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Saturday, December 31, 2005


A few hours to go and it'll be 2006! Where is my bag budget for next year??? *shock gulp*

It's raining rather hard tonight. At 3:30am, I have been getting new year greetings from people in the Philippines-- a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL TOO :)

And since today is the last day of year 2005, I wanted to dedicate this post to the IT bags of this year. *By the way this is just MY opinion-- me, being the usual opinionated bag hag, just HAD to declare these bags "IT* hehe

1. CHLOE paddington (heavy but love it)2. FENDI spy (VERY hot, although this was never my kind of bag, so I never had this one!)
3. BALENCIAGA motorcycle (this is really THE bag. Sooo many copies of this bag just confirms this bag's IT status!)
4. LOUIS VUITTON denim speedy (Marc Jacobs really did well on this line!)5. CHLOE silverado (not my type, but was everyone else's!!)6. CHANEL 2.55 (Wish I had the grey one. This bag is awesome!)
7. LANVIN vintage Kansas (Another great bag, but again, not something I wanted that much, but hey, this bag is REALLY nice, just that I didn't get so drawn to it like I thought)

There are a few more bags worth mentioning, for sure (like the bags that bag hags were crazily clamouring for, i.e. LV manhattan) but I've had my Nyquil gel caps already so I can't think too straight (yeah, this is soo pathetic. While New Year revellers drink and celebrate with champagne, I take friggin Nyquil.. *patheeeetic looooooser* hehe what can I do with what little cash I have in my wallet? hehe).

But here are also some bags worth watching out for this coming 2006!

1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Novak (it's sooo yummy in croc! kinda matronic, but hey it's nice!)
2. FENDI B (very very cute in patent-canvas combination)3. GOYARD (any style of this brand is good. Handpainted monograms? I can only tell you this: It's a lost art and the price you pay for this brand, is soooo worth it!)4. BOTTEGA VENETA leather weave bags (yes, yes, yes to the very soft leather weave bags!)Oh and here's something to think about-- if you can't afford a croc Novak, and like the style of LV's Manhattan, the MARC JACOBS leather satchel is also worth looking into :D I kinda like this myself (Especially the color Orange!! Orange and Yellow are THE colors for Spring '06)

Shoot I better sleep, I am getting groggy! :D
Just text me at +14152835591 if you have a bag you want bought here in the U.S. and I will try to accommodate your purchase request. I will charge a minimal service fee, don't worry I won't charge a lot :D *I know what it's like to be broke!!*

HAPPY NEW YEAR BAG HAGS!!!!!!!!!!! Let's hope we get more money this 2006, so we can buy more bags *hehehe*

Peace and more love to you all for this new year :D *P.s. I won't stop biatching :D and you should't either!!*

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Stuffy Nose Stopped This Bag Hag's Buying Streak!

I am so short tempered today *sigh*. It's this nagging stuffy nose and chronic cough that's making me super cranky :(

But if anything, my current health condition has temporarily stopped my otherwise unstoppable charging spree. I was at Stonestown Mall tonight and the only thing I bought was a Murad lotion. It was a necessity. I am aging, and it shows. I figured some expensive lotion/ balm would repair some of the age- spots... *cough* or at least ATTEMPT to make me believe that it's repairing those age spots... After all, spending a hefty sum of money on a rather small tube better be damn worth every penny, right? :D *snicker*

I gotta keep this short. I didn't get a bag today *thank Gawd*. I was rather tempted to respond to CC's text about a new CHLOE bronze silverado being available at Neiman Marcus... So if anyone out there has been wanting one, welp, maybe the bag's meant for you :D *certainly NOT for me!* text me at +14152835591 :D

NITEY!! TWO MORE NIGHTS AND IT'S 2006!!!! Prepare your New Year's Resolutions!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Financial Trouble Knocking!

Guess what. I am SICK. AGAIN. (Like this year end has brought me nothing but endless flus and colds and cough... I guess this is really not my year, as my stupid chinois horoscope claimed)

Why was I sick anyway? For starters, I sleep super late. Just when you think I'd have adjusted nicely to US time because I sleep in the morning (like at 5am in the Philippines)... well, my body ADJUSTED in that now, I STILL sleep in the morning! Case in point-- it's now 3am! (Well I just sorta got home.. hehe) I got sick because I slept super late on December 26 (morning-- like at 6am) and was already awake by 8am. SUPERSALE DAY, remember? :)
I was at Union Square by 9:45am (just 45 minutes after stores opened), and there was a SWARM of people entering Neiman Marcus!! And I am NOT kidding!As I was at the floor of Neiman, I was surprised to see a familiar face on the floor of NM-- our very own former colleague at Metro Mag, CC. She is now married and has moved to SF and is now working as a merchandiser for NM. Oh yipee! That made shopping so much easier, having asked her to hold a few bags for me. Oh geez. I can't believe I am hoarding. You can't help it. Every other woman in that same bag department (there was this loooong table that had all these designer bags on sale-- from YSL *I almost bought this bag but it was a shearling bag so that ruled it out*, Loro Piana, Zac Posen, GUCCI *!!!!*, Pucci... and many more brands.......) It was like a sea of sharks out for the kill. I, being one of the weaker sharks. I must've had three bag swipes. Learned my lesson within minutes, so I had hoarded every "potential" bag and had CC store them :D

My sis in law and I ended up with one bag each (yep, ONLY!)-- she took the Zac Posen, while I, a self- confessed label whore/bag hag, took the indigo vernis monogram Gucci hobo. Oh and um... I bought a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti slides too... sigh I can't help it :( By the way, the Gucci patent monogram hobo bag was US$1050 (plus 30% discount!!)

Next stop: Saks Fifth. Shoe section first! I'm saddened. Those Prada pumps I had previously posted and wanted (the acorn with croc tip)? They aren't even on the floor. Nada. I ended up though, with a pair of yellow satin Jimmy Choos. I haven't worn heels in a long time... and I figured, I have had it with Manolo Blahniks, after the heels cracked (p.s. NM or Saks didn't have those brocade Manolos anyway!!). So anyway at the shoes floor of Saks, there was this Pucci corduroy hobo bag that I picked up. It was just placed on one side of the shoe area (where no one even bothers to look since those were the Pucci snow boots). I saw the bag and was sorta taken with the bag. The price was also good-- from $750, to just a bit over $300! I hesitated. REPEAT: I HESITATED. Because the leather parts of the bag had some scratches. The moment I put the bag back on the table, two women made a beeline for it. TWO DIFFERENT WOMEN and I heard one of them say "Are you gonna take that?". If this sale was any indication of the behavior of women during these big sales, I shudder to think of how women behave at sample sales *shock*. This little biatchin' bag hag would've been stomped on!!!! BROKE HAG ALERT: I HAD to pass by Goyard... again!! I ended up with yet another bag (SCREAM!!!!!)
SHOWN ABOVE ARE MY CONQUESTS (muwahahaha and my poor poor credit card, and worse, my poor poor, semi-non existent bank account). Observation: what is it with me and hobo bags lately??!!

