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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Lure of VINTAGE

So I have been staggering around lately. My darned colds and cough have caused me to almost O-D on meds just to get this bug off me. Did the bug go away? No. The only thing it did seriously was to stop me from blogging and surfshopping online. My absence on the net was not missed, least of all by my SysAd who just begs to be mentioned (in a negative way hehehe) on this blog. GG just HAD to inundate my mobile with endlesssss messages saying that my Tag Board has been screwing up the whole blog lately and that he will need to take it off because he himself could not get on to check it (hehehe dude, are you beginning to like bags too? *snicker*).

ALAS, THE SUDDEN DEATH OF MY TAGBOARD: Ah crud. So do I have a choice? :( GG promised to find me another more reliable tag board that won't konk out the whole blog :( I'm upset. One thing I look forward to when I check my blog is the tagboard. Seriously. I feel validated as a bag hag when I read your tags. It aint the same as comments :( And I really like the "realtime" replies :( GG you better replace this quick man. *arrgghhh I wish I was adept at computer lingo!! I feel so darn handicapped!* All I really know is how to upload photos and post! I don't even know how to add those links :(((

Sigh.. this is really sad.... Anyway, so I FINALLY get the chance to open my tresormakati@yahoo.com email (I have been so negligent, I should be jailed!). And oh my, out spilled 90 emails. *ahh yeah but weed out all those viagra (umm do I look like I need viagra at MY TENDER AGE??!!! and do I have a wienerschnitzel sticking out of my ear??? *Scowl*) and porn (ok, who's the wiseass who typed in my email address and sent it to these lewd sites???!! GG, did YOU do it??hmm..*I swear if I catch the lil punk who did it...* hehehe) emails and voila, I have 40 only!* How veddy veddy bad of me. The reason why I actually ask people to email me on my yahoo.com account is so that my other email server won't get too "clogged" (sigh another Techie word that I sooo do NOT comprendo).

Oooh so guess what I get on one attachment? BD says it's her addiction and I can only G*A*W*K. Holy smokes!!!!! Is this for real girl??? ALL THOSE are YOURS???? That's A LOT of LV bags!! *DROOL!*I give you high marks for having kept vintage pieces as well-- those babies are priceless now! That speedy looks like the one my mom has (she ALMOST gave it to our househelp, thinking it's such a ratty old bag already, until my bag radar expertly intercepted, and voila, oldie speedy is MIIIINE!!).

THE LURE OF VINTAGE: The Speedy 30 I have*ahem, boy am I gloating when I use that pronoun "I"-- as if I earned to have that right to own that bag. yeah yeah gloat gloat* is still that Speedy commissioned to French Co. It's rather odd actually. This bag does not have a datecode. In it's place is that ocre colored tag inside the bag that said "Manufactured in the USA Under Special License to the French Co." So when I first saw the bag, I did a double take, remembering that Speedy bags do not have any "breaks" in the canvas (they loop around the bag, hence you see inverted logos at the back of the Speedy). This bag made by French Co. had a cowhide strip located right smack in the middle of the bag's bottom. So both sides of the Speedy have upright LV logos! And another feature of this vintage Speedy (which I think was later modified when the Murakami Speedy was being made) is the zipper lock (remember the Murakami Speedy bags also have the zipper-lock). I find this so interesting as well-- the YKK stamped zippers (branded zippers which adorn Fake HERMES birkin bags as well as REAL CHLOE paddingtons!!).

