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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Budget Shopping vs. Unintentional Splurging


SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: I've updated TRESOR website (www.tresormakati.com) to include a practically new LV manhattan PM, an LV ellipse MM, a NEW mini noe, an LV speedy 25, an LV large looping, a soon-to-come Black Epi St. Jacques and Black Epi Petit Noe, Ellipse Backpack, Yellow Vernis Mini Forsythe, some New Balenciagas, Prada, and a few Gucci monogram bags (one of my client is unloading her Gucci bags to make way for new LVs :D *wooohooooo!!!* And guess what, I CONVERTED HER hahaha :D *evil biatch I am!*

One thing I can NEVER get with the way I spend is, WHY am I always such a dumbass when it comes to deciding on buying something even before learning of its price??

CASE IN POINT: Went to Larry's for curtain and upholstery fabrics upon recommendation of dear LV. So I did go there with Mommy. She warned me that curtain and upholstery fabrics are not exactly cheap. I was thinking, I mean, how expensive could they be? They're just friggin' fabrics. You can get fabrics at Carolinas or any other fabric store at Glorietta 2 for like 80 pesos per yard. What's the diff anyway.

SHOCK THERAPY: A very helpful sales associate directs me to the floor area where the fabric samples are. I made a beeline for that reallly nice yellow print, very Mediterranean. She informs me, those are pre-order only and not available in-store. Cost, approximately Php 1,200 per yard. I did a double take. WHAT?!! For THAT?? "Miss, do you have a sale section?" I asked. And I was directed to that little corner. Again I immediately pick out an ocre brocade, heavy fabric for my curtains. And I already tell her the specs. She goes, "Ipa- cut na?" (Should I already have it cut?) And without hesitation I said yes. After all, it was on sale! So here's what I ended up picking out.That's a couple of yards of fabric for both curtains and upholstery. I was quite pleased with myself *yes yes I have a hankering for Laura Ashley flower power prints, so sue me for being gaudy* My mom however, congratulates me for being so decisive about what I want in such a short time *this does NOT happen often*.

I also added an extra three yards of fabric when I saw this one. Nice too. And since I had already asked the lady to cut the fabric from my previous choice, I was left with no alternative but to add this onto my order. Anyway, funny thing with Mommy (who decided to join me in this little fabric shopping expedition), she ended up picking up some fabrics too. But not for curtains or for upholstery. She was planning to have the fabrics made into blousons! *guffaw guffaw* I love my Mom. She can turn the most boring curtain-fabric shopping into a REAL shopping experience (Real to me is when we go shopping for stuff that we WEAR and not for the house. House-stuff shopping is a CHORE, and not what I would categorize under REAL shopping). It was Sooooo hilarious! But in fairness, she picked out really nice fabric (something that I must've seen from the floral print days of Gianni Versace-- honestly!!). Ah well, moms :) *gulp, I hope I myself don't end up shopping for clothing material in an upholstery store someday! *double gulp*)

THE REAL SHOCK THERAPY COMES IN 3...2...1... "Ma'am your bill is Php 25,000 *red flag red flag!!* for the all the fabric." WHAAAAAAAAAAAT????!?!??!!! Why on earth was I under the impression I was only to spend AT MOST Php 8,000???!!! Friggin 25K can buy me another ASTROPILL at LV, and then some change!! I am to spend another Php 17,000 for the labor and installation. And that totals to Php 42,000!!! That would've easily been my downpayment for a DIOR DETECTIVE BAG in CHARTREUSE!!! (The Dior Detective bag is US$ 1,800 in eluxury, and I would've just had to come up with US$ 1,100 if I had been able to save myself from paying for these fabrics!!) Can someone just puhhlease prevent me from embarrassing myself further?? Talk about being VERY scandalous in a VERY public place!* I am SOOO NOT WILLING to fork over my already overused credit card ok? No Friggin Way!!! *Umm.. whereas if this were Louis Vuitton or Chanel, I would have handed over my card without so much as a thought!* But nooo, not this time ladies, I swear swear swear I am soo broke that all that's preventing me from begging out in the streets is my pride *someone hand me a plateful of humble pie already!* While I literally had a coronary upon learning the price of the fabric, I texted DOP, the one gal whom I know would be able to calm me down. Then her text went "Don't complain, My garage cost me Php 90,000 and that's just two wooden beams." Well.. Ok she DID calm me down. I could not see myself writing a 90k check for two wooden beams-- I would have just bought two wooden beams from MC Home Depot *umm isn't that what that huge warehouse is all about? Kinda like Home Depot-- You can be Mr. Bob the Builder and do-it-yourself? I mean, how hard can it be to connect two wooden beams together.. all you need is glue, a nail gun... Arrgghh... ok I'm going nuts. I just cannot fathom paying 25k for fabric, let alone 90k for wooden beams. I guess I'm much better off with the lesser "evil". In the end, the store won, I had to pay. But I cried all the way home *bawl* There's simply no way to describe that sense of vacuity I felt after paying so much for something that did not entail bringing home a new bag.