BUYERS REMORSE I think!: *Cough cough* who wants my Gucci hobo? :D I wanna sell it already (even before I used it!). I will sell it for the price I got it for, which means you get the same discount! hehe... wait. let me SERIOUSLY think about it first. I am just too damn broke to keep the bag. I bought TWO Goyards... which makes it impossible for me to keep a third bag. And I am at this point, not really willing to give up either Goyard bags...
Anyyyyway, we headed off to H&M, and Owmahgawd, THERE'S A LINE at H&M! What is this?! A friggin VIP club?!?! I was slowly simmering in anger *PMS at work gals!!*. But hehe I got in in no time... So before I even began biatching, I already got in... :D Bought some cheap accessories and skirts... The line up to the cashier had about 40 people!!! It's really true what the papers said-- that December 26 was always THE time where people bring back stuff they don't want (gifts), and where bargain hunters (guilty) come buy stuff with slashed prices!

Guess who was also in line as we walked out of H&M? :D Why it's CL :D She too, was shocked to find that there was a line (already long) at H&M. :D CL is cute. She was carrying her FENDI teal spy, and wearing an Hermes twilly as a hair accessory, and she has that *ugh sooooo covetable* HOT PINK Motorola Razor (damn made me want one too, especially since my 'supposedly' trustworthy Nokia phone has been breaking down A LOT lately).

Oh Oh Oh! I HAVE to tell you this! Remember my friend DiVa's bracelets? I passed by Anthropologie and bought something there as well, and the store manager saw the bracelet (I only had one-- because my cousin SJ took my other piece) and LOVED it. So I told her my friend made them and she wanted me to email her photos of the pieces. :D *wow is all I can say. DiVa has fans in Northern California! hehe I am soo jealous!)

Our last stop was Urban Outfitters. ST just told me now that there's a store that sold designer shoes also at a discount, called DSW. Obviously I did not see that place or I would've already raided it :( *sniff* Oh well, maybe the day after tomorrow... *evil grin*

Tomorrow, I plan to hit Nordstrom Rack :D Oh Gawd I should have my credit cards confiscated... I am doing sooo much unwanted damage... :( I haven't even begun to plan my finances for 2006, and I am already broke... I need to raid someone's bank account. And my hubby's account is off limits to me-- those are my kids' futures.... *gulp* And no matter how rowdy they are, I think it's unforgivable to squander their educational fund... hehehee....

Ok I gotta call it a night. This nyquil- taking bag hag has gotta turn in already. If you want to buy a Goyard bag, text me to make arrangements :D +14152835591.

Monday, December 26, 2005


It's almost 3am and I am wide awake.
Yes, it's insomnia, but no, that's not the sole reason of my being awake.
Tomorrow, or rather, TODAY, is the AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE event EVERYWHERE.
True, Today makes up for the one-day of staying home because no stores were open.
I'm awake because I wanted a preview for myself of the stuff that's gonna go on sale at Neiman M, Saks Fifth, etc etc..... (ahh the list never really got shorter... especially now that today is THE day to shop).

So, armed with my late Dad's (sorry Dad, I know I shouldn't be hoard-shopping again) Amex card (for which I will need to pay my dear brother later *I hope he will allow me to pay in terms* gulp, oh my Gawd, I'll need to pawn my LV bags to even pay him...) Ok so here's my "wish" list. What remains to be seen is if I truly buy ANY one on the list!!


1. Prada Black Shopping Tote Grommet Bag (I'm not too hot about anything Prada, personally, but hey, one thing I have to hand to Miuccia, these microfiber bags are sooooo light!!)
And priced at about US$455 (tax inclusive-- that's roughly Php 25,000), this aint bad at all!2. Manolo Blahnik Crystal Studded Brocade Mule: I honestly swore off Manolos after the heel broke on me, but I can't resist these shoes. I've been eyeing them since they were first released. *sigh* These were priced at US$793 and are now US$413 (oh wait.. for that price, I can get the Prada... ok I gotta think this through). Come to think of it, I also have always wanted a pair of Manolo Croc Pumps and now those are priced almost half from US$3200++! *dream on, like I would reallly buy a pair of $1700+ shoes...3. Bottega Veneta yellow woven napa shoulder bag: Priced at US$315+ (Php 18,000+), this is a good buy-- hey it's LEATHER and it's BOTTEGA! Need I say more?4. Melissa Joy Manning wood and gold wire bracelet: Was US$340++, now US$170++. I am in love with this bracelet. I can just look at it in-store and decide if it's really for me or not.

1. Rene Caovilla magenta and purple satin D'Orsay pumps: Oh my these are to-die for. I first wore Caovilla to my brother's wedding, and though they hurt my feet like hell, even my sis-in-law, then bride (who would have been too busy or harrassed to even bother with little details) noticed my shoes :D These babies cost US$305++ (from US$870++!) Still steep but... ahh... can I resist? Well geez, CAN YOU??? 2. Dior black velvet flats with C buckle ornament: Costs US$158++ (from US$450++). I like that they have the "C" buckle. That's my family name's initial :D *snicker*3. Prada brown acorn pumps: I like these shoes. Kitten heels are perfect. I frankly am no longer into wearing high heels. Must be old age-- I keep complaining that my leg muscles ache after a short period of time walking in high heels. *geeeez!!* Price: US$ 187 ++(from US$535++). I think this is a shoe I will definitely be buying when I find it in my size... The price is something I like. Oh and I like that this has a teeny tiny croc cap toe. (But gawd don't these shoes look oldie???) Ah crud, so what, I AM getting old aren't I?! *biatch!!*4. Longchamp Large Nylon Tote: ATTENTION bag hags!!! These are DEFINITELY GOOD BUYS and I will surely be persuading my sis-in-law to invest in a few of these. They are the absolutely most versatile bag you can ever own, and cheap too! I was toting my large purple one with my sibs when my elder sib accidentally spilled HALF a glass of iced tea on it!! *MORBID!!!* I swore him off and told him he owes me a new bag, but guess what, there were no visible stains after it dried, and more importantly, the interior of the bag did NOT get wet! Hmm I didn't know they were sorta waterproof! (is that strange or what!). Anyway these bags (come in diff colors too), were once priced at US$144 and are now at approx $102 only (that's about Php 5,500)! And these are LARGE versions, take note!!

