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Monday, December 12, 2005


You know what confirms your social standing? (No, it's not whether or not you receive an invite to the Tatler Society Ball). It's the kind of gifts you receive during Christmas. Before I begin going into detail about the chosen topic of the night, let me remind everyone that it's NOT the value of the gift that counts. It's the THOUGHT given into it-- how personal is the gift, was it chosen especially for you *or was it a generic reproduction of ONE original and personally-chosen item*? I am going to be brutally honest about this-- I hate receiving recycled gifts. ESPECIALLY IF IT'S CLEARLY RECYCLED.

I would never want to recycle gifts, quite honestly. I'd personally rather not receive any gift at all, rather than receive a recycled gift (that I clearly know IS recycled). This really hurts me *hehehe hurts my sides-- from laughing hehehe!!* but well it has to be said. I've had my share of recycled gifts from hubby's maternal side of the family (I guess that shows how much they respect me *pttoooooeeeey* hehe). At my kiddo's 1st birthday party, my MIL's brother comes in full force (all SIX of them) with his wife and kids, and they presented my son with this *cough* slightly dirty winnie the pooh throw pillow. *To be honest, I was NOT expecting gifts from them-- would rather NOT receive gifts* Anyway, since we were registered in Rustan's and this one had a slightly faded and folded tag that said Rustans (with the bar code and all), we took the pillow back (my kid was at that time still allergic to dust and my allergologist had suggested we keep throw pillows and decorative pillows etc away from him). Imagine my surprise when the sales associate at the Kiddie section said "Ay ma'am naku, three years ago pa namin ni-phase out itong pillow! E mukhang gamit pa nga naman ito, di namin yan matatanggap kasi din wala na sa system namin yan at mukhang gamit na." (Trans: Oh ma'am, this pillow has been phased out three years ago and it also looks used already. We can't take this back because this item is no longer in our system and it also already looks used). MY GAWD. Horrors and Horrors. Come to think of it, this uncle of hubby has a daughter who is of age *to go on dates* and this pillow probably came from a suitor *ahhh the provenance of that pillow... I still make guesses everytime I remember it! muwahaha* My husband had to laugh out loud, but I on the other hand, was a bit too stunned to react. But I swear, from that time on, I knew this maternal uncle of my husband doesn't think much of me (*ahem excuse me, they are NOT some friggin VIPs although they are wealthy, I'll have you know that much. Take note, this is hubby's MATERNAL side. Not the REAL relatives *real meaning, his father's side, of which I carry their last name upon marriage.*).

CLIMAX: The climax of a recycled gift "cycle" is when you receive the VERY SAME ITEM that you had wrapped for the recipient a year ago. NO JOKE-- THIS HAPPENED TO ME. I sent my husband's maternal uncle (yup the very same man) and his family this tea cup set (I may not have given a reallyyyy expensive gift, hence their rejection *muwahaha HEY I still could NOT forget what happened at Rustan's with their birthday gift for my kid! Hehehe they don't exactly rank THAT high up on my gift-giving list, but at least I had the decency to buy them a NEW gift!*). So anyway, guess what?!!! Last Christmas, I GOT THIS SAME SET from them. How did I know? Well I have this habit of leaving a small marking under the boxes of the stuff I give (this is actually for our maids to know what wrapping to use). BELIEVE IT!! I received that VERY SAME GIFT! I don't quite know how to react, quite frankly. So I just laughed out loud for the longest time (this being STRIKE TWO for them in my book). My husband on the other hand, was visibly embarrassed. Hey it was NOT his fault if his maternal relatives did that, right? But I guess that really embarrassed him, them having done this the second time in a row (recycle recycle!!) :( *sorry honey! I don't mean to mock them, but their recycling habits just merits a long post here, in light of Christmas*

BIATCH BIATCH ALERT: So I am reallllllly tempted to "pingpong recycle"-- meaning, give that SAME gift (that I gave them that I received from them) back to them. *muwahahahaha* HAGS: You have NO idea how many of my friends have been egging me to do it *hahahaha* cheapskate Biatch biatch biatch!*

