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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Financial Trouble Knocking!

Guess what. I am SICK. AGAIN. (Like this year end has brought me nothing but endless flus and colds and cough... I guess this is really not my year, as my stupid chinois horoscope claimed)

Why was I sick anyway? For starters, I sleep super late. Just when you think I'd have adjusted nicely to US time because I sleep in the morning (like at 5am in the Philippines)... well, my body ADJUSTED in that now, I STILL sleep in the morning! Case in point-- it's now 3am! (Well I just sorta got home.. hehe) I got sick because I slept super late on December 26 (morning-- like at 6am) and was already awake by 8am. SUPERSALE DAY, remember? :)
I was at Union Square by 9:45am (just 45 minutes after stores opened), and there was a SWARM of people entering Neiman Marcus!! And I am NOT kidding!As I was at the floor of Neiman, I was surprised to see a familiar face on the floor of NM-- our very own former colleague at Metro Mag, CC. She is now married and has moved to SF and is now working as a merchandiser for NM. Oh yipee! That made shopping so much easier, having asked her to hold a few bags for me. Oh geez. I can't believe I am hoarding. You can't help it. Every other woman in that same bag department (there was this loooong table that had all these designer bags on sale-- from YSL *I almost bought this bag but it was a shearling bag so that ruled it out*, Loro Piana, Zac Posen, GUCCI *!!!!*, Pucci... and many more brands.......) It was like a sea of sharks out for the kill. I, being one of the weaker sharks. I must've had three bag swipes. Learned my lesson within minutes, so I had hoarded every "potential" bag and had CC store them :D

My sis in law and I ended up with one bag each (yep, ONLY!)-- she took the Zac Posen, while I, a self- confessed label whore/bag hag, took the indigo vernis monogram Gucci hobo. Oh and um... I bought a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti slides too... sigh I can't help it :( By the way, the Gucci patent monogram hobo bag was US$1050 (plus 30% discount!!)

Next stop: Saks Fifth. Shoe section first! I'm saddened. Those Prada pumps I had previously posted and wanted (the acorn with croc tip)? They aren't even on the floor. Nada. I ended up though, with a pair of yellow satin Jimmy Choos. I haven't worn heels in a long time... and I figured, I have had it with Manolo Blahniks, after the heels cracked (p.s. NM or Saks didn't have those brocade Manolos anyway!!). So anyway at the shoes floor of Saks, there was this Pucci corduroy hobo bag that I picked up. It was just placed on one side of the shoe area (where no one even bothers to look since those were the Pucci snow boots). I saw the bag and was sorta taken with the bag. The price was also good-- from $750, to just a bit over $300! I hesitated. REPEAT: I HESITATED. Because the leather parts of the bag had some scratches. The moment I put the bag back on the table, two women made a beeline for it. TWO DIFFERENT WOMEN and I heard one of them say "Are you gonna take that?". If this sale was any indication of the behavior of women during these big sales, I shudder to think of how women behave at sample sales *shock*. This little biatchin' bag hag would've been stomped on!!!! BROKE HAG ALERT: I HAD to pass by Goyard... again!! I ended up with yet another bag (SCREAM!!!!!)
SHOWN ABOVE ARE MY CONQUESTS (muwahahaha and my poor poor credit card, and worse, my poor poor, semi-non existent bank account). Observation: what is it with me and hobo bags lately??!!

BUYERS REMORSE I think!: *Cough cough* who wants my Gucci hobo? :D I wanna sell it already (even before I used it!). I will sell it for the price I got it for, which means you get the same discount! hehe... wait. let me SERIOUSLY think about it first. I am just too damn broke to keep the bag. I bought TWO Goyards... which makes it impossible for me to keep a third bag. And I am at this point, not really willing to give up either Goyard bags...
Anyyyyway, we headed off to H&M, and Owmahgawd, THERE'S A LINE at H&M! What is this?! A friggin VIP club?!?! I was slowly simmering in anger *PMS at work gals!!*. But hehe I got in in no time... So before I even began biatching, I already got in... :D Bought some cheap accessories and skirts... The line up to the cashier had about 40 people!!! It's really true what the papers said-- that December 26 was always THE time where people bring back stuff they don't want (gifts), and where bargain hunters (guilty) come buy stuff with slashed prices!

Guess who was also in line as we walked out of H&M? :D Why it's CL :D She too, was shocked to find that there was a line (already long) at H&M. :D CL is cute. She was carrying her FENDI teal spy, and wearing an Hermes twilly as a hair accessory, and she has that *ugh sooooo covetable* HOT PINK Motorola Razor (damn made me want one too, especially since my 'supposedly' trustworthy Nokia phone has been breaking down A LOT lately).

Oh Oh Oh! I HAVE to tell you this! Remember my friend DiVa's bracelets? I passed by Anthropologie and bought something there as well, and the store manager saw the bracelet (I only had one-- because my cousin SJ took my other piece) and LOVED it. So I told her my friend made them and she wanted me to email her photos of the pieces. :D *wow is all I can say. DiVa has fans in Northern California! hehe I am soo jealous!)

Our last stop was Urban Outfitters. ST just told me now that there's a store that sold designer shoes also at a discount, called DSW. Obviously I did not see that place or I would've already raided it :( *sniff* Oh well, maybe the day after tomorrow... *evil grin*

Tomorrow, I plan to hit Nordstrom Rack :D Oh Gawd I should have my credit cards confiscated... I am doing sooo much unwanted damage... :( I haven't even begun to plan my finances for 2006, and I am already broke... I need to raid someone's bank account. And my hubby's account is off limits to me-- those are my kids' futures.... *gulp* And no matter how rowdy they are, I think it's unforgivable to squander their educational fund... hehehee....

Ok I gotta call it a night. This nyquil- taking bag hag has gotta turn in already. If you want to buy a Goyard bag, text me to make arrangements :D +14152835591.