Oh crud. I will only be in SF for about two hours... Which means I might not even make it to H&M... So ok, armed with this much info, PLUS the usual sidetrips to the bag sections... Sigh, will we even be ok with 2 hours?

Doors open tomorrow at 7:30am! Seven thirty! Holy, that's 4 hours from now. Which means I better take Nyquil and get shut-eye. No, I'm not totally addicted to Nyquil. I have a throat thingie ok? :D

Ciao! Hope you guys had a great Christmas! It was pretty fun here with all my famille with me, but sucky because no stores were open. We ended up having haute Chinese cuisine at East Ocean by the Bay. Real spectacular view of the city. Food was good too! So it ain't so bad :) Besides, I have a few hours to sleep and dream about my wish list!

P.S. I am bothered that I can't stop thinking about the GOYARD croisiere in white...

SCARY THOUGHT ALERT: If I even go buy the Goyard croisiere bag tomorrow, that means I can't afford to shop for the rest of 2006. And it's not even 2006 YET!! If you want to get anything at Neiman Marcus or Saks, Please TEXT ME AT +639175401600. I managed to get that number hooked up with international roaming.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


What a waste of an otherwise good day!

Everything, I mean, EVERYTHING is closed (even our last-resort shopping place, the 24-hour SAFEWAY grocery store)! Horrors!

I think I am beginning to suffer from cabin fever!!!


P.S. Santa did NOT pass by my house.

EVIL THOUGHT ALERT: I think I should just hijack that FedEx truck that keeps passing by our street every single day... If I get lucky, I can pull out that hot new YSL Muse bag from one of the ratty looking boxes... *evil grin* Nice eh? :D Price: US$1,195++


Before I begin my post, let me just APOLOGIZE to you all: I DIDN'T BRING MY GLOBE MOBILE (+63916-758-0857); instead, I am reachable thru +1415-2835591 for the duration of my trip.

MERRY CHRISTMAS BAG HAGS!!!!! Ok, so you all haven't heard anything from me in what seems like EONS, when it was only a mere week since my last post. For those who couldn't figure out where I went, I flew to San Francisco! So I've been battling a serious case of jetlag. Worse than jetlag though, is having NO internet access. NONE.

This is truly a scary thing. I haven't even checked my mails or gone online for a whole week. And tonight is CHRISTMAS here-- DECEMBER 25, 2005, 1:50AM. Am I a total loser or what, to be online, when I could have been celebrating with chi chi friends at some new place somewhere in the City. I am instead, right smack in my folks' living room, all warm and toasty, avec la famille (as my famille *an otherwise complete attendance save for my beloved Daddy* sniff ) as they watch SNL while I finally can breathe and go online (it's awesome to be with family, but also insane!! *imagine THREE toddlers and a baby!*)

So let me give you a recap starting with what I did last night. Chic chick Celine Lopez hosted a nice famille dinner for us at her Seacliff penthouse (note: VERY posh neighborhood-- think celeb neighbors like Robin Williams and Sharon Stone). She cooked us an awesome meal, tagliatelle with truffle sauce and prosciutto, and yummy (my fave white meat) turkey! *and it was her FIRST time to cook turkey and it was yummmy* We sat down with her cool folks for dinner and by the end of the night, we were laughing our butts off with CL's witty stories and career experiences (This woman is so smart, and I am SOOO embarrassed to even admit that I don't read the paper everyday-- I swear CL knows EVERYTHING. I'm so amazed! *Damn I feel like a friggin village idiot, sitting there and not knowing what she and my siblings were talking about-- just goes to show how dumb I really am in person *muwahahaha*
Prior to that dinner thingie, my siblings decided to drive over to the City a few hours ahead to pass by UNION SQUARE. Oh yeah... So there. THAT'S what I was up to. (In fact, that was the ONLY time for me to "shop" because we were all always with the kids.. and parents, you know what it's like to have KIDS around you as you shop *gulp* "Mommy I want this.. Mommy I want that... Mommy I'm tired. Mommy I want to pee.. Mommy I need to go potty...." ALL THAT IN AN HOUR!!! *TAKE THAT!!*)

Soooo anyway let's go back to the topic shall we (for fear of straying too much, after downing a few MUGS of spiked EGG NOG *fudge, watcha think, I was gonna spend Christmas SOBER? I think not hehehe)

AHHHH UNION SQUARE... This is the scene that greeted me as we walked toward the square
So many lights! Ahhhh so beautiful... But MORE IMPORTANTLY, SO MANY STORES AND ONLY AN HOUR TO SPARE!!! By the way before I forget, the temp here now is about 50 deg Fahrenheit (about 12 deg Celsius *I think! geez I don't know, I aint smart... I don't know crap about conversions, but you probably already knew that didn't ya!*)

As my sis-in-law and I split up with my siblings and hubby (well we CAN'T possibly have THEM follow US around now, can we? I mean we are under a SERIOUS time constraint here!)
I ONLY had ONE store in mind. But of course I still had a wee bit of time to take THIS photo of the beautiful Tree... Sigh... I love Christmas in the City... Oh my Gawd, I HAVE to tell you this!! I forget who exactly sent me an SMS on the day that I was leaving for SF. The message read something like this "Do you know that GOYARD has opened up a store in San Francisco?" My heart ALMOST stopped. Literally. And she continued to text "I guess it must be fate that you are going there too!"

HELL YEAH IT IS FATE!!!!!!!! So obviously WHERE did I go while I was in Union Square, right??? I first went into ARTHUR BEREN (shoe store-- I used to buy my Ferragamo loafers there-- in different colors, same style.. hahaha... ahh well that time has since passed!! *Thank Gawd!*) to ask a sales associate where GOYARD might be located. So as he described to me which building the boutique was located, my radar picked up on the location just like that *snap snap*!! GOYARD is located in the former Bang and Olufsen boutique!

So you can already GUESS if I had bought anything at Goyard. I was in HEAVEN!! So I befriend the two sales associates (Eli and Clayton). Those two guys must think I am IN-SAAAANE!!! But hey, worth the trip, they took out like 14 bags for me to see, compare, feel, wear... Geez... I AM the clientzilla for the day!

So, did I buy anything??? :D Come on peeps, time for you all to give it a gooood guess again!! If you can, send me a message at +1415-2835591. (Or if you happen to have any bags you want here in SF :D you can also SMS me at that number. Don't email me because I won't have time to go online everyday... gotta entertain the famille--- despite my so-called vacation, I feel I will need another vacation after this trip. Sans the kids on my next vacation hehehe... I love them dearly but I am soooo pooped at the end of each day!!)

