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Monday, December 26, 2005


It's almost 3am and I am wide awake.
Yes, it's insomnia, but no, that's not the sole reason of my being awake.
Tomorrow, or rather, TODAY, is the AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE event EVERYWHERE.
True, Today makes up for the one-day of staying home because no stores were open.
I'm awake because I wanted a preview for myself of the stuff that's gonna go on sale at Neiman M, Saks Fifth, etc etc..... (ahh the list never really got shorter... especially now that today is THE day to shop).

So, armed with my late Dad's (sorry Dad, I know I shouldn't be hoard-shopping again) Amex card (for which I will need to pay my dear brother later *I hope he will allow me to pay in terms* gulp, oh my Gawd, I'll need to pawn my LV bags to even pay him...) Ok so here's my "wish" list. What remains to be seen is if I truly buy ANY one on the list!!


1. Prada Black Shopping Tote Grommet Bag (I'm not too hot about anything Prada, personally, but hey, one thing I have to hand to Miuccia, these microfiber bags are sooooo light!!)
And priced at about US$455 (tax inclusive-- that's roughly Php 25,000), this aint bad at all!2. Manolo Blahnik Crystal Studded Brocade Mule: I honestly swore off Manolos after the heel broke on me, but I can't resist these shoes. I've been eyeing them since they were first released. *sigh* These were priced at US$793 and are now US$413 (oh wait.. for that price, I can get the Prada... ok I gotta think this through). Come to think of it, I also have always wanted a pair of Manolo Croc Pumps and now those are priced almost half from US$3200++! *dream on, like I would reallly buy a pair of $1700+ shoes...3. Bottega Veneta yellow woven napa shoulder bag: Priced at US$315+ (Php 18,000+), this is a good buy-- hey it's LEATHER and it's BOTTEGA! Need I say more?4. Melissa Joy Manning wood and gold wire bracelet: Was US$340++, now US$170++. I am in love with this bracelet. I can just look at it in-store and decide if it's really for me or not.

1. Rene Caovilla magenta and purple satin D'Orsay pumps: Oh my these are to-die for. I first wore Caovilla to my brother's wedding, and though they hurt my feet like hell, even my sis-in-law, then bride (who would have been too busy or harrassed to even bother with little details) noticed my shoes :D These babies cost US$305++ (from US$870++!) Still steep but... ahh... can I resist? Well geez, CAN YOU??? 2. Dior black velvet flats with C buckle ornament: Costs US$158++ (from US$450++). I like that they have the "C" buckle. That's my family name's initial :D *snicker*3. Prada brown acorn pumps: I like these shoes. Kitten heels are perfect. I frankly am no longer into wearing high heels. Must be old age-- I keep complaining that my leg muscles ache after a short period of time walking in high heels. *geeeez!!* Price: US$ 187 ++(from US$535++). I think this is a shoe I will definitely be buying when I find it in my size... The price is something I like. Oh and I like that this has a teeny tiny croc cap toe. (But gawd don't these shoes look oldie???) Ah crud, so what, I AM getting old aren't I?! *biatch!!*4. Longchamp Large Nylon Tote: ATTENTION bag hags!!! These are DEFINITELY GOOD BUYS and I will surely be persuading my sis-in-law to invest in a few of these. They are the absolutely most versatile bag you can ever own, and cheap too! I was toting my large purple one with my sibs when my elder sib accidentally spilled HALF a glass of iced tea on it!! *MORBID!!!* I swore him off and told him he owes me a new bag, but guess what, there were no visible stains after it dried, and more importantly, the interior of the bag did NOT get wet! Hmm I didn't know they were sorta waterproof! (is that strange or what!). Anyway these bags (come in diff colors too), were once priced at US$144 and are now at approx $102 only (that's about Php 5,500)! And these are LARGE versions, take note!!

Oh crud. I will only be in SF for about two hours... Which means I might not even make it to H&M... So ok, armed with this much info, PLUS the usual sidetrips to the bag sections... Sigh, will we even be ok with 2 hours?

Doors open tomorrow at 7:30am! Seven thirty! Holy, that's 4 hours from now. Which means I better take Nyquil and get shut-eye. No, I'm not totally addicted to Nyquil. I have a throat thingie ok? :D

Ciao! Hope you guys had a great Christmas! It was pretty fun here with all my famille with me, but sucky because no stores were open. We ended up having haute Chinese cuisine at East Ocean by the Bay. Real spectacular view of the city. Food was good too! So it ain't so bad :) Besides, I have a few hours to sleep and dream about my wish list!

P.S. I am bothered that I can't stop thinking about the GOYARD croisiere in white...

SCARY THOUGHT ALERT: If I even go buy the Goyard croisiere bag tomorrow, that means I can't afford to shop for the rest of 2006. And it's not even 2006 YET!! If you want to get anything at Neiman Marcus or Saks, Please TEXT ME AT +639175401600. I managed to get that number hooked up with international roaming.