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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The LOWS of Night Bazaars :D *creepy crawlers!*

If you noticed, the last few days' posts have been rather boring. Because frankly, it is NOT easy to make my day SEEM totally fun if it was in reality, boring and drab.

Today was quite different. At least something is worth talking about. So let me start talking about it while I again, STUFF my face with SECOND PIECE of this Delicious Kopi Bun from KopiRoti *ST knows my weakness :( hmmph she is trying to get me faat!!* Ok where were we (damn I am becoming so forgetful already :( It must be the effect all those epidural bottles I used up during childbirth.. either that or OLD AGE *gulp*)

1. TRAFFIC: Crap have you ANY idea how long it takes to get from Wilson Street to Annapolis Street?!?! Almost 1.5 hours!!! Granted it was rush hour, but uh, on normal days, it just takes at most, 15 minutes! Apparently today was an exception. And when crap happens, I tend to be RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of it!! *I swear I must have the word JINX tattooed on my flat butt! Because crap just ALWAYS happens to me!! *grrrr* I was supposed to pass by my ace lensman Patrick Uy's new studio (remember I didn't make it to his inauguration?) at 2pm. Anyway I got to Greenhills at 5:40 pm-- Patrick had to go home. Home being next door. So I ended up visiting him and his lovely wife Evelyn at his home (I can never forget this man. Both he and his wife are so kind and accommodating. I remember the time I had just given birth and was still breastfeeding my baby-- I had to style a jewelry photo shoot with him as photog (ahhh back in METRO WEDDINGS days with Daph). He so graciously lent me his younger kid's room so I can "pump" in complete privacy). Anyway, Patrick brought me back to his HUGE *I mean HUGE* studio (where he rents it on a per hour basis-- this is soooo awesome, I swear). I took a step back and looked around. Patrick Uy has indeed honed his craft to perfection. This is his dream and he is living it. And where was I? *cough cough, in career and financial HELL* I swear the only place I can say I am at now, is in Bag Purgatory *I can't afford a new bag, although I am currently contented with what I have* hehe.. That, and I was in TRAFFIC for sooo long.

2. Out of sheer boredom after having dinner with the hubmeister, we decided to hop on to the Karl Edwards Fort Tent Bazaar. You wanna know the height of CHEAPSKATENESS? (is that even a word???) We didn't have any free tickets on us, so we were supposed to cough up with Php 50 each as entrance. I didn't want to. Come on, it was already 9pm, less than an hour to shop (although let me tell you now, I did NOT come here to shop. I came here for entertainment, as you will read on in a bit). Can you believe I spent 5 minutes HAGGLING with the door biatch (so I can get in free)?? *snicker* But of course, my efforts were futile. My husband decided to cough up the dough to get it over with (and save him from further embarrassment that his wife is just TOO FRIGGIN VULGAR) *muwahahaha* So there. We went to the Fort Bazaar. Together. For once. (Hubby hates going to bazaars-- and I mean HATES it)

3. HOLY SMOKES. This place has become a mini Canal Street! I can't count the number of stalls that had AT LEAST ONE FAKE designer bag brand for sale! Shame! *And I, my fellow hags, have the photos to show for! muwahahaha*


a. So there's the FAKE Gucci keepall bag. Funny, there are tags attached hehe... gee, I should've bought the bag right beneath it (the exclamation point bag). That says a lot about how I feel as I walk the halls of this bazaar (with all the fakes being displayed and all *but no one buying :D*)b. And then of course the token SALE at FACTORY PRICES. Notice the FAKE Louis V. bucket. It's like made of some printed matter. Don't ask me, I didn't think it was worth my time. Fakes are fakes and this one looks real fake. It's pretty BUGLY. Look there's even FAKE Antigua bags in different drab colors *snicker*3. Ohhh Now THIS is a classic. I mean what a *cough cough* Great sales pitch this is *NOT!!* "Export Overrun Ladies Jackets Prada Chanel LV"... Sigh some people just HAD to purposely OMIT the word FAKE. That placard meant "Export Overrun Ladies Jackets FAKE Prada FAKE Chanel FAKE LV" Sigh... it's actually funny how that placard even had the corresponding designer logos *Oh Gawd this is Makati, I HOPE no one gets sucked into buying those, THINKING they're the real deal!* oooh look they even have the denim jacket with the fur trim (LV logo a gogo denim jacket!) *heehaw I swear this is TOO funny :D* So my husband started snickering when we got to this booth. Sigh, my husband is becoming just as shameless as I. I don't think the sales women got what he was laughing at. And I, was NOT laughing *which made the scene even all the more hilarious*. I kept a straight face (because I was trying to figure out HOW to take this damn photo!!).
Gee thanks hubbyho, I get to do all the dirtywork while you just laugh these things off. No wonder those sales women were guarded when they kept seeing me passing back and forth (and my husband would sorta give out this funny laugh everytime he passed by). See, my husband has FINALLY found appreciation for the REAL DEAL. (He used to say, "it's only a bag, why work yourself up when you see a fake?"). Hehehe I have converted my husband into a snooty man biatch *muwahahaha SCORE!!!* (Boy my mom-in-law would be livid! hehehe what did I do to his unico hijo!)