Anyyyyway, I spent so much time at Goyard that we were not even able to pass by SAKS FIFTH AVENUE or NEIMAN MARCUS. *Don't worry, as the Governator of CA would say, ' I'll be back'*. CL's mom, Tita EL would later make me regret not passing by NEIMAN. Apparently they have a SHOE SALE!!! *Boy WHY did I NOT smell THAT from a mile away when I normally would have??!!* Ok I will definitely BE BACK for that! Neiman M is my shopping Mecca... hehe.. but you all would have known that by now, wouldn't you? (But what You all DON'T know is, I AM TOO BROKE TO GET ANYTHING AT NM!) *bawwwwl*

At the end of the night, we were hanging out at Steps of Rome in Little Italy (Columbus Street). This is my old haunt (a friggin institution already!), and the place has been in SF for ages. If you come visit San Francisco, you MUST stop by Steps of Rome to have 1. Gelato (hazelnut and banana... SINFUL!!!), and 2. to experience a POSSIBLE tiramisu shot *muwahaha* from one of the Italian servers *and if you get lucky, you get the HOT guy *hehehe censor censor before my hubby sees this!!*

Ok wait, it's already 2:52 am on the morning of December 25. It's getting pretty chilly here now, and I think I wanna sit down and watch some telly ("E Soup" is showing now). Plus, I am HUNGRY (crud, so much for my diet-- I have to date, downed FIVE Krispy Kreme donuts, and THREE Mrs. Fields cookies.. oh how I wish I could just not gain weight.. but alas, I am only human... a biatch at that. *hehehe I havent lost that biatchiness, I'm just playing nice now. It's Christmas.)

I will try NOT to sleep tonight. Maybe Santa will pass by and drop crap on our chimney (umm yeah CRAP. I won't get gifts. I was too biatchy this year to be even remembered by Santa, let alone be put on his gift list!)

Don't forget, send me an SMS if you want me to be your personal shopper (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!). I will be going back to Union Square. That Much I'm sure of!

Ciao for now and til my next post! I will TRY to post daily, but if I don't, please don't pelt me with rocks!! :D Be kind to biatches!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

IT BAGS, Bracelets, and a HOGWART'S vacation!

Upon Dr. M's suggestion, I leafed through the Wintourian bible VOGUE and indeed it's an issue that you must buy (for fellow bag hags!! attention!) The mag is currently packed with info on the Louis Vuitton Champs Elysees opening party, as well as a timeline and a feature on LV creative director Marc Jacobs. Also in the issue, is a feature on IT bags, which include among others:

1. CHLOE Paddington
2. BALENCIAGA Motorcycle
3. FENDI Spy (Oh my gawd how luxe, the Royal Blue CROC!!)
4. HERMES birkin (in wonderfully rich purple croc too!)
7. LV Murakami (I know, I know, it's a love-hate thing. Either you dig the multicolore line or you don't. No undecideds)
8. BOTTEGA hoboIn the magazine, were also other features such as the HERMES shoulder birkin, and a GOYARD trunk (library) case worth AU$11,000++ *faint*. These are apparently uncommon gift ideas for whomever (umm yeah, sure they're uncommon. I mean, show me a man who would buy his ladylove *or male biatch* a friggin AU$11K suitcase). *sigh, so much money and so many "unusual" gift ideas to splurge all that moolah on!*

Ahh to fellow bag hags, DiVa won't be able to fulfill your bracelet orders this year, so if you don't mind waiting a few weeks for the new supply, she really appreciates it. I swear I have to be the most freeloading biatch there is in Manila that I was able to get a free bracelet from DiVa! (she made me a special one that no one has YET *feeling-VIP-alert!* Thank youuuu girl!! *mwwwahh!* I looove loooove her bracelets. In all honesty, even if I get given free accessories, I won't wear them if I don't like them. So I swear these bangles really caught my eye, and I have not stopped getting compliments since I have been seen wearing them (heck even strangers stare at my wrists-- and I thought they were staring at my fake bling purple ring *muwahahaha*). I'm DiVa's number one fan (and because of you hag readers, she has become bigtime! She wished to convey her THANKS, and is so grateful for your support! I told her to start a sweatshop already! haha) P.S. By the way, she is gonna come out with a new line for her bracelets next year, called the BONDING bracelets, for moms AND daughters! Check them out *Friggin Mini Me's!!*. So if YOU are interested, give me a holler next year! I think I'm now her self- appointed ambassador.. *ewww I'm such a poor role model, puke*

Super hate to cut this blog short, but I must prepare already for my trip to San Francisco. I will still blog *or attempt to do it*, so keep on reading!!

Oh and just thought I'd mention as well. My 'cousin' Sam makes these round crystal faceted charm anklets. If anyone's interested, send me an email and I'll forward you her contact number.
Ey, Sam:
you need to take a better photo *hehe* next year for me!

Wow, is my blog becoming advertising space or what?! I think I need to start making money off of this blog by charging *muwahahaha selfish Biatch!!* That way I can afford to buy another GOYARD! *Muwahahaha*

Peeps, I will NOT reply to your texts to me ( I got into trouble not so long ago, with an astronomical phone bill), but will TRY to reply if it merits a life-threatening answer *snicker*

Hugs to hags!! This bag hag Hogwart (yup I have baptised me a new name!! hehe) is off to the other side of the world. Gotta get last minute packing already :D

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The LOWS of Night Bazaars :D *creepy crawlers!*

If you noticed, the last few days' posts have been rather boring. Because frankly, it is NOT easy to make my day SEEM totally fun if it was in reality, boring and drab.

Today was quite different. At least something is worth talking about. So let me start talking about it while I again, STUFF my face with SECOND PIECE of this Delicious Kopi Bun from KopiRoti *ST knows my weakness :( hmmph she is trying to get me faat!!* Ok where were we (damn I am becoming so forgetful already :( It must be the effect all those epidural bottles I used up during childbirth.. either that or OLD AGE *gulp*)

1. TRAFFIC: Crap have you ANY idea how long it takes to get from Wilson Street to Annapolis Street?!?! Almost 1.5 hours!!! Granted it was rush hour, but uh, on normal days, it just takes at most, 15 minutes! Apparently today was an exception. And when crap happens, I tend to be RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of it!! *I swear I must have the word JINX tattooed on my flat butt! Because crap just ALWAYS happens to me!! *grrrr* I was supposed to pass by my ace lensman Patrick Uy's new studio (remember I didn't make it to his inauguration?) at 2pm. Anyway I got to Greenhills at 5:40 pm-- Patrick had to go home. Home being next door. So I ended up visiting him and his lovely wife Evelyn at his home (I can never forget this man. Both he and his wife are so kind and accommodating. I remember the time I had just given birth and was still breastfeeding my baby-- I had to style a jewelry photo shoot with him as photog (ahhh back in METRO WEDDINGS days with Daph). He so graciously lent me his younger kid's room so I can "pump" in complete privacy). Anyway, Patrick brought me back to his HUGE *I mean HUGE* studio (where he rents it on a per hour basis-- this is soooo awesome, I swear). I took a step back and looked around. Patrick Uy has indeed honed his craft to perfection. This is his dream and he is living it. And where was I? *cough cough, in career and financial HELL* I swear the only place I can say I am at now, is in Bag Purgatory *I can't afford a new bag, although I am currently contented with what I have* hehe.. That, and I was in TRAFFIC for sooo long.

