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Monday, December 05, 2005


CONFESSION: This really proves how selfish I am. My hubby does not have a shoe closet. Why? Cause I took over HIS space for my shoes. (Before you comment, I just want to say, I DO NOT have over 100 shoes as many of you might have thought. I have less than 50!! So don't believe what you read everywhere else *except my blog* hehehe) Ok so now that I admitted having taken total control of my husband's shoe space, can you stop pelting me with virtual rocks already? *sneer*

GOOD DEED: In the spirit of Christmas, I have decided to spend Php2,500 (that's two thousand five hundred pesos-- NOT twenty five thousand) on a 15-pair aluminum shoe rack for him. That's not something a normally selfish biatch would do for ANYONE. A pretty rare feat, and I say so myself *hehehe am I THAT cheap and thoughtless??*sob*

I spent those 2.5k on Tahanang Walang Hagdan or TWH (House with no Stairs)-- This is an institution dedicated to caring for and training handicapped men, women, and children. TWH provides hope for these people who have almost given up on their own lives because of their physical condition. I was just glad to be able to help this institution by buying their products. Actually, if there are moms of toddlers who are reading this blog, you can also help them by buying their nice wooden educational shape toys for your kids. My toddler grew up playing them and my baby will soon enjoy playing with them too. Plus it's really a great feeling, knowing you had helped support their livelihood project.

On a totally unrelated topic, I have yet another confession-- I have a really bad bad bad bad bad food obsession right now-- Pastillas de leche (Carabao milk candy). These things are so fattening, I swear this is something I sooo do NOT need for the holidays. After all, I can already fit into my pre- pregnancy jeans, and wolfing down 6 pieces of these at a time will only guarantee one thing-- that by year end, I will have to shell out dough to buy new jeans. That's Unnecessary expense, mind you. I don't need new jeans. *Just how many pairs of jeans does a woman need anyway?!*

Speaking of jeans, OH MY GAWD, so my husband and I had dinner and coffee with his friends RG and CG tonight. At an old Starbucks haunt, I ordered Peppermint mocha (hot) while hubby dearest ordered a short hot cioccolate. When he picked up our orders and laid my mocha drink on the table, he accidentally tips it off, sending WHOLE CUP of STEAMING HOT mocha onto my legs. *I swear hags, that man I call husband must've done this ON PURPOSE to see if my Duckpoop GOYARD was reallllly waterproof as it claimed* Well TOO BAD *hehehe if YOU, dear reader, were hoping to see some NASTY stain on my GOYARD, you aint seeing it-- coz it DID NOT HAPPEN!*muwahahaha, the coffee did not reach my bag, only my friggin JEANS.Ahh all the more reason to buy another G bag such as the Croisiere 35 (pretty much like the LV speedy 35.. yum!) *photo shamelessly lifted from ebay*

While CG contemplated on bringing me to the ER of Makati Med Center (after I had sorta complained that I felt some stinging sensation on my legs... well whaddaya expect, it was a friggin STEAMING HOT cup a joe!), I just decided not to let the stinging sensation bother me. After all, Starbucks was kind enough to give me a new cup of Equally Steaming Hot Peppy Mocha, along with that SINFUL chocolate dome cake (oooh I forgot to mention CG and I were about to take a huge bite out of our shared order of the choc'lit cake when the spill happened-- I think God had other plans with that cake... meaning He didn't want either of us to have it. But well the Starbucks peeps overruled Him *how dare they!* and gave us a new slice hehehe*

Oh dear, I must say this in case my friend Suzi A. reads this blog-- I'm soooo sorry I totally forgot about the party of Jade today. My phone has been konking out recently and we had its software re-upgraded, and of course even all my calendar events were erased :( My sincerest apologies-- you know how I love attending kiddie parties *being the freeloading biatching momma that I am :D*

Moving along, did anyone get a copy of the TIME Style & Design Magazine? Go buy a copy. It's eye candy, I promise you that. (This is the winter '05 supplement to TIME). On page 18, bags featured have one thing in common: Canvas! RALPH LAUREN RICKY BAG, LOUIS VUITTON GLOBE TROTTEUR BAG, HERMES GARDEN FILE BAG, and FENDI PLASTIFIED LINEN BAG WITH HORSE DETAILS. Hmm... I guess canvas is the trend for the resort season, as noted by TIME. I had previously reviewed the Ricky bag already, and my verdict is still No-Buy for this one. It just reminds me too much of the MULBERRY Darwin Bag *and oh, on a local scale, the FINO bag* (although the Ricky is more Birkinesque, with top handles rather than rolled leather tote handles).

The Louis Vuitton Globe Trotteur Bag is cute, and comes in three sizes. But you know what, I've had it with heavy bags and this bag is HEAV-Y. Ahh the Hermes Garden File Bag.. I've always been partial to Hermes bags and I have always liked the Hermes Garden variety *I mean series* bag, and the Garden Party Bag is no exception.This is really a great bag to use. Thing with it is, you gotta spray it with SCOTCHGARD before use so it repels dirt and liquid spills of any sort.

Ahh I almost failed to inform you hags about the GOYARD Saint Louis tote. It's reversible. Yup, you heard me. Reversible. Remember how my powder blue monogram tote looks like, right? Well this is how it looks like now, having the monograms reversed. *Sigh* ok ok, I keep raving about Goyard to you all, and I've actually gotten messages from people saying they don't find the bag THAT special at all-- like it's just an OK bag. I guess it really is a matter of one's personal taste. I do appreciate fine detail, handprinted monograms... BUT I gotta admit, this plain canvas bag with blue piping doesn't leave much to write home about... anyway I guess this is my way of justifying paying over US$700 for the bag. *hehehe* We bag lovers would say ANYTHING to make ourselves feel better, after having spent a handsome amount on a plain-Jane bag! *hehehe I am sooo deluded!*

Yipes its almost 3am. I haven't had my dose of Nyquil and I have not even touched that bag of chips lying around beside my bed.. Oooh what a toss up. Well I guess you hags will find out tomorrow which one I chose. This is a tougher decision than choosing between an Orange or a Yellow Goyard! *Can't help it if I love it :D*

Nite hags :D