4. THIS tops our HALL OF SHAME list! *And again this proves what a loser I can be* I saw a FAKE DENIM LV MANHATTAN PM!! Now THIS you have to see! Sigh if it were only real.... :D I sent a message to LV brand manager Rhea about seeing this very bag. It was like hitting paydirt!! The denim looked Almost like the real thing (it's SO SCARY, but there are still variations and I don't think they'll EVER get it). The sales lady even PROUDLY shows me the DATECODE *now I had to laugh!!* and said that the cowhide handles really darken with use *hilarious!!* It costs Php 4,000 for this FAKE. This is even funnier-- look to the right of the manhattan. You'll see a FAKE metallic silver Fendi spy bag *guffaw!!* This is like, the Mount Everest of fakes at the Fort Bazaar. I've reached the top, baby! (or rather, the last level of Hell in Dante Alighieri's Inferno). Now you wonder HOW ON EARTH DID I MANAGE TO GET THIS PHOTO TAKEN? I swear I will do you all proud. Do you see the small Japanese print wallets below the denim bag? *LOSER BAG HAG ALERT in 3...2...1* Yep, I bought one of those. Do I like the wallet? Well it's paper. That won't make much of a wallet now, will it? It's what I like to call, a research expenditure. Unlike Mr. Chinaman at the World Trade Bazaar (who just eyed me like a hawk EVEN after I bought a Strawberry Shortcake pouch from his booth *thus declaring myself an idiot for buying that pouch from HIS booth*), these sales women were accommodating. I asked them if I could take a photo of the bag because it looked SOOOO real that I had to keep a photo as a remembrance since I "could not afford to buy the bag" (my Gawd HOW LAME an excuse was THAT?!?! And I call myself a friggin writer.. Geez!! LAME!!). OK-- wait, let me clarify the excuse: 1. It's TRUE, I cannot afford to buy a Php 4,000 bag. 2. I will NEVER buy that bag even if I can afford it. Who am I fooling here?! Why buy fakes!!

Sigh, frankly I need to breathe. I need to get out of FAKE BAGS HELL *Bag Hag Biatch Alert!!*. Ok so now you ask, why do I bother even posting these fakes on my blog? Why even give it blog space, right? Because I want to tell you this. The ONLY real bag I saw tonight was this lady's LV Speedy Pandora Bag :D *a sight for sore eyes, I tell you*

So what did we learn tonight after that nocturnal gallivant? That fakes are everywhere and that just because you see a fake bag that sorta looks like the real thing, doesn't mean you should buy it. Why? Well put it this way, do you want to make yourself believe it's the real thing you are carrying? Will the fake bag TRULY make you feel good about yourself? Come on. Let's not start. And I'm not saying either that just because you can't afford to buy the real bag, doesn't mean you don't deserve the real bag. You do. We all do. WE ALL DESERVE TO OWN A REAL DESIGNER BAG!!! *screaming that on top of my lungs!!* But be sure to keep your financial priorities in check! (In other words, don't go for broke over a real bag *ahem, victim! victim!* if you really can't seem to part with your money-- especially if there are other things you should worry about, like buying milk for your baby/ spending for your kid's education *cough cough, GUILTY! sigh I'm such a loser :(*) Do not just squander off your hard- earned money (worse, squander it off to buy a fake bag). Rather, set it aside, and save up (with disposable income only please) for a real one. (I try to preach sensibility into other people although I myself have NONE). And remember girls and boys: One real designer bag is much, much better than a hundred fakes.

And that, dear hags, marks the end of tonight's post. I know this, I did waste 50 pesos going into the Fort Bazaar. (I'm again beginning to realize why I stopped going to bazaars-- because there was really not much bags to see *except for a variety of Bangkok beaded canvas bags which I won't mind hoarding... err buying*) But yeah yeah, it was entertaining wasn't it ? :D *I got what I paid for!* (ahh but wouldn't it have been much, much better if I got in for free, and if I didn't hafta spend 200 pesos for a paper wallet! *hehe) Ah well, at least it's not a fake!! :D

Nighty, you chic owls! But wait!! Before I forget!!

LV AFFICIONADOS ALERT: Just confirmed Louis Vuitton will have a NEW vernis color! RASPBERRY :D *love love love! I can't wait!!!* Night!!