2. Out of sheer boredom after having dinner with the hubmeister, we decided to hop on to the Karl Edwards Fort Tent Bazaar. You wanna know the height of CHEAPSKATENESS? (is that even a word???) We didn't have any free tickets on us, so we were supposed to cough up with Php 50 each as entrance. I didn't want to. Come on, it was already 9pm, less than an hour to shop (although let me tell you now, I did NOT come here to shop. I came here for entertainment, as you will read on in a bit). Can you believe I spent 5 minutes HAGGLING with the door biatch (so I can get in free)?? *snicker* But of course, my efforts were futile. My husband decided to cough up the dough to get it over with (and save him from further embarrassment that his wife is just TOO FRIGGIN VULGAR) *muwahahaha* So there. We went to the Fort Bazaar. Together. For once. (Hubby hates going to bazaars-- and I mean HATES it)

3. HOLY SMOKES. This place has become a mini Canal Street! I can't count the number of stalls that had AT LEAST ONE FAKE designer bag brand for sale! Shame! *And I, my fellow hags, have the photos to show for! muwahahaha*


a. So there's the FAKE Gucci keepall bag. Funny, there are tags attached hehe... gee, I should've bought the bag right beneath it (the exclamation point bag). That says a lot about how I feel as I walk the halls of this bazaar (with all the fakes being displayed and all *but no one buying :D*)b. And then of course the token SALE at FACTORY PRICES. Notice the FAKE Louis V. bucket. It's like made of some printed matter. Don't ask me, I didn't think it was worth my time. Fakes are fakes and this one looks real fake. It's pretty BUGLY. Look there's even FAKE Antigua bags in different drab colors *snicker*3. Ohhh Now THIS is a classic. I mean what a *cough cough* Great sales pitch this is *NOT!!* "Export Overrun Ladies Jackets Prada Chanel LV"... Sigh some people just HAD to purposely OMIT the word FAKE. That placard meant "Export Overrun Ladies Jackets FAKE Prada FAKE Chanel FAKE LV" Sigh... it's actually funny how that placard even had the corresponding designer logos *Oh Gawd this is Makati, I HOPE no one gets sucked into buying those, THINKING they're the real deal!* oooh look they even have the denim jacket with the fur trim (LV logo a gogo denim jacket!) *heehaw I swear this is TOO funny :D* So my husband started snickering when we got to this booth. Sigh, my husband is becoming just as shameless as I. I don't think the sales women got what he was laughing at. And I, was NOT laughing *which made the scene even all the more hilarious*. I kept a straight face (because I was trying to figure out HOW to take this damn photo!!).
Gee thanks hubbyho, I get to do all the dirtywork while you just laugh these things off. No wonder those sales women were guarded when they kept seeing me passing back and forth (and my husband would sorta give out this funny laugh everytime he passed by). See, my husband has FINALLY found appreciation for the REAL DEAL. (He used to say, "it's only a bag, why work yourself up when you see a fake?"). Hehehe I have converted my husband into a snooty man biatch *muwahahaha SCORE!!!* (Boy my mom-in-law would be livid! hehehe what did I do to his unico hijo!)

4. THIS tops our HALL OF SHAME list! *And again this proves what a loser I can be* I saw a FAKE DENIM LV MANHATTAN PM!! Now THIS you have to see! Sigh if it were only real.... :D I sent a message to LV brand manager Rhea about seeing this very bag. It was like hitting paydirt!! The denim looked Almost like the real thing (it's SO SCARY, but there are still variations and I don't think they'll EVER get it). The sales lady even PROUDLY shows me the DATECODE *now I had to laugh!!* and said that the cowhide handles really darken with use *hilarious!!* It costs Php 4,000 for this FAKE. This is even funnier-- look to the right of the manhattan. You'll see a FAKE metallic silver Fendi spy bag *guffaw!!* This is like, the Mount Everest of fakes at the Fort Bazaar. I've reached the top, baby! (or rather, the last level of Hell in Dante Alighieri's Inferno). Now you wonder HOW ON EARTH DID I MANAGE TO GET THIS PHOTO TAKEN? I swear I will do you all proud. Do you see the small Japanese print wallets below the denim bag? *LOSER BAG HAG ALERT in 3...2...1* Yep, I bought one of those. Do I like the wallet? Well it's paper. That won't make much of a wallet now, will it? It's what I like to call, a research expenditure. Unlike Mr. Chinaman at the World Trade Bazaar (who just eyed me like a hawk EVEN after I bought a Strawberry Shortcake pouch from his booth *thus declaring myself an idiot for buying that pouch from HIS booth*), these sales women were accommodating. I asked them if I could take a photo of the bag because it looked SOOOO real that I had to keep a photo as a remembrance since I "could not afford to buy the bag" (my Gawd HOW LAME an excuse was THAT?!?! And I call myself a friggin writer.. Geez!! LAME!!). OK-- wait, let me clarify the excuse: 1. It's TRUE, I cannot afford to buy a Php 4,000 bag. 2. I will NEVER buy that bag even if I can afford it. Who am I fooling here?! Why buy fakes!!

Sigh, frankly I need to breathe. I need to get out of FAKE BAGS HELL *Bag Hag Biatch Alert!!*. Ok so now you ask, why do I bother even posting these fakes on my blog? Why even give it blog space, right? Because I want to tell you this. The ONLY real bag I saw tonight was this lady's LV Speedy Pandora Bag :D *a sight for sore eyes, I tell you*

So what did we learn tonight after that nocturnal gallivant? That fakes are everywhere and that just because you see a fake bag that sorta looks like the real thing, doesn't mean you should buy it. Why? Well put it this way, do you want to make yourself believe it's the real thing you are carrying? Will the fake bag TRULY make you feel good about yourself? Come on. Let's not start. And I'm not saying either that just because you can't afford to buy the real bag, doesn't mean you don't deserve the real bag. You do. We all do. WE ALL DESERVE TO OWN A REAL DESIGNER BAG!!! *screaming that on top of my lungs!!* But be sure to keep your financial priorities in check! (In other words, don't go for broke over a real bag *ahem, victim! victim!* if you really can't seem to part with your money-- especially if there are other things you should worry about, like buying milk for your baby/ spending for your kid's education *cough cough, GUILTY! sigh I'm such a loser :(*) Do not just squander off your hard- earned money (worse, squander it off to buy a fake bag). Rather, set it aside, and save up (with disposable income only please) for a real one. (I try to preach sensibility into other people although I myself have NONE). And remember girls and boys: One real designer bag is much, much better than a hundred fakes.

