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Friday, December 16, 2005

IT BAGS, Bracelets, and a HOGWART'S vacation!

Upon Dr. M's suggestion, I leafed through the Wintourian bible VOGUE and indeed it's an issue that you must buy (for fellow bag hags!! attention!) The mag is currently packed with info on the Louis Vuitton Champs Elysees opening party, as well as a timeline and a feature on LV creative director Marc Jacobs. Also in the issue, is a feature on IT bags, which include among others:

1. CHLOE Paddington
2. BALENCIAGA Motorcycle
3. FENDI Spy (Oh my gawd how luxe, the Royal Blue CROC!!)
4. HERMES birkin (in wonderfully rich purple croc too!)
7. LV Murakami (I know, I know, it's a love-hate thing. Either you dig the multicolore line or you don't. No undecideds)
8. BOTTEGA hoboIn the magazine, were also other features such as the HERMES shoulder birkin, and a GOYARD trunk (library) case worth AU$11,000++ *faint*. These are apparently uncommon gift ideas for whomever (umm yeah, sure they're uncommon. I mean, show me a man who would buy his ladylove *or male biatch* a friggin AU$11K suitcase). *sigh, so much money and so many "unusual" gift ideas to splurge all that moolah on!*

Ahh to fellow bag hags, DiVa won't be able to fulfill your bracelet orders this year, so if you don't mind waiting a few weeks for the new supply, she really appreciates it. I swear I have to be the most freeloading biatch there is in Manila that I was able to get a free bracelet from DiVa! (she made me a special one that no one has YET *feeling-VIP-alert!* Thank youuuu girl!! *mwwwahh!* I looove loooove her bracelets. In all honesty, even if I get given free accessories, I won't wear them if I don't like them. So I swear these bangles really caught my eye, and I have not stopped getting compliments since I have been seen wearing them (heck even strangers stare at my wrists-- and I thought they were staring at my fake bling purple ring *muwahahaha*). I'm DiVa's number one fan (and because of you hag readers, she has become bigtime! She wished to convey her THANKS, and is so grateful for your support! I told her to start a sweatshop already! haha) P.S. By the way, she is gonna come out with a new line for her bracelets next year, called the BONDING bracelets, for moms AND daughters! Check them out *Friggin Mini Me's!!*. So if YOU are interested, give me a holler next year! I think I'm now her self- appointed ambassador.. *ewww I'm such a poor role model, puke*

Super hate to cut this blog short, but I must prepare already for my trip to San Francisco. I will still blog *or attempt to do it*, so keep on reading!!

Oh and just thought I'd mention as well. My 'cousin' Sam makes these round crystal faceted charm anklets. If anyone's interested, send me an email and I'll forward you her contact number.
Ey, Sam:
you need to take a better photo *hehe* next year for me!

Wow, is my blog becoming advertising space or what?! I think I need to start making money off of this blog by charging *muwahahaha selfish Biatch!!* That way I can afford to buy another GOYARD! *Muwahahaha*

Peeps, I will NOT reply to your texts to me ( I got into trouble not so long ago, with an astronomical phone bill), but will TRY to reply if it merits a life-threatening answer *snicker*

Hugs to hags!! This bag hag Hogwart (yup I have baptised me a new name!! hehe) is off to the other side of the world. Gotta get last minute packing already :D