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Sunday, December 04, 2005

SICKLY HAG staggers over to the Mac to BLOG

Here's the skinny on why I haven't been posting:

I've been sick. Yup-- in fact, since the start of the -ber months, I have been sick on and off. It's so not funny anymore that I am beginning to think my stupid Chinois horoscope is true. What's that got to do with my blogging absence? Well usually I post during the night-- midnight in fact. But once I get anywhere near my Mac lately, my eyelids begin to feel so heavy that I just skip the net and crawl my big bootie to bed.

Tonight was an exception, perhaps after having taken so much meds in the last two days, SOMETHING actually began to work in my favor. While my daytime activities were not so hampered by my ill condition (I swear once I cough, you'd think it was a dogbark), my nights were different (as different as night and day!).

I had to play good mom yesterday, taking my kid to watch THOMAS AND FRIENDS musical at the almighty Glorietta 4. That show is my kid's form of therapy (as to staring at bags is MY form of therapy). So hey, if I wasn't happy about how I physically felt *what a revolting feeling to be sick in December*, no one will get crap from me just cause I am having crap, right? *A-ha! Apparently I had run out of Bitter Pills to take... or mayyybe it's the medicine taking effect, ding ding Nyquil queen*

Ok I've gotten a few good emails asking about the dirtcheap CHANEL beige quilted bag on TRESOR. I might as well post a photo of how it looks when carried. Its exact measurement is actually 7"H x 7"L x 4"W and comes with the CHANEL carebooklet as well as the authenticity card.The bag's 4 corners have some wear on it (it can be remedied by applying a leather cream to mask the wear). The bottom of the bag has the double C signature logo stitched. The zipper has a CHANEL tag (as seen on the photo) and the straps are made of the famous signature chain/leather combination. My hubster thinks it's a real nice and classy bag, and for the price too, it's a good deal (sigh, man's point of view). But when I asked him *note: in a joking manner* if he would be nice enough to buy this for me, he retorted without a moment's hesitation "didn't I already get you that 'maong' bag?" *I'm so crass I tell you, having been so audacious to even ask him to get bag #2 for Christmas. After all, HE said it was cute and classy. What did I have to do with those comments?! Blah*

So my friend CeeCee just came back from HK (with my strict assignment that she go to Causeway Bay and take photos of the 2nd hand shops since my last trip didn't give me enough time to check them out for myself). Sigh the weather must be sooo good in HK now... Actually Manila isn't so bad at night lately, quite cool already.

Anyway CHECK OUT THAT EMERALD GREEN HERMES BIRKIN on the right-- beside that magenta Balenciaga. (I think it's a 25cm but me-no-care, it's still a croc!)!! *serious lust*What's with these 2nd hand shops, they have SOOOO MANY birkins *looks like a friggin Birkin factory! hehehe*! My friend Shroff B from an int'l media network once interviewed the owner of MILAN STATION and asked where he sourced the bags he has in the store (Milan is conceptualized by a father and daughter team). Owner said the bags mostly came from closets of tai-tais (the Philippine's equivalent of rich senyoritas *though not necessarily matronas), but there are also a growing number of mistresses (yes, mistresses-- the kept women of rich men who have these illicit affairs) selling their new bags. Apparently rich daddy-o gives mistresses expensive bags over cash. And the wise mistresses go to these 2nd hand stores to cash in on daddy-o's presies. Smart smart! Then the last of the three suppliers are the female "escorts" who are rewarded by their clients. Interesting provenances... and perhaps even more intriguing are the affaires d' amour! *the stuff HK paparazzi crave for and what HK gossip magazines are made of*

Another shop worth looking into (aside from TWIST which most of you probably already know of), is BRANDALE. This is located in Canton Road (at the other end opposite Star Ferry)OOh that signage... 30% off... makes me wish I was back in HK, not for work, but for SHOPPING... This store carries PRADA, GUCCI, as well as FENDI (no, no B Bag yet-- KO confirmed with her Fendi s/a that it's due around Feb next year still-- and a waitlist already too!)
INEXPENSIVE BAGS ALERT: I forgot to mention that I did not use my *DUCKPOOP* Green GOYARD *yes I named the color of my bag 'duckpoop'* in Baguio, and had instead used an inexpensive bag that my Mom had bought in Bangkok as a souvenir for moi (I didn't join them because I was at that time, heavily pregnant and the airlines wouldn't allow me to fly! *Bah!*) I love my Bangkok bag though, it's also light, made of denim, has the sparkly thingies in front to show for, and can stuff a LOT of things. I was abusing this bag (dumping a fleece jacket inside, along with a videocam, a digicam, a notebook, plus my wallet and mobile phones!), and since it took some serious abuse from me and had survived the nasty ordeal, I love this bag.
So contrary to what peeps think, I do not limit myself to owning all- designer bags. I have quite a few bags that are inexpensive too, such as my Bangkok shopper tote!

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE, CAN YOU SMELL IT IN THE AIR? Has anyone gone to see the live mannequin show at Greenhills? I passed by there tonight with my kid post- children's party *despite my super stuffy nose-- like I said, I have been playing mommy to my kid, who also has a stuffy nose.. hehe misery does love company... and NOooo I did NOT give my kid my germies ok? Don't give me an evil look now* The Greenhills "carnival-themed" mannequin show brought me back to my childhood years, where my dad and siblings, together with my mom and nanny would do that annual Christmas pilgrimage to COD to watch what I saw with my own kid today. *Sigh, here I go again, I reallly miss my Dad...*

Anyyyway, Christmas is REALLY here! *jump jump jump* I did my Christmas shopping and WHAM! My car gets hit! *ANGRY jump jump jump*. My driver was double-parked in the lot, waiting for a freed up parking space, when this car right beside my car backed up and Wham, my side blinker and the metal around it went Bam! *Wham bam no thank you ma'am!* A diplomatic licensed driver hit my tiny car and caused a huge dent (it's not really huge, but it's an uglllly dent). Ok, so wait, again and again I always tell my friends that we should not be too biatchy in real life (but hey if we are talking about blogging, go be a biatch if you want! *woooHoooo!*), we should be nice to other people (even if we get used to shards). Although my car was dented, the person who dented it was nice, and is having her insurance company pay for the damage. She even faxed a letter to claim responsibility for the accident. Now HOW MANY DECENT PEOPLE can you say would do exactly that??? Hags, I'm telling you, Christmas is really here. That was proof that THERE ARE STILL A FEW DECENT PEOPLE LEFT IN THIS COUNTRY! :D *I honestly cannot imagine having to pay 48K (yep that was the estimate) to fix the dent!! That would've been a new bag yet again, GEEZ!*

Gawd my brains are deteriorating at an alarming speed. I have been rereading my posts, and I realized that I write like I stuff paragraphfuls of different and completely unrelated topics in one big rotting salad bowl and toss 'em together to form one post, then serve it to fellow bag hags! This is soooo bad. I'm not gonna act surprised when some editor reads this and tells me to go back to Grammar school. Ah crud, not everything falls into place you know, maybe THIS blog is the reason why I don't have any sensible job offers yet *bawl* hehehe...

Ooops it's Nyquil time, hags! Nitey nite! My stuffy nose filled with *cough cough icky green stuff* (eeeeew I am getting reallllly gross already here) is getting in the way of my breathing, so I gotta seriously chug the Nyquil and hop to bed. Til tomorrow! :D *wink!*