And that, dear hags, marks the end of tonight's post. I know this, I did waste 50 pesos going into the Fort Bazaar. (I'm again beginning to realize why I stopped going to bazaars-- because there was really not much bags to see *except for a variety of Bangkok beaded canvas bags which I won't mind hoarding... err buying*) But yeah yeah, it was entertaining wasn't it ? :D *I got what I paid for!* (ahh but wouldn't it have been much, much better if I got in for free, and if I didn't hafta spend 200 pesos for a paper wallet! *hehe) Ah well, at least it's not a fake!! :D

Nighty, you chic owls! But wait!! Before I forget!!

LV AFFICIONADOS ALERT: Just confirmed Louis Vuitton will have a NEW vernis color! RASPBERRY :D *love love love! I can't wait!!!* Night!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Saying goodbye to my own bag seems like one of the hardest things to do. Everytime I have to say goodbye to one of my own, I find myself staring at my bag for a VERY LONG time. I'm so attached to my bags. *Call me insane. But I'm sure at least ONE of you readers can relate to this!*

I just have to post my baby one last time...
ST: Love my bag ok? I loved this bag and if it weren't so darn small, I would NEVAH have let it go!! But I know you'll take care of this baby, so she's in good hands and I can rest easy! *Sigh I hope I don't regret selling her haha*

Oh Gawd I just realized I am also saying goodbye to my White Satin Glitter Tote! *gulp* I hate this, I get all depressed when I let a bag go. I remember clamouring so hard to get this glitter tote. It was practically impossible to get the bag, since it was not even offered here in Manila! Anyway it's gonna be ok I guess *getting all teary- eyed*. This is all for the best. After all, I have my pink glitter still hehehe *I realllly hogged a lot of bags this year and it's NOT funny :(* It really takes guts to buy a limited edition piece. After all, the price is not for the faint- hearted. But buying a bag is really for YOURSELF and YOURSELF ALONE. You don't really buy a bag to brag to people that you can afford it. Quite honestly, I can tell you that I may splurge on bags, but I live a VERY modest lifestyle-- think, NO COUCH, and had to Beg my mom for dining table chairs!! *pathetic!!* I am not rich, but I really appreciate bags a lot, especially limited edition ones. It's just like other people who either like splurging on jewelry but live in rented homes-- I CAN RELATE. Because That's soooo ME. I guess I should learn to prioritize soon... *sob* or I'll be the woman begging on the streets, with a padlocked tarp over my bags (all tied up on the electricity post by the sidewalk). *Gawd I'm sooo dead serious* If my bags had no resale value, then I'd be up to my knees in debt *again, I am dead serious!!*

Ok moving right along.. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, was so tired after having met up with the METRO gals I just crawled my big butt over to my Mom's and caught some ZzZzZs. I was just soooo dead tired. I was with Mommy today, and we were at the doctor's the WHOLE day, waiting for her turn. Anyway, waiting in that crappy place *I hate the smell of hospitals, it's like breathing GERMS every second* made me think of a few things...


1. My impending Christmas vacation: Why think of this, it's a no-brainer, right? Wrong. How would YOU feel if you were a kid and were let loose in a candy store with NO cash? That's EXACTLY how I feel. *ugh proves how selfish I am!* We could not have afforded ourselves this trip if it were not for my folks who so graciously provided. Christmas gift to me and my kids! To my family: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I swear, I may not be the luckiest daughter-in-law, but I sure am the luckiest daughter!! *sob* I am really touched by their never-ending generosity towards me. I don't come from a rich family, but I can tell you that my family never fails to remember me even after I got married (especially when it comes to these trips). I am seriously a lucky hag. I CANNOT begin to think where I can come up with the money to pay for a vacation. *sigh* CAN-NOT! So now that I have a free trip, how on earth can I pay for the stuff I see (that I like)?? I can't even afford to buy my kids any Thomas and Friends toys! *BooHooo! PATHETIC to the umpteenth degree that it's embarrassing already!!* The only vacations I can afford were the free ones (hehe.. *cough cough* FREELOADER ALERT!)

2. I seriously need to get a life (to my detractors *cough*, you are absolutely right on the money when you said I need a life, coz I DO!!). Can you believe it? I'm at the doctor's office and the one thing on my mind is GOYARD (again!) This time I want a Jeanne PM in either Orange or Yellow. My GAWD do I need to hog AGAIN?!! *thwap myself* But Barney's is sooo close! All it takes is an online order (oh wait, my shopper... crap! a PHONE CALL only!) and voila I get the bag in the mail! *bawl*. Price: US$1,105 plus tax and shipping... Sigh ok ok, a Fidji Hobo would do too. *hehe*

*SNAP* Earth to bag hag! It was already our turn... *erase the dirty thoughts!!*

So anyway I'd like to keep this post short. I should start thinking of something profitable to do already. Crud so many millionaires cropping up everyday and I am getting left behind! *bawl, beg beg beg*

I'll post something longer tomorrow, I promise. My day was pretty uneventful so this post is rather short.

P.S. MT: thank you SO much for thinking of me. I love your gift. This woman, I swear, she sends me this care package (and this aint her first time)!! Take care girl!!

Monday, December 12, 2005


You know what confirms your social standing? (No, it's not whether or not you receive an invite to the Tatler Society Ball). It's the kind of gifts you receive during Christmas. Before I begin going into detail about the chosen topic of the night, let me remind everyone that it's NOT the value of the gift that counts. It's the THOUGHT given into it-- how personal is the gift, was it chosen especially for you *or was it a generic reproduction of ONE original and personally-chosen item*? I am going to be brutally honest about this-- I hate receiving recycled gifts. ESPECIALLY IF IT'S CLEARLY RECYCLED.

