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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Saying goodbye to my own bag seems like one of the hardest things to do. Everytime I have to say goodbye to one of my own, I find myself staring at my bag for a VERY LONG time. I'm so attached to my bags. *Call me insane. But I'm sure at least ONE of you readers can relate to this!*

I just have to post my baby one last time...
ST: Love my bag ok? I loved this bag and if it weren't so darn small, I would NEVAH have let it go!! But I know you'll take care of this baby, so she's in good hands and I can rest easy! *Sigh I hope I don't regret selling her haha*

Oh Gawd I just realized I am also saying goodbye to my White Satin Glitter Tote! *gulp* I hate this, I get all depressed when I let a bag go. I remember clamouring so hard to get this glitter tote. It was practically impossible to get the bag, since it was not even offered here in Manila! Anyway it's gonna be ok I guess *getting all teary- eyed*. This is all for the best. After all, I have my pink glitter still hehehe *I realllly hogged a lot of bags this year and it's NOT funny :(* It really takes guts to buy a limited edition piece. After all, the price is not for the faint- hearted. But buying a bag is really for YOURSELF and YOURSELF ALONE. You don't really buy a bag to brag to people that you can afford it. Quite honestly, I can tell you that I may splurge on bags, but I live a VERY modest lifestyle-- think, NO COUCH, and had to Beg my mom for dining table chairs!! *pathetic!!* I am not rich, but I really appreciate bags a lot, especially limited edition ones. It's just like other people who either like splurging on jewelry but live in rented homes-- I CAN RELATE. Because That's soooo ME. I guess I should learn to prioritize soon... *sob* or I'll be the woman begging on the streets, with a padlocked tarp over my bags (all tied up on the electricity post by the sidewalk). *Gawd I'm sooo dead serious* If my bags had no resale value, then I'd be up to my knees in debt *again, I am dead serious!!*

Ok moving right along.. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, was so tired after having met up with the METRO gals I just crawled my big butt over to my Mom's and caught some ZzZzZs. I was just soooo dead tired. I was with Mommy today, and we were at the doctor's the WHOLE day, waiting for her turn. Anyway, waiting in that crappy place *I hate the smell of hospitals, it's like breathing GERMS every second* made me think of a few things...


1. My impending Christmas vacation: Why think of this, it's a no-brainer, right? Wrong. How would YOU feel if you were a kid and were let loose in a candy store with NO cash? That's EXACTLY how I feel. *ugh proves how selfish I am!* We could not have afforded ourselves this trip if it were not for my folks who so graciously provided. Christmas gift to me and my kids! To my family: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I swear, I may not be the luckiest daughter-in-law, but I sure am the luckiest daughter!! *sob* I am really touched by their never-ending generosity towards me. I don't come from a rich family, but I can tell you that my family never fails to remember me even after I got married (especially when it comes to these trips). I am seriously a lucky hag. I CANNOT begin to think where I can come up with the money to pay for a vacation. *sigh* CAN-NOT! So now that I have a free trip, how on earth can I pay for the stuff I see (that I like)?? I can't even afford to buy my kids any Thomas and Friends toys! *BooHooo! PATHETIC to the umpteenth degree that it's embarrassing already!!* The only vacations I can afford were the free ones (hehe.. *cough cough* FREELOADER ALERT!)

2. I seriously need to get a life (to my detractors *cough*, you are absolutely right on the money when you said I need a life, coz I DO!!). Can you believe it? I'm at the doctor's office and the one thing on my mind is GOYARD (again!) This time I want a Jeanne PM in either Orange or Yellow. My GAWD do I need to hog AGAIN?!! *thwap myself* But Barney's is sooo close! All it takes is an online order (oh wait, my shopper... crap! a PHONE CALL only!) and voila I get the bag in the mail! *bawl*. Price: US$1,105 plus tax and shipping... Sigh ok ok, a Fidji Hobo would do too. *hehe*

*SNAP* Earth to bag hag! It was already our turn... *erase the dirty thoughts!!*

So anyway I'd like to keep this post short. I should start thinking of something profitable to do already. Crud so many millionaires cropping up everyday and I am getting left behind! *bawl, beg beg beg*

I'll post something longer tomorrow, I promise. My day was pretty uneventful so this post is rather short.

P.S. MT: thank you SO much for thinking of me. I love your gift. This woman, I swear, she sends me this care package (and this aint her first time)!! Take care girl!!