Anyway I do love this bag although it smells of those mothballs *eeew* no matter how much I've attempted to air this bag out *What is it with our moms and mothballs anyway!! I never used them and pray tell, what benefit do we get out of them save from that stench??* So why are we still attracted to Vintage bags then (aside from that addicting smell of mothbolls *inhale inhale* hehehe)? Well for me, I look at my mom's bag and wonder how far the bag has travelled the world (for sure, it has gone to more places than I have) *Boy now I'm jealous. Why take the bag to see the world when Mom could've just brought me? hehe*

I don't know if you hags know the brand ROBERTA DI CAMERINO. (Click on the FORZIERI ad link above- they have ROBERTAS there). This bag below is rather small but for its size (8.66"W x 5.12"H x4.33"D), the price it commands for is rather high-- US$ 2,192.00!! Roberta VELVET BAGS (I don't like the non-velvet ones at all) are very understated. These velvet bags (carpet bags as fondly coined by others) are very "granny-bag" looking, but hey, these are probably the very bags from which Frida Giannini (Gucci's creative director) took her inspiration to create this velvet GUCCI bag avec the splattering of the Gucci horsebit logo (still available in Gucci boutiques).A few months back, I distinctly remembered having a short conversation with Amparito Lhuillier (mommy of couture designer MONIQUE LHUILLIER) about Roberta di Camerino bags. She said and I quote "I will never never sell my Roberta di Camerinos." And my Mom who has five Robertas will likewise never sell them. (I got this one from her as well-- my mom hesitantly gave this to me after I had begged her soo many times for it-- she never uses this bag anyway since nothing fits in it anyway!) I mean, the bag may not be THAT glam or perfect. I guess again, like a Goyard, it depends on one's taste. But I like this bag. And moreover, I like the other Robertas of Mom (she has those ones with the stripe down the middle!) Her Robertas were bought by my Dad, and now that he's gone, these bags are just priceless... No amount of money can be paid in exchange for these bags. The sentimental value of these far exceed its monetary value. And I can't wait for my Mom to hand me one more of them *although I rarely use it myself for fear of destroying it!*

Sigh, us women and our bags... Vintage designer bags rightfully deserve its own post. Do you like vintage designer bags? *hehe I know KO has a few :D, and as evidenced by the bag collection of BD, she has too! :D* Who else does? Do tell!!!

Oh oh oh! You HAVE to make a mental picture out of this one!!
BUGLY BAG ALERT: Ooooh My Gawd, I have to tell you this (although I was stupid enough not to have taken a photo-- I still FEAR being mauled by a Matronista! I was ill- equipped: I was carrying a slouchy bag. But if I had my TURTLE BAG, HAH I wouldn't have been such a coward!). I saw a, yes you guessed it, a Matronista (Matron fashionista wannabe) who was walking PROUDLY with her *alert!alert!* FAKE LV alma. How could I tell it was fake?? Well gee, can someone leaf through pages and pages of the LV catalogue OR eluxury OR the LV site to see if there was EVER a YELLOW VERNIS ALMA bag produced? I rest my case. The bag is UGLY (so thaaat's what a vernis alma would look like!). Fashion police, hello I'd like to leave a message please.. yes, my message is "ARREST THAT WOMAN!!" *woohoo the biatchin' baghag is BAAAACK!!* Ok wait, I'm supposed to still be in this Nyquil-induced state (and I've ran out of Bitter Pills.. sigh must be my hormones).

I better get going before I start to spit fire some more... I'd like to skip getting into trouble this Christmas. Too much hatred in the world, gotta stop spreadin' the biatchin'! But before I retire for the night...

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Daphne and the F girls are hosting 20 orphan girls aged 8-14 for one day on their show, and they will be giving these orphans new shoes and frocks and goodie bags. She will be needing donations either in cash or in kind (non perishables preferred) to help make these children happy this Christmas. All your donations will be documented and acknowledged on F. So if you are interested in giving something to our lesser fortunate sisters (who deserve as much happiness as we all do), please do contact me at 09167580857 so I can arrange the donations with you to Daphne. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

P.S. PA, I'm back on the blog :D Do tell your friend C to enjoy the bag :D Sorry I looked and acted like I just got out of bed after a two day slumber. That's the medicine working honey :D

P.P.S. My baby is 10 months old today :D and I'm a beaming bag hag momma! :D Nitey!