I would never want to recycle gifts, quite honestly. I'd personally rather not receive any gift at all, rather than receive a recycled gift (that I clearly know IS recycled). This really hurts me *hehehe hurts my sides-- from laughing hehehe!!* but well it has to be said. I've had my share of recycled gifts from hubby's maternal side of the family (I guess that shows how much they respect me *pttoooooeeeey* hehe). At my kiddo's 1st birthday party, my MIL's brother comes in full force (all SIX of them) with his wife and kids, and they presented my son with this *cough* slightly dirty winnie the pooh throw pillow. *To be honest, I was NOT expecting gifts from them-- would rather NOT receive gifts* Anyway, since we were registered in Rustan's and this one had a slightly faded and folded tag that said Rustans (with the bar code and all), we took the pillow back (my kid was at that time still allergic to dust and my allergologist had suggested we keep throw pillows and decorative pillows etc away from him). Imagine my surprise when the sales associate at the Kiddie section said "Ay ma'am naku, three years ago pa namin ni-phase out itong pillow! E mukhang gamit pa nga naman ito, di namin yan matatanggap kasi din wala na sa system namin yan at mukhang gamit na." (Trans: Oh ma'am, this pillow has been phased out three years ago and it also looks used already. We can't take this back because this item is no longer in our system and it also already looks used). MY GAWD. Horrors and Horrors. Come to think of it, this uncle of hubby has a daughter who is of age *to go on dates* and this pillow probably came from a suitor *ahhh the provenance of that pillow... I still make guesses everytime I remember it! muwahaha* My husband had to laugh out loud, but I on the other hand, was a bit too stunned to react. But I swear, from that time on, I knew this maternal uncle of my husband doesn't think much of me (*ahem excuse me, they are NOT some friggin VIPs although they are wealthy, I'll have you know that much. Take note, this is hubby's MATERNAL side. Not the REAL relatives *real meaning, his father's side, of which I carry their last name upon marriage.*).

CLIMAX: The climax of a recycled gift "cycle" is when you receive the VERY SAME ITEM that you had wrapped for the recipient a year ago. NO JOKE-- THIS HAPPENED TO ME. I sent my husband's maternal uncle (yup the very same man) and his family this tea cup set (I may not have given a reallyyyy expensive gift, hence their rejection *muwahaha HEY I still could NOT forget what happened at Rustan's with their birthday gift for my kid! Hehehe they don't exactly rank THAT high up on my gift-giving list, but at least I had the decency to buy them a NEW gift!*). So anyway, guess what?!!! Last Christmas, I GOT THIS SAME SET from them. How did I know? Well I have this habit of leaving a small marking under the boxes of the stuff I give (this is actually for our maids to know what wrapping to use). BELIEVE IT!! I received that VERY SAME GIFT! I don't quite know how to react, quite frankly. So I just laughed out loud for the longest time (this being STRIKE TWO for them in my book). My husband on the other hand, was visibly embarrassed. Hey it was NOT his fault if his maternal relatives did that, right? But I guess that really embarrassed him, them having done this the second time in a row (recycle recycle!!) :( *sorry honey! I don't mean to mock them, but their recycling habits just merits a long post here, in light of Christmas*

BIATCH BIATCH ALERT: So I am reallllllly tempted to "pingpong recycle"-- meaning, give that SAME gift (that I gave them that I received from them) back to them. *muwahahahaha* HAGS: You have NO idea how many of my friends have been egging me to do it *hahahaha* cheapskate Biatch biatch biatch!*

Know what? Despite wanting to do it sooooo bad just to continue this unwritten tradition of giving recycled gifts to hubby's maternal uncle, I choose not to. I have actually since used those same cups in my place (see, I won't give gifts that I don't like). Instead, I am seriously thinking of giving them a gift from one of my husband's friends *cough cough another recycler*. HEHEHE Now I become the BIATCH RECYCLER HAG OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT *muwahahahaha!!!* THIS you HAVE to hear!! Now this couple- friend of hubbyho is quite well-off, but of course how can one become well-off? By being a cheapskate. *DON'T laugh, this is sooo true, and it's not something we should seriously mock. After all, I AM A CHEAPSKATE TOO, and am hoping one day my being cheapskate will be rewarded-- that I finally become rich! muwahaha yeahhh right in a millllllion years! *
So anyway this couple (they're actually nice people, so I won't give them crap for recycling-- I don't mind) gave us some toiletries/bath products. I smelled the "Room Spray" bottle (I liked the scent) so I checked out the brand so I'd know where to get it (It honestly really smells nice). Then I saw (in one corner) that these bottles were actually PERSONALIZED. Meaning the label of the bottle itself said, "FROM *name of the kids and the parents*"!! These were friggin personalized stickers that were placed on each bottle! So natch, I knew again that these were recycled gifts! Anyway I don't think (or rather I HOPE) the wife of my hub's friend knew (or rather, did NOT know) that the toiletries were personalized.. hehehe

OUR SOCIAL STANDING: The abovementioned instances only confirm that we are even way below the status of pond scum to be receiving friggin recyclables *Shucks, does that mean the recycled gifts we receive are so befitting since I sell second-hand bags? Hence, the gifts we receive are also second hand???*GULP* Ok now you hags know WHO we truly are. If we were such VIPs, then we'd be getting NEW stuff. *bawl*

So in conclusion, I am thinking of being a mean bratty biatch, and I will send these PERSONALIZED (from someone else we know, but not REALLY know hahaha yes, the toiletry bottles were from people we sorta know *hahaha*) toiletries to the hubby's maternal uncle. For insulting me by giving me back the gift I gave them last Christmas. *muwahahaha boy do I hold a grudge! hahaha Biatch!*

Oh gawd this is just wayyy tooo friggin funny! *ohhh I am Sooooo mean!!!!!* Ok, Ok enough already. If someone out there actually thinks this ain't such a bad idea, do tell me. hehehe... (+63916-7580857)

After dinner, I decided to go to the World Bazaar at the World Trade Center (for lack of something better to do-- hey my girlfriend EC had free tickets, might as well use them!). Saw some pretty interesting booths-- NOT! Selling FAKE LV, FAKE DIOR, FAKE PRADA, FAKE COACH.

I was with EC and was gonna take photos of that booth (UGH!). Suddenly out came this Chinese man who eyed me like a hawk after he saw me with a camera (ready to shoot). So I just had to make a small scene with EC and told her "Hey girl stand there and smile for the camera! I'm gonna send this to your friends overseas because you are STILL shopping at 11PM!" I clicked. (I tried to take a photo of the big basket on the floor that held these mini LV bags *sigh if only they were real, they'd be cute*Anyway, Mr. Chinaman was not convinced at ALL. He was whispering to his wife *or mistress hehehe* (in Chinese-- hehe too bad that man didn't know I can speak and understand the language) that she should tell me that no photos are allowed to be taken of his booth. Anyway that never happened because EC ended up buying a Strawberry Shortcake wallet from this booth (oh my gawd, did we just support a terrorist by buying his merchandise???*gulp but it's Strawberry Shortcake! hehe*)

An hour passed and I realized that this place was really huge-- we were not even in the half of the whole complex! I'm sooo guilty...

