soooo entrepreneural* The sandblast glittery ball spacers are made of 10k gold, making them all the more lust-for!

This is the funny part-- she has been selling them to my other friend whom she regularly sees (and is a totally incorrigible accesshag *accessories hag*). So she takes out a pouch and brings out a bunch of her finished bracelets. You should've seen us, we all dove into her pouch and practically MOBBED her *hahaha how we lost our composure tonight!!*

I LOVE *and I mean, LOVE* the bracelets. Unfortunate for me, I had to order a set of 3 bracelets from DCV because my friends (my so- called friends who hogged everything before I even get the chance to pick the ones I like *biatches respect the damn hostess!!*hehe) had taken off with the best ones-- the ones which had pearls, the gold balls (I am loving those gold disco balls hehe)... sigh... these!! I swear I should've pried them off my friend's wrist. Anyway she promised to deliver the 3 that I had ordered from her by this week. We were encouraging her to make a lot more, which she has been sorta doing during her free time (she is also a stay-home mommy :)) So if you are interested as well in these bracelets, let me know!! :) I'm sure DCV will be more than happy to custom make them for you *TEXT/SMS ME AT +63916-7580857.

Ok my friend PC was asking me about a bag that she can buy as an alternative to the LV Manhattan. She is into the metallic colors phase and wanted the manhattan style. So here's my suggestion. Girl, try the MARC JACOBS BLAKE BAG in pewter. And if you get that bag at eluxury.com, you also get a little pouch free! :D What a Christmas Treat!!

Ok hags, time for bed. I am so pooped that I can't really think of one particular thing to talk about. I do have a lot to talk about but I can barely string a sentence tonight!

Anyway I will sleep well tonight, thinking my bracelets will be ready by next week! Let me know if any of you are interested :D I can just call her up to order more! They're fairly cheap. Grab em before they even get sent off to boutiques (where they will sell for at least Php 2,500++ bec it's got real gold elements!)



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