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Thursday, November 24, 2005


WOW, I was honored to be part of an interview by Daphne for F-- it was about weddings. And we talked about, *ahem, self-centered biatch alert* MY wedding which took place like, um.. 4 years ago.

Anyway I'll share some of my wedding photos wherein you can see the setup of the tables. (sorry, I won't be posting a photo of myself on the big day-- I may be self-centered, but I'm NOT YET THAT self-centered.. besides, I have a face only a mother could love, so there!)I had no real flowers on my wedding reception-- except for the sampaguita garlands that were placed on the candelabra centerpieces for "scent" purposes. The reception, I must say, was spectacular. My designer, Dr. P (who has since retired) is THE MOST AMAZING guy ever. He owns all those candelabras. (He is a collector).
The exterior of the reception site was lined with roughly 300 porcelain angels holding trumpets to, (in Dr. P's words)"herald the entry of the newlyweds" *teehee what a way with words eh?* In other words, to make me and my hubby feel like VIPS *umm as IF we truly were! VIP-wannabes YES, VIP? Nope!*

So anyway I was a pretty useless interviewee, quite honestly. I couldn't even remember what personal touches I had with that wedding!! But I do remember it was so awesome, even I was so awestruck. I didn't realize it was gonna come out that way! I just let Dr.P work his magic, as I fussed with my own gown (PRONOVIAS). Sigh, I love weddings... That was what inspired me to become a weddings writer actually. Imagine I was actually a lot more hands on with the wedding set-ups that Daphne and I did for METRO WEDDINGS than my own wedding! Isn't that hilarious! *This is so true, but ALL brides go through the stage where after they have their own wedding, they want to be wedding coordinators-- I, was guilty to such stage!*

Ok, enough wedding talk, this would take forever if I talked about MY wedding (self centered BIG TIME!). Sooo, this afternoon, I took out my GOYARD bag for a spin. The BLUE one. This GREEN FIDJI HOBO (the photo doesn't do this color justice)is just too pretty to use... I have taken the liberty of retaking a photo, this time, more close-up so you hags can see the detail invested by Goyard into this handpainting of monograms. I swear, hand jobs *errr.. I mean hand-painting* is a lost art *hehehe kinky* If you hags are super interested in GOYARD, do check out their website at www.goyard.fr

BAG FACT: Goyard has been in the luggage/trunks business since 1853-- one year earlier than Louis Vuitton! Trunks were covered with this waterproof monogram canvas. Goyard was carried by European aristocrats (Royal court of England), An American president, The Emperor of Russia, Literary royalty Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes creator), Rockefellers, and the Ritz, among others. This brand is etched in luggage history, and is definitely considered the Mother of ALL Monograms. How luxe is it to carry a bag that has its monograms ALL HANDPAINTED?

Ok, THIS particular section of the post, I am dedicating to KO and CL: I had to go to Western Union today and guess what, of all the possibly UNSIGHTLY things I should see, I see a MAN wearing his SILK BOXER SHORTS (with gusto I might add). It was SOOO GROSS and totally GHASTLY. I almost laughed out loud when he walked into the place, and the only thing that refrained me from doing so was my texting to CL about it. CL thinks perhaps this man thought BOXERS meant a BOXER'S shorts. And to think the print on his silk boxers were too similar to my Goyard bag! *eeeewwww* I swear, if I had bent over just a tiny bit, I would've already seen his butt cheek *eeww morbid, it COULD be hairy too!* What a horrible way to debut my Goyard :(

So anyway, I just tried my best not to laugh since it would be terribly rude to do so. But as soon as that man left, I just GUFFAWED. OUT LOUD. What a gross way to end a day.

SHARE-A-SALE-ALERT: Well it's not really a sale sale, but Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman are offering free shipping on purchased items on their website. Saks Fifth Avenue also has a sale and offers free shipping (thanks for the heads-up KO). Check it out :) *Saks fifth's sale includes this LUELLA bag-- the bastardized Gisele. It was $1195.00 and is now just $836.50... umm, wow that's a good mark down, but NO thanks! hehe*

Anyway, do check out the sites. Maybe you can find something you like. Not me though. I'm broke, and I just want another Goyard hahaha. Ta-ta for now :)