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Thursday, December 08, 2005

EARLY New Year's Resolution(s)

I swear, I am such a lowlife bum :( I woke up so unbelievably late today. That was because I was chatting up a storm the whole night last night with a few friends-- KO, AB, and dear GG.

See, that's the problem with being a stay-home mom, as opposed to having a job. Like me, you end up losing the discipline of waking up, getting your stuff together, and heading out to run errands. I wasted my whole morning, snoring my life away, and I am frankly ashamed. As my husband said to me the other day, "I love you even if we seem like we live on different time zones." He couldn't have said it better. While he prepares for work, I had just turned off the light and pulled the blankies over my head for shuteye.

I think it's time to come up with a New Year's Resolution (or rather, a SERIES of New Year's Resolutions. I think ONE resolution is not gonna cover a whole year's misdemeanor, waiting to happen *come on, we are talking ME here* hehe)

1. Re-edit my bag closet. For instance:

1a. This LV Purple Vernis Thompson Street (Pity, I actually forgot all about this bag's existence!). I have only used this bag less than 5x this year. It's a tad too small for me. But Authentecite had told me to keep the bag. Purple is my favorite color. Which is why to this day, I hesitate letting it go. Should I let this bag go next year? I technically should. Because I have way too many bags right now. :(

Year 2005, according to Time magazine, will be known as the year of the handbag. And it was also bag hag's BAG HOGGING year. I seriously hogged *hoarded* so many bags this year that one would think there will be a bag shortage next year. *tsk tsk, bad bad*

1b. *YES I outlined and SUBCATEGORIZED my resolutions!* Use my CHLOE indigo paddington more often. OR sell it too. It's way too heavy, but I am soooo loving this bag still. It is mighty hard for me to let it go. So I should just use it instead. Not easy to get this color!! *Besides, it's soooo perfect with jeans!!*

2. Spend Less. Which means:
2a. Ignore the ongoing sale at Neiman Marcus where they are selling this purple *ahhh my favorite color* PUCCI bag, from US$305 to the reduced price of US$214 :(2b. Forget about the Banana BOTTEGA VENETA that I super lusted for a few weeks ago (or was it a month ago..) We all know how much Bottegas cost, much more a Bottega limited ed. *sob*

IMPROMPTU BAG REVIEW: So while I was blogging, I checked out SaksFifthAvenue.com and checked out the "GIFTS FOR HER" section, and clicked on, natch, HAUTE BAGS.
What greeted me were the following bags: FENDI Mink Spy Bag with the Price of US$9450 (and the bag can't be shipped to California). YIKES for the price! And the bag looks like a furball... *sooo not me.. I love frou frou, but I won't carry my cat out (I actually don't like cats hehe sorry)*
This JIMMY CHOO PYTHON HOBO is a no-no either. Shape's too similar to the SPY bag. Sheesh why are all these designers taking cue from designers who made the IT bags this year? This bag doesn't come cheap at $3600. Sigh show some creativity... :(

Oh where were we? Oh ok--

Resolution #3. Find a job and stick with it for another 3 or 4 years (or if the pay's great, stay there forever til I'm old and gray and can no longer string sentences together hehehe that's right AFTER I spend a few years in Grammar school-- for being such a crappy writer!!! *scowl*) Sigh, I NEED a job!! I told hubby the other day and I also told DOP today (our families ended up having early dinner together-- err, I meant DOP, PP, and SOP, together with hubby and I *sans kids*), "We need to hit paydirt!!!" And that's my mantra for Y2006! Yes, PAYDIRT!! *bling bling!*

4. Learn to sleep early (meaning, stay on the same time zone as my hubby!) Yes. This sleeping late habit is really unhealthy. I've got racoon eyes already and can practically hold a tablespoonful of tea in my eyebags (teabags is more like it).

This is my cue. I need shuteye already. It's 1:30am. I had a busy day, despite having wasted half the day in bed. I miss my tag board and I miss the messages that you taggers leave. Please do leave me an email at tresormakati@yahoo.com and I promise to check my mail more often.

P.S. Someone emailed me and asked if I could post a photo of the MULBERRY tote that I said reminded me of the Ralph Lauren Ricky bag. Here it is, the Mulberry tote. There is some similarity to the Ricky bag. I don't know why the Ricky bag rubs me the wrong way-- I guess it's cause the bag just really looks like the Mulberry in my eyes (and I don't like Mulberry that much).

Ciao now brown cows :D