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Sunday, December 11, 2005


I am still giddy with excitement *like a little girl* over the bracelets that I have ordered from DCV (or DiVa! *I baptised her with that name hehe*). She won't make tons of them so if any of you want them (they look super duper good in 3s or 4s-- together), better just SMS/ text me at +639167580857 asap. I am meeting her on Monday for my bracelets *jump up and down!!*

I don't know why, but lately, I am loooving bracelets too. I use Daphne's pearls to death (along with my "good find" cameo with Baguio's tambourine necklace chain), and now I am anxious to go back to wearing bracelets.

So I was at Greenbelt tonight with my kiddo and hubby-o. Had to pass by FIRMA since I was such a bad friend for not having been able to attend the NAGA jewelery launching a few days ago. FIRMA's happy couple Ricky Toledo and Chito Vijandre are both there *while I apologized profusely for my absense-- not like I'm some VIP.. wait, VIP wannabe YES. But a real VIP? No I certainly am not* I peer over the glass cases to see what Wynnwynn Ong has concocted this time. ***Siiiiighhhhh*** Remember my new bracelet obsession? Well I didn't need to be persuaded to buy THIS.I know, it's quite funny that I had bought myself a Kamagong wooden cuff bracelet with antiqued sterling silver insects. I loved the theme of this cuff. It's quirky. I know many can't take the thought of "wearing" insects, but that theme has been used in sooo many fine jewelry pieces, so this is not really something new. Rather, I like that someone might just roll a newspaper and thwack my wrist when they see the insect "sitting" on my wooden cuff *hehehe isn't that hilarious?!* I bought this as a conversation piece, apart from loving cuffs.

The price I paid for this cuff-- it's not cheap unfortunately. In fact, I could just have bought more of DiVa's bracelets *sigh what can we do if we like jewelry (well I can't afford fine jewelry FYI) hehe.. I'm soo pathetic!!*

Anyway let's move away from the jewelry subject (or I won't stop!!) Let's talk about Louis Vuitton bags (in light of my selling one of my most precious bags in my collection: the purple vernis thompson street). This was so funny, a day after I had posted that I was gonna sell my thompson street, I was getting texts left and right to buy my bag, and there were also a few who were pleading that I don't sell the bag since it's now limited edition. Too late everyone, dear gal ST is taking the bag :D ST, don't fret about not being able to go to HK. It'll always be there dahling :D And you BETTER take care of my purple bag!!! *stern look* hehe

I was reading a post on one of the Vuitton forums and there was an article (in Japanese) about LV producing a PERLE VERNIS SPEEDY for the Japan Ginza 1 year anniversary! I was like, A VERNIS SPEEDY???? oH my GawD!!! I would have lined up for the speedy (especially if it were in purple too)*hehe wishful thinking* I just love purple vernis. I also like the perle vernis and had almost brought home and used a perle houston, but hubby said it was not nice. So it got returned and replaced :D

I also like the LEMON YELLOW (once had this bag for sale at TRESOR. This bag got sold rather quickly too!) the FUCHSIA (a color which I am sooo loving as well-- my friend CY has a fuchsia vernis and I was persuading her to sell it to me and she just WON'T budge! *hmmph!!*) as well as this TAXI YELLOW Vernis (the taxi yellow is darker and deeper. Lemon yellow is light yellow) This is a taxi-yellow Mini Forsyth *and too bad this isn't my bag hehe*. My choice of colors goes to show that I really do like the brights to go with my usually dull outfits (hence the big surprise when I bought the Black TURTLE bag-- my first black bag too).
Other vernis colors that are nice are: RED (it's such a bright color of red. I love red but have since retired this color after Daddy passed away), but I guess my all-time fave will always be the PURPLE. The LAVENDER is not bad too although the color is not too striking. I like that it's lilac but I honestly don't like it on vernis leather. Oh, If LV would only produce more colors in the future *sigh* Perhaps a LIME GREEN, or a BUBBLEGUM PINK (not marshmallow pink) would become hot sellers too. *Oh my can YOU imagine??!! This can be a financial nightmare you know :D*

Anyway, other colors include the WHITE, BABY BLUE, MARSHMALLOW PINK, PEPPERMINT (oh I like peppermint too), GOLD, SILVER, BEIGE, INDIGO, BRONZE. Let me know if I forgot other colors (hehehe thanks to ebay, I have shamelessly lifted most of these photos from there hehehee)

IMPURE THOUGHTS ALERT: Can you imagine if one would make COLLECTING vernis leathered Louis Vuittons their career?? hehehe, I can actually see myself collecting the SAME style in different vernis leathers...Oh Gawd let's NOT start. This is indeed a VERY impure thought! *erase erase!!*

It's 2.15 am. I don't think I am in the right frame of mind anymore for thinking such a ludricrous thought. *sigh indeed I am a sinking ship-- a PATHETIC LOSER of a sinking ship. Geez I gotta get me a REAL life! *

Ptooooey... Nighty hags!! Let me dream in Vernis tonight hehehe... :D