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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Before I begin my post, let me just APOLOGIZE to you all: I DIDN'T BRING MY GLOBE MOBILE (+63916-758-0857); instead, I am reachable thru +1415-2835591 for the duration of my trip.

MERRY CHRISTMAS BAG HAGS!!!!! Ok, so you all haven't heard anything from me in what seems like EONS, when it was only a mere week since my last post. For those who couldn't figure out where I went, I flew to San Francisco! So I've been battling a serious case of jetlag. Worse than jetlag though, is having NO internet access. NONE.

This is truly a scary thing. I haven't even checked my mails or gone online for a whole week. And tonight is CHRISTMAS here-- DECEMBER 25, 2005, 1:50AM. Am I a total loser or what, to be online, when I could have been celebrating with chi chi friends at some new place somewhere in the City. I am instead, right smack in my folks' living room, all warm and toasty, avec la famille (as my famille *an otherwise complete attendance save for my beloved Daddy* sniff ) as they watch SNL while I finally can breathe and go online (it's awesome to be with family, but also insane!! *imagine THREE toddlers and a baby!*)

So let me give you a recap starting with what I did last night. Chic chick Celine Lopez hosted a nice famille dinner for us at her Seacliff penthouse (note: VERY posh neighborhood-- think celeb neighbors like Robin Williams and Sharon Stone). She cooked us an awesome meal, tagliatelle with truffle sauce and prosciutto, and yummy (my fave white meat) turkey! *and it was her FIRST time to cook turkey and it was yummmy* We sat down with her cool folks for dinner and by the end of the night, we were laughing our butts off with CL's witty stories and career experiences (This woman is so smart, and I am SOOO embarrassed to even admit that I don't read the paper everyday-- I swear CL knows EVERYTHING. I'm so amazed! *Damn I feel like a friggin village idiot, sitting there and not knowing what she and my siblings were talking about-- just goes to show how dumb I really am in person *muwahahaha*
Prior to that dinner thingie, my siblings decided to drive over to the City a few hours ahead to pass by UNION SQUARE. Oh yeah... So there. THAT'S what I was up to. (In fact, that was the ONLY time for me to "shop" because we were all always with the kids.. and parents, you know what it's like to have KIDS around you as you shop *gulp* "Mommy I want this.. Mommy I want that... Mommy I'm tired. Mommy I want to pee.. Mommy I need to go potty...." ALL THAT IN AN HOUR!!! *TAKE THAT!!*)

Soooo anyway let's go back to the topic shall we (for fear of straying too much, after downing a few MUGS of spiked EGG NOG *fudge, watcha think, I was gonna spend Christmas SOBER? I think not hehehe)

AHHHH UNION SQUARE... This is the scene that greeted me as we walked toward the square
So many lights! Ahhhh so beautiful... But MORE IMPORTANTLY, SO MANY STORES AND ONLY AN HOUR TO SPARE!!! By the way before I forget, the temp here now is about 50 deg Fahrenheit (about 12 deg Celsius *I think! geez I don't know, I aint smart... I don't know crap about conversions, but you probably already knew that didn't ya!*)

As my sis-in-law and I split up with my siblings and hubby (well we CAN'T possibly have THEM follow US around now, can we? I mean we are under a SERIOUS time constraint here!)
I ONLY had ONE store in mind. But of course I still had a wee bit of time to take THIS photo of the beautiful Tree... Sigh... I love Christmas in the City... Oh my Gawd, I HAVE to tell you this!! I forget who exactly sent me an SMS on the day that I was leaving for SF. The message read something like this "Do you know that GOYARD has opened up a store in San Francisco?" My heart ALMOST stopped. Literally. And she continued to text "I guess it must be fate that you are going there too!"

HELL YEAH IT IS FATE!!!!!!!! So obviously WHERE did I go while I was in Union Square, right??? I first went into ARTHUR BEREN (shoe store-- I used to buy my Ferragamo loafers there-- in different colors, same style.. hahaha... ahh well that time has since passed!! *Thank Gawd!*) to ask a sales associate where GOYARD might be located. So as he described to me which building the boutique was located, my radar picked up on the location just like that *snap snap*!! GOYARD is located in the former Bang and Olufsen boutique!

So you can already GUESS if I had bought anything at Goyard. I was in HEAVEN!! So I befriend the two sales associates (Eli and Clayton). Those two guys must think I am IN-SAAAANE!!! But hey, worth the trip, they took out like 14 bags for me to see, compare, feel, wear... Geez... I AM the clientzilla for the day!

So, did I buy anything??? :D Come on peeps, time for you all to give it a gooood guess again!! If you can, send me a message at +1415-2835591. (Or if you happen to have any bags you want here in SF :D you can also SMS me at that number. Don't email me because I won't have time to go online everyday... gotta entertain the famille--- despite my so-called vacation, I feel I will need another vacation after this trip. Sans the kids on my next vacation hehehe... I love them dearly but I am soooo pooped at the end of each day!!)

Anyyyyway, I spent so much time at Goyard that we were not even able to pass by SAKS FIFTH AVENUE or NEIMAN MARCUS. *Don't worry, as the Governator of CA would say, ' I'll be back'*. CL's mom, Tita EL would later make me regret not passing by NEIMAN. Apparently they have a SHOE SALE!!! *Boy WHY did I NOT smell THAT from a mile away when I normally would have??!!* Ok I will definitely BE BACK for that! Neiman M is my shopping Mecca... hehe.. but you all would have known that by now, wouldn't you? (But what You all DON'T know is, I AM TOO BROKE TO GET ANYTHING AT NM!) *bawwwwl*

At the end of the night, we were hanging out at Steps of Rome in Little Italy (Columbus Street). This is my old haunt (a friggin institution already!), and the place has been in SF for ages. If you come visit San Francisco, you MUST stop by Steps of Rome to have 1. Gelato (hazelnut and banana... SINFUL!!!), and 2. to experience a POSSIBLE tiramisu shot *muwahaha* from one of the Italian servers *and if you get lucky, you get the HOT guy *hehehe censor censor before my hubby sees this!!*

Ok wait, it's already 2:52 am on the morning of December 25. It's getting pretty chilly here now, and I think I wanna sit down and watch some telly ("E Soup" is showing now). Plus, I am HUNGRY (crud, so much for my diet-- I have to date, downed FIVE Krispy Kreme donuts, and THREE Mrs. Fields cookies.. oh how I wish I could just not gain weight.. but alas, I am only human... a biatch at that. *hehehe I havent lost that biatchiness, I'm just playing nice now. It's Christmas.)

I will try NOT to sleep tonight. Maybe Santa will pass by and drop crap on our chimney (umm yeah CRAP. I won't get gifts. I was too biatchy this year to be even remembered by Santa, let alone be put on his gift list!)

Don't forget, send me an SMS if you want me to be your personal shopper (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!). I will be going back to Union Square. That Much I'm sure of!

Ciao for now and til my next post! I will TRY to post daily, but if I don't, please don't pelt me with rocks!! :D Be kind to biatches!!