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Sunday, November 06, 2005

WEDDING BELLS rang for my photographer friend Willy Saw. Attended the intimate wedding in Intramuros, and sat next to who else, but TimY. & JenniE. This is hilarious, I have NOT seen Tim in EONS-- the last time I reallllly saw him was when he still had jetblack hair(!). He now looks like a SUPERstah with blonde hair and this seemingly eternal glow (as if he has been walking around with a spotlight on him the whole time-- I swear he looks that good) :D Jenni looks like she lost so much weight. Last I saw her was at the MIX denim party some few months back. Sigh, here I go again, envying how these people lose weight :( And this chance meeting with them made me realize I have NOT been out in a VERYYYYYYYY LOOOOOOONG TIIIIIIME.

I LOVE being a Mom, I LOVE staying home with my kids *Quick holler out to sepikmom Alma *who is a great mommy herself* (coz while they sleep during the day, I surfshop online hahaha). I looked back on my "pre-children" life tonight, and realized that although I miss those times when it was just hubby and I out partying with the group, I do not regret at all that I no longer live that kinda life. I have lived it, loved it, and learned a lot from it, and have sorta mellowed down...

READ BETWEEN THE LINES: I grew O-L-D! And if anything, my shopping habits simply got WORSE-- in fact, a LOT WORSE.

For instance, since WHEN was it acceptable to believe that binge-buying bags within the last 10 months (of this year) is OK, to make up for the 9 months of no-bag-purchase (for the whole duration of my 2nd pregnancy)?? Heck I binge-buy bags like my car binge-drinks petrol. And worse, I had to squander off something FOR the house!

My friend JT and I were talking tonight and she told me to just sell all my bags. I told her I'd rather go out and beg on the street than sell my bags. COME ON!! What did I say about asking a blue-blooded baglover to sell her bags? *tsk tsk tsk, no no no!*

My obstetrician said that I COULD have been suffering from postpartum depression (eh?!?). My former colleague at work said that I'm just too high maintenance. My husband thinks I'm just plain crazy. My mother-in-law probably thinks I am spending her son's money (umm sorry mother, but I aint taking your son's money. NOT a single cent!) My mother thinks.. well she doesn't know I bought THIS many bags. My brother thinks I need to be put away in an institution somewhere. And my brain thinks I AM JUST MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME.

Ok already, I feel guilty as it is. As I type this, I get a text message from Bryanboy, who said he swore off any other destination this winter except Moscow because of "Limited shopping opportunities". Geez babe, see that's why I will never catch up to you in luxuryville-- While I will probably be in my folks' home in Californian Suburbia wallowing in my old college sweats, you will be basking in Russian sun in your chinchilla (umm does the sun come out in Russia during winter??! Forgive my stupidity/ignorance haha) :D See the difference right there?

TERROR STRIKE: Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong-- crap, they have GOYARD there... and I'm HERE! My friend/ my former Metro Weddings colleague MC (who by the way, is gonna be the METRO Mag's New Editor-in-Chief come January '05: Congrats girl! Even if you don't like to read my blog hahaha *am I THAT boring to you?! :D) and I are lusting after a GOYARD bag. If I'm not mistaken, we Lust for THIS bag. It's the croisiere 35 (probably their version of a "speedy" or a "boston" bag). I'm not sure if it's available in other colors (other than black), but I do want one in GREEN or ORANGE or BLUE! In fact, hell, i'd be happy to get a ST. LOUIS PM SHOPPING TOTE in Green!!

REALITY CHECK: But wait, haven't I done enough damage to my bank account already? YES. But hey there's my Christmas present for myself thing still... GOSH WHY am I making up ALL these excuses to BUY BUY BUY?!! *SOMEONE STOP ME!!*

SEEING STARS: Ok I need to turn in for the night. The NYQUIL is taking its effect and I'm now ready to doze off. Thanks for reading :) Email me for your stories or inspirations!