Know what? Despite wanting to do it sooooo bad just to continue this unwritten tradition of giving recycled gifts to hubby's maternal uncle, I choose not to. I have actually since used those same cups in my place (see, I won't give gifts that I don't like). Instead, I am seriously thinking of giving them a gift from one of my husband's friends *cough cough another recycler*. HEHEHE Now I become the BIATCH RECYCLER HAG OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT *muwahahahaha!!!* THIS you HAVE to hear!! Now this couple- friend of hubbyho is quite well-off, but of course how can one become well-off? By being a cheapskate. *DON'T laugh, this is sooo true, and it's not something we should seriously mock. After all, I AM A CHEAPSKATE TOO, and am hoping one day my being cheapskate will be rewarded-- that I finally become rich! muwahaha yeahhh right in a millllllion years! *
So anyway this couple (they're actually nice people, so I won't give them crap for recycling-- I don't mind) gave us some toiletries/bath products. I smelled the "Room Spray" bottle (I liked the scent) so I checked out the brand so I'd know where to get it (It honestly really smells nice). Then I saw (in one corner) that these bottles were actually PERSONALIZED. Meaning the label of the bottle itself said, "FROM *name of the kids and the parents*"!! These were friggin personalized stickers that were placed on each bottle! So natch, I knew again that these were recycled gifts! Anyway I don't think (or rather I HOPE) the wife of my hub's friend knew (or rather, did NOT know) that the toiletries were personalized.. hehehe

OUR SOCIAL STANDING: The abovementioned instances only confirm that we are even way below the status of pond scum to be receiving friggin recyclables *Shucks, does that mean the recycled gifts we receive are so befitting since I sell second-hand bags? Hence, the gifts we receive are also second hand???*GULP* Ok now you hags know WHO we truly are. If we were such VIPs, then we'd be getting NEW stuff. *bawl*

So in conclusion, I am thinking of being a mean bratty biatch, and I will send these PERSONALIZED (from someone else we know, but not REALLY know hahaha yes, the toiletry bottles were from people we sorta know *hahaha*) toiletries to the hubby's maternal uncle. For insulting me by giving me back the gift I gave them last Christmas. *muwahahaha boy do I hold a grudge! hahaha Biatch!*

Oh gawd this is just wayyy tooo friggin funny! *ohhh I am Sooooo mean!!!!!* Ok, Ok enough already. If someone out there actually thinks this ain't such a bad idea, do tell me. hehehe... (+63916-7580857)

After dinner, I decided to go to the World Bazaar at the World Trade Center (for lack of something better to do-- hey my girlfriend EC had free tickets, might as well use them!). Saw some pretty interesting booths-- NOT! Selling FAKE LV, FAKE DIOR, FAKE PRADA, FAKE COACH.

I was with EC and was gonna take photos of that booth (UGH!). Suddenly out came this Chinese man who eyed me like a hawk after he saw me with a camera (ready to shoot). So I just had to make a small scene with EC and told her "Hey girl stand there and smile for the camera! I'm gonna send this to your friends overseas because you are STILL shopping at 11PM!" I clicked. (I tried to take a photo of the big basket on the floor that held these mini LV bags *sigh if only they were real, they'd be cute*Anyway, Mr. Chinaman was not convinced at ALL. He was whispering to his wife *or mistress hehehe* (in Chinese-- hehe too bad that man didn't know I can speak and understand the language) that she should tell me that no photos are allowed to be taken of his booth. Anyway that never happened because EC ended up buying a Strawberry Shortcake wallet from this booth (oh my gawd, did we just support a terrorist by buying his merchandise???*gulp but it's Strawberry Shortcake! hehe*)

An hour passed and I realized that this place was really huge-- we were not even in the half of the whole complex! I'm sooo guilty...

SINFUL PURCHASE: Hizon's Cream Roll (too late, I couldn't take a photo, I already wolfed down TWO slices of the cake *all of it* before I even logged on tonight).

I also saw that there were some Celeb booths-- Judy Ann Santos (local soap star) has a booth, but I have NO idea what they are selling there. Another booth which caught my eye was that of DingDong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza (I know of DingDong-- he was a singer back when I was still a teener hehee.. oh my.. I'm OLD). It's not so much their names of the booth that caught my eye, it was WHAT they were selling.Is THAT a Fake Louis Vuitton towel I see?? Look past the bag in the center of the photo and check out the right side where there's a huge VUITTON towel hanging. Can anyone (who has an LV towel) tell me if that's a real towel or not? If that's fake, what in designer heaven's name is THAT thing doing in THEIR booth?

Ok anyway all that aside, I went home with a new bag. Nooooo NOT a FAKE one *HAH! Nooo Wayyy* Remember my new "POCKETFULS" purple Zara bag? That bag had cost me Php 4,000++. THIS new Bangkokgreen hobo canvas bag with sequins and embroidery only cost me Php 450! *Oh gawd, just 10% of the price of the POCKETFULS bag* Anyway this is to further prove to you hags that I also LOVE cheap bags :D I think this bag will take quite a beating from use :D I also bought similar bags to give to my friends *proof that I DO NOT recycle gifts to give to my friends *hehehee!*

Gotta sleep now, I will be using BANGKOK GREEN tomorrow and I can't wait :D