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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Stuffy Nose Stopped This Bag Hag's Buying Streak!

I am so short tempered today *sigh*. It's this nagging stuffy nose and chronic cough that's making me super cranky :(

But if anything, my current health condition has temporarily stopped my otherwise unstoppable charging spree. I was at Stonestown Mall tonight and the only thing I bought was a Murad lotion. It was a necessity. I am aging, and it shows. I figured some expensive lotion/ balm would repair some of the age- spots... *cough* or at least ATTEMPT to make me believe that it's repairing those age spots... After all, spending a hefty sum of money on a rather small tube better be damn worth every penny, right? :D *snicker*

I gotta keep this short. I didn't get a bag today *thank Gawd*. I was rather tempted to respond to CC's text about a new CHLOE bronze silverado being available at Neiman Marcus... So if anyone out there has been wanting one, welp, maybe the bag's meant for you :D *certainly NOT for me!* text me at +14152835591 :D

NITEY!! TWO MORE NIGHTS AND IT'S 2006!!!! Prepare your New Year's Resolutions!!!!