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Saturday, December 31, 2005


A few hours to go and it'll be 2006! Where is my bag budget for next year??? *shock gulp*

It's raining rather hard tonight. At 3:30am, I have been getting new year greetings from people in the Philippines-- a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL TOO :)

And since today is the last day of year 2005, I wanted to dedicate this post to the IT bags of this year. *By the way this is just MY opinion-- me, being the usual opinionated bag hag, just HAD to declare these bags "IT* hehe

1. CHLOE paddington (heavy but love it)2. FENDI spy (VERY hot, although this was never my kind of bag, so I never had this one!)
3. BALENCIAGA motorcycle (this is really THE bag. Sooo many copies of this bag just confirms this bag's IT status!)
4. LOUIS VUITTON denim speedy (Marc Jacobs really did well on this line!)5. CHLOE silverado (not my type, but was everyone else's!!)6. CHANEL 2.55 (Wish I had the grey one. This bag is awesome!)
7. LANVIN vintage Kansas (Another great bag, but again, not something I wanted that much, but hey, this bag is REALLY nice, just that I didn't get so drawn to it like I thought)

There are a few more bags worth mentioning, for sure (like the bags that bag hags were crazily clamouring for, i.e. LV manhattan) but I've had my Nyquil gel caps already so I can't think too straight (yeah, this is soo pathetic. While New Year revellers drink and celebrate with champagne, I take friggin Nyquil.. *patheeeetic looooooser* hehe what can I do with what little cash I have in my wallet? hehe).

But here are also some bags worth watching out for this coming 2006!

1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Novak (it's sooo yummy in croc! kinda matronic, but hey it's nice!)
2. FENDI B (very very cute in patent-canvas combination)3. GOYARD (any style of this brand is good. Handpainted monograms? I can only tell you this: It's a lost art and the price you pay for this brand, is soooo worth it!)4. BOTTEGA VENETA leather weave bags (yes, yes, yes to the very soft leather weave bags!)Oh and here's something to think about-- if you can't afford a croc Novak, and like the style of LV's Manhattan, the MARC JACOBS leather satchel is also worth looking into :D I kinda like this myself (Especially the color Orange!! Orange and Yellow are THE colors for Spring '06)

Shoot I better sleep, I am getting groggy! :D
Just text me at +14152835591 if you have a bag you want bought here in the U.S. and I will try to accommodate your purchase request. I will charge a minimal service fee, don't worry I won't charge a lot :D *I know what it's like to be broke!!*

HAPPY NEW YEAR BAG HAGS!!!!!!!!!!! Let's hope we get more money this 2006, so we can buy more bags *hehehe*

Peace and more love to you all for this new year :D *P.s. I won't stop biatching :D and you should't either!!*