SINFUL PURCHASE: Hizon's Cream Roll (too late, I couldn't take a photo, I already wolfed down TWO slices of the cake *all of it* before I even logged on tonight).

I also saw that there were some Celeb booths-- Judy Ann Santos (local soap star) has a booth, but I have NO idea what they are selling there. Another booth which caught my eye was that of DingDong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza (I know of DingDong-- he was a singer back when I was still a teener hehee.. oh my.. I'm OLD). It's not so much their names of the booth that caught my eye, it was WHAT they were selling.Is THAT a Fake Louis Vuitton towel I see?? Look past the bag in the center of the photo and check out the right side where there's a huge VUITTON towel hanging. Can anyone (who has an LV towel) tell me if that's a real towel or not? If that's fake, what in designer heaven's name is THAT thing doing in THEIR booth?

Ok anyway all that aside, I went home with a new bag. Nooooo NOT a FAKE one *HAH! Nooo Wayyy* Remember my new "POCKETFULS" purple Zara bag? That bag had cost me Php 4,000++. THIS new Bangkokgreen hobo canvas bag with sequins and embroidery only cost me Php 450! *Oh gawd, just 10% of the price of the POCKETFULS bag* Anyway this is to further prove to you hags that I also LOVE cheap bags :D I think this bag will take quite a beating from use :D I also bought similar bags to give to my friends *proof that I DO NOT recycle gifts to give to my friends *hehehee!*

Gotta sleep now, I will be using BANGKOK GREEN tomorrow and I can't wait :D

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I am still giddy with excitement *like a little girl* over the bracelets that I have ordered from DCV (or DiVa! *I baptised her with that name hehe*). She won't make tons of them so if any of you want them (they look super duper good in 3s or 4s-- together), better just SMS/ text me at +639167580857 asap. I am meeting her on Monday for my bracelets *jump up and down!!*

I don't know why, but lately, I am loooving bracelets too. I use Daphne's pearls to death (along with my "good find" cameo with Baguio's tambourine necklace chain), and now I am anxious to go back to wearing bracelets.

So I was at Greenbelt tonight with my kiddo and hubby-o. Had to pass by FIRMA since I was such a bad friend for not having been able to attend the NAGA jewelery launching a few days ago. FIRMA's happy couple Ricky Toledo and Chito Vijandre are both there *while I apologized profusely for my absense-- not like I'm some VIP.. wait, VIP wannabe YES. But a real VIP? No I certainly am not* I peer over the glass cases to see what Wynnwynn Ong has concocted this time. ***Siiiiighhhhh*** Remember my new bracelet obsession? Well I didn't need to be persuaded to buy THIS.I know, it's quite funny that I had bought myself a Kamagong wooden cuff bracelet with antiqued sterling silver insects. I loved the theme of this cuff. It's quirky. I know many can't take the thought of "wearing" insects, but that theme has been used in sooo many fine jewelry pieces, so this is not really something new. Rather, I like that someone might just roll a newspaper and thwack my wrist when they see the insect "sitting" on my wooden cuff *hehehe isn't that hilarious?!* I bought this as a conversation piece, apart from loving cuffs.

The price I paid for this cuff-- it's not cheap unfortunately. In fact, I could just have bought more of DiVa's bracelets *sigh what can we do if we like jewelry (well I can't afford fine jewelry FYI) hehe.. I'm soo pathetic!!*

Anyway let's move away from the jewelry subject (or I won't stop!!) Let's talk about Louis Vuitton bags (in light of my selling one of my most precious bags in my collection: the purple vernis thompson street). This was so funny, a day after I had posted that I was gonna sell my thompson street, I was getting texts left and right to buy my bag, and there were also a few who were pleading that I don't sell the bag since it's now limited edition. Too late everyone, dear gal ST is taking the bag :D ST, don't fret about not being able to go to HK. It'll always be there dahling :D And you BETTER take care of my purple bag!!! *stern look* hehe

I was reading a post on one of the Vuitton forums and there was an article (in Japanese) about LV producing a PERLE VERNIS SPEEDY for the Japan Ginza 1 year anniversary! I was like, A VERNIS SPEEDY???? oH my GawD!!! I would have lined up for the speedy (especially if it were in purple too)*hehe wishful thinking* I just love purple vernis. I also like the perle vernis and had almost brought home and used a perle houston, but hubby said it was not nice. So it got returned and replaced :D

I also like the LEMON YELLOW (once had this bag for sale at TRESOR. This bag got sold rather quickly too!) the FUCHSIA (a color which I am sooo loving as well-- my friend CY has a fuchsia vernis and I was persuading her to sell it to me and she just WON'T budge! *hmmph!!*) as well as this TAXI YELLOW Vernis (the taxi yellow is darker and deeper. Lemon yellow is light yellow) This is a taxi-yellow Mini Forsyth *and too bad this isn't my bag hehe*. My choice of colors goes to show that I really do like the brights to go with my usually dull outfits (hence the big surprise when I bought the Black TURTLE bag-- my first black bag too).
Other vernis colors that are nice are: RED (it's such a bright color of red. I love red but have since retired this color after Daddy passed away), but I guess my all-time fave will always be the PURPLE. The LAVENDER is not bad too although the color is not too striking. I like that it's lilac but I honestly don't like it on vernis leather. Oh, If LV would only produce more colors in the future *sigh* Perhaps a LIME GREEN, or a BUBBLEGUM PINK (not marshmallow pink) would become hot sellers too. *Oh my can YOU imagine??!! This can be a financial nightmare you know :D*

Anyway, other colors include the WHITE, BABY BLUE, MARSHMALLOW PINK, PEPPERMINT (oh I like peppermint too), GOLD, SILVER, BEIGE, INDIGO, BRONZE. Let me know if I forgot other colors (hehehe thanks to ebay, I have shamelessly lifted most of these photos from there hehehee)

IMPURE THOUGHTS ALERT: Can you imagine if one would make COLLECTING vernis leathered Louis Vuittons their career?? hehehe, I can actually see myself collecting the SAME style in different vernis leathers...Oh Gawd let's NOT start. This is indeed a VERY impure thought! *erase erase!!*

It's 2.15 am. I don't think I am in the right frame of mind anymore for thinking such a ludricrous thought. *sigh indeed I am a sinking ship-- a PATHETIC LOSER of a sinking ship. Geez I gotta get me a REAL life! *

Ptooooey... Nighty hags!! Let me dream in Vernis tonight hehehe... :D