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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So now I must've told like 20 people that I am surfing the crimson wave. Now why would I even blab about that? Because people *pttoeey have some tact, women!* have been asking me why I am growing an acne farm on my face! NOT ONLY on my forehead, but also on my both of my once-virgin cheeks! *bawl*

Being so depressed even after already having chatted with my mate JT of Stratford-Upon-Avon *girl you gotta come visit Asia because 1. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MOVE SO FAR FROM US?! 2. I HAVE NO MONEY TO BUY A TICKET TO FLY TO YOUR SIDE OF THE WORLD!!*, I decided maybe it's time once more to have a look-see at my Christmas wishlist *woooohoooo!* and figure out WHICH item on the list I can now strike out *umm yeah right*

1. IPL laser treatment- Status: NOT done; too scared I think!
2. HERMES croc birkin bleu royal- Status: NOT bought *Shar: seeecret!*
3. LV Baggy PM: Status: STILL Hoping! *Hubby: wink wink!*4. GOYARD Shopper in Green (or blue): Status: STILL Hoping! *Brother: wink wink!*
OFF TOPIC EMERGENCY: Someone PLEASE Shut my neighbor's dog UP!!! It's freakin' 2.30AM and I'm trying to rethink my wishlist and this dog's incessant barking aint helping me THINK!!! *I'm getting realllll grumpy now, thanks for killing my train of thought!!! *

Ok where were we... Oh ok here:
5. US$100M: Status: GET REAL!! Like, where do you expect me to get that amount, right?!
6. BOTTEGA yellow runway bag: Status: NO HOPE
7. DIOR croc detective bag: Status: NO HOPE

*GULP* This is turning out to be a VERY SAD Christmas!! *bite lip*
8. 8 ct. cushion diamond earrings: Status: NO HOPE *ahem: mom can you spare me some change???*
9. First class roundtrip tickets to Paris + stay at George V: Status: Disappointed. The BOILER ROOM is not for rent this year-- The engineer decided to stay in Paris for Christmas hence is not renting out his room *hehehe pathehhhhhtic!!*
10. New APPLE ibook: Status: I JUST MIGHT have this one-- seeing my hubby pays for new technology and all... but do I realllly need one? Hey man, if it's free, I'll take it! *FREELOADER ALERT!*

Ok I'm sorta done. I don't even wanna continue anymore. If anything, my list just made everyone realize that I am a *cough* SELF-CENTERED *bleep bleep* BIATCH/ HOG. Ok let's not remind everyone that ok? There are enough biatches already who are just waiting to pounce on me. THERE. satisfied? I called myself a self-centered biatch AND a swine! Guilty admission over, now shut-up and listen! *w00pAss* hehehe :D Am I getting a potty mouth? My bad *wash mouth with detergent, gargle with toilet duck* Ahhh.. better.

Let's move onto happier thoughts. So.. this little bag hag went surfshopping again! And looksie what I found! *squeal in delight! :D*
CELINE TRUNKETTE: US$1,450.00 Niiiice... too bad the trims are just croc- embossed. Would've been soooo luxe if the bag were made with real croc trims... *swooon* Why do I like this bag? I wanna pretend that I'm a corporate career woman and tote this around. The bag is so "matron-chic" and since I am fast becoming a matron, this is such a puuurrfect bag! ;) *nasty!* Seriously though, I think it's cute. It does remind me of a mini luggage :)

Ok now the next bag, DON'T get me wrong. I didn't post it because I like it. I merely posted it as a point of reference since everyone started to call my LV Vienna
Mizi the turtle bag (I STILL can't figure out if that name is meant as a compliment or as an insult because if it was a compliment, I DON'T want you calling MY black bag the TURTLE bag anymore :( NOT after I saw THIS FENDI bag!)
FENDI PLEATED SPY CLUTCH: You nincompoop (attention: hubby), MY black bag DOES NOT deserve to be categorized as a TURTLE bag. Because THIS is the TRUE turtle bag. And it's BUGLY!! :( *getting goosebumps* Now, look at that bag and TELL ME: Are YOU still gonna call MY black bag the TURTLE bag? *scowl*

OK to make tagger Lara happy, I am also posting this RALPH LAUREN RICKY BAG: ugh I dislike the name
(Cant ralph NOT name this bag after his wife?) *sorry no offense* Anyway this bag is an offshoot of the HERMES birkin, as many have already said of it. It actually doesn't look much like a birkin, but more of one of the older Fendi bags with that big claspy thing in the front. (oh... and also the local FINO bag!!) The two belts are, well, *hmmm* I guess they really make you think about the bag. I don't know whether to like it or not, but being that people compare this to the birkin, I wish to remain loyal to the Oranged one. So this isn't for me. Besides, I am NOT paying US$3,000 for this bag. NOPE!!

OFF TOPIC: Hey does anyone know where to get a REALLY NICE AUTHENTIC CAMEO (not some cheap plastic pasty thingie) I found that 2.5K one which I think I will just get. I saw some real nice ones while surfing of
course, like this one I'm posting. But it's US$315!! (But it's a Del Gatto Sardonyx cameo *a whattawhatta??*). Blah I'm too cheap to pay $315 for a pendant without even a gold necklace. I just want a reasonably-priced cameo necklace to pair with my Daphne pearls!! Is that so hard to find?

Once I find it, I can wear my Anthropologie shirt again, this time with the Daphne pearls and the necklace. Ah to complete the look, throw in MY turtle bag :P~

It's early morning already, time to sleep! ta-ta!!