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Friday, December 09, 2005

THE COLOR PURPLE (and I'm not talkin 'bout the movie)

I am such a miserable wreck (wait, I am still a sinking ship. A wreck waiting to happen). I was supposed to pass by FIRMA for a cocktail party tonight (viewing of Wynn Wynn Ong's new NAGA jewelry collection) and I missed it. It's not so much skipping the event that made me feel bad *I mean let's face it, who the friggin hell am I to even be missed at a party, I'm SOOO totally a NOBODY. I'm just a freeloading bag hag biatch is all. And that's worth nothing in any retailer's financial books*. It's that FIRMA owner Ricky Toledo sent me a personal message yesterday to inform me that I should not forget to pass by the boutique with the hubby. And I said "of course we will come" without so much a doubt in my mind that we actually would NOT be able to make it.

I feel so guilty. Breaking my word TWICE in a row this week does NOT make me win any palabra de honor awards. Dec. 7 was the formal inauguration of my friend and professional lensman Patrick Uy's new studio. I too, had promised him my attendance. I had failed to live up to my promise. I am telling you this-- I blame myself for not having made traveltime allowance to get from where I was at, to where I should be at. It's the Holiday Traffic that's making me miss these events. But it's really my fault. Mostly my fault.

I have a really bad habit lately of double- booking events in one night (in fact, tonight, I had TRIPLE booked, which made it virtually impossible to get to Makati back in time). Again this, I sorely blame on the fact that being a stay-home mom has made me lose that time discipline, something that I ONCE had (sort of). I think it's really time to look for a J-O-B next year. *ugh a dreaded word* But why biatch, if I don't get a job next year, I might as well begin to say byebye to 2006's IT bags.

Anyway I am blabbing here already. So let me just share something positive for once. I passed by Rockwell today to send a package (but that too, did not get done). I was financially well. I didn't purchase anything while I did my errands at the mall. Til the time came I had to go to the mall exit (where I had to pass by Zara).

This show window greeted me. Yes, I loved the clothes, but I immediately zeroed in on the middle of the display. That purple bag. I MUST have it! I have been wanting a bigger Purple bag (so I can sell my Purple Vernis Thompson Street already). And this bag fits the bill perfectly! It has tons of pockets (perfect!!!) and it's PURPLE (ahhh perrrrfect!!!). I just HAD to HAVE it. I was in and out of Zara in 5 minutes. A Record!!!The material of the bag itself is not all that great-- take note there's even a small dark "bar- type" of spot on the right side of the bag (below the zipper of the small pocket, above the D ring). I don't even know if that spot is s'pposed to be there. But what the heck. The bag is not THAT cheap, but it's a pretty good price to me (at least it's not 5 figures!!) Know what? It's soooo light. I don't know about you peeps, but I have somehow found myself veering away from heavy bags (whereas just a few months ago, I could have cared less if I was toting a LUGGAGE as long as it was awesome in my eyes *think CHLOE paddington*). This ZARA bag is made of some type of cheap suede, and is ultra light (although still nowhere near compared to GOYARD, but nonetheless light enough for an ole fart like me).

OPEN SEASON!: Ok folks, it's open season for my LV PURPLE VERNIS THOMPSON STREET. I have taken extremely good care of this bag (reflective of the bag's condition). The only bags I have so far abused are my non-branded beaded tote, my LV Denim alligator neo speedy, and my Longchamps. This Purple Thompson street was kept real well. Very Very minimal discoloration of the vernis (this is normal already with vernis leather). AND a plus is the fact that THIS IS A PURPLE VERNIS bag-- SUPER RARE! I am selling this bag at Php 35,000 . A new vernis thompson street now costs a stagerring Php 61,000!! I also still have my Vernis care booklet (somewhere! I can find it) which I can include in the bag, along with its original dustbag. Anyyyyway, I'm being shameless about this-- if you are interested in this bag, please SMS me at (+63916) 758-0857. I am Not posting this bag in TRESOR. In any case this bag doesn't get sold, hehe I'll be happy to keep it :-D

I better hop to bed. It's another new day and a new year's resolution was made and broken at the same time (ACCOMPLISHED: sell my LV purple vernis thompson street and spend less on bags *hehe the Zara bag was less than 5k!*; FAILED: curb my spending)