Sooo that painful experience aside-- let me tell you, I am really sick today with a semi-flu-- something that I most likely caught from my baby since my two kids are actually both down with pretty nasty colds and have been sneezing AND coughing right in front of my face, saliva and all. But yesterday I was well enough still to hang out (at the last minute) with BL. Oh this girl is so much fun to be with. But I'm telling you, you CANNOT shop with her, since her benchmark prices for the things I was thinking of getting, were SO cheap, far lower than that of the price that the items are selling for. So you will feel sooo totally shortchanged when you pay for something that she knows is cheaper elsewhere *hehehe biatch! I love BL but hooo boy, she would make a good conscience-- take lessons from this chick just like what your momma told you-- you better shop around :D* Her comparative index? Hello ding-ding, 168. *And I have yet to go there, despite hearing raves and raves about the place-- I can't wake up at 6am!! :( *

We went to Market!Market! *My fave shopping mecca for stuff that I most likely DO NOT need*. Instead of doing Christmas shopping, natch we both ended up buying stuff for our kids and ourself *see how friggin SELFISH I am?? It's always ME, ME, ME !!!* But of course not without infecting BL as well. I made her buy a pair of really nice shoes from TWINKY TABS (This is my second purchase from them, and I am loving this store, hags!).

BL gets herself a pair of the rope-noose ankle-cap flats. So nice on her feet *though it would've looked mighty hideous on mine, with my unsightly protruding veins and crooked bones *eeew**. But the sandals are so Stella Mc Cartney. I am loving it.

Anyway tonight's LV cocktail party night and here I am at home, having just wrapped up entertaining (amidst my stuffy nose) my friends who could not wait to come and see my place *not like I have anything in this house to show for anyway*. I sorta got some nice pampering (the freeloading hag in me had them bring food to my place), while their kids decidedly tore up what was formerly known as my den *hehehe vicious dogs!* My friends apparently knew what was good for me. They KNEW tonight was LV cocktail party night and they HAD to declare that they were coming over to see me. In droves, hags. In droves. KG says "Honey, tienes no dinero para LV" (honey you have no money for LV).

So that, my dear friends, summed up my night. No LV shopping tonight for this little lady *CONFESSION: I did pass by LV earlier in the day because I was in the area.*

In a nutshell, these were my finds.

BUDGET SHOPPING: My Php 696 metallic pink shoes *cheesy and even cheap-looking as they may look, they are VERY comfy!* Wait wait, don't these shoes remind you of the kind that you see on older women in the 80's? But instead of the shiny metallic leather, theirs was made of patent or some type of plastic weave?!... hmm..

UNINTENTIONAL SPLURGE: Friggin fabric for curtains and upholstery :( *sigh, but this had to be bought...* So much for that DIOR detective bag.. Oh and that shade of green... *melt* Drat, why do all likeable bags have to be above US$1000?!!

Ohhh and while I was at Larry's, I sorta fell in love with this nekkid couch (nekkid= no fancy upholstery, just some plain white canvas) and while I was seriously praying that this won't cost more than 20K, natch, it was 80k++. Yeah, only like 4x more than what I had hoped it would cost, right? So scratch that. I can always dream :) Besides, who needs a new couch when my divan gets an overhaul and is to be draped in couture (aka: expensive fabric)! *wink!*
Later taters!


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