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Thursday, November 03, 2005

THE VERDICT: Husband thinks my new black LOUIS VUITTON bag looks like a TURTLE. My witness to this was K.V., whom I was 'chatting' with at the time the verdict was announced. I was like, "WHAT?!? HOW DOES IT LOOK LIKE A TURTLE?!" He shrugs then recants and says , "yeah it's actually REAL NICE" *This was two seconds after I began pelting him with my credit card receipts which I dug out of my dirty wallet*. Hehehe... :D

Sigh, MEN! They will never really get it, will they? My dear hubba's ONLY bag of choice is an Hermes Birkin. He says without batting an eyelash, "It's a classic." In fact, I dreadfully remember the day I brought home my LOUIS VUITTON Alligator Denim Neo Speedy. He had sticker shock at the realization of the price I paid for the bag. Then he added (as if to add insult to injury), "That's just a 'maong' bag. The alligator leather isn't even a lot-- I bet you that was not even a WHOLE alligator that's on your bag." Boy did I not sleep well that night. :D Then the next day he said, "You should have gotten yourself a HERMES KELLY for that bag." He said this before he left the house for work. I just stared at my bag then bawled (or maybe I also bawled because of post-partum depression... hehe HORMONES, HORMONES!!!)

SIGH, men really won't ever know about bags :D The only man I can think of who can appreciate such a bag is the internet superstar Bryanboy. Now THAT guy is simply irresistable. He has quite a stash of bags himself, from a Gold HERMES BIRKIN, to a LOUIS VUITTON MACHA WALTZ (foto shamelessly lifted from an ebay auction *sowee, i had to find a photo!*). He gets my TWO THUMBS UP. Sigh, I wish I was as nouveau riche as he! Unfortunately for me, I am already squandering our furniture money *muwahahahaha!!* So next time you happen to meet me at home, PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME why there is no couch, no dining table set (with chairs). I will just stare at you with a blank look on my face (selective hearing hahaha!)

I want to do a quick review of the bags currently available at NEIMANMARCUS.COM, one of my fave sites (we women can just sit on our chairs the WHOLE day surfshopping online, can't
we! :D)

BAG: VERSACE ivory and gold logo jacquard bag. PRICE TAG: $1,682.00 REVIEW: Short of being a bugly bag, this is just too matronic for me. REMINDS ME OF: LV suhali somehow-- strange enough, it is LV who took inspiration from Versace in their Spring Summer 2006 collection.

BAG: GUCCI large boston bag with bamboo horsebit monogram print. PRICE TAG: $1,590.00 REVIEW: Not bad. I find it the strangest to be relating this bag to an LV S/S '06 bag once again (pls see my past blog with the LV bag photos).

BAG: GUCCI medium monogram tote with scarf detail. PRICE TAG: $1,290.00 REVIEW: Is it just me, or is everyone else strangely drawn to this bag? Scarf detail in bags is a trend for Spring Summer '06 (it's got somewhat of an 80's appeal... is it really just me SORTA liking this??) , most likely inspired by the idea of some women tying a TWILLY 'scarf' to their HERMES bag. NOTE: Scarf detail is good, BUT a SCARF bag is short of becoming bugly!

BAG: LUELLA gisele with studs. PRICE TAG: $1,095.00 REVIEW: When the LUELLA BARTLEY BABY GISELE (First edition in baby pink/ white patent) was "born", it instantly became such a MUST HAVE bag that it was featured on Time Magazine as one of the hottest bags of the year. But WHAT HAPPENED to it now? Luella tried to make money out of that popular design by mutating it into THIS hideous bugly looking bag. Sigh, what a sorry sight. And the price is simply not worth paying. IF you have the first edition LUELLA, keep that bag. But if you were thinking about getting this bag, PLEASE save yourself!! This bag will be in the bargain bins of Neiman in no time!!

BAG: CELINE white transat satchel. PRICE TAG: $1,200.00 REVIEW: I happen to be one of those people who love Celine's BOOGIE bag when it came out. I was so tempted to get one in orange. But good thing I held back, because Celine reinvented the Boogie bag to make it look like this bag-- with POCKETS! While you can't tote this bag on your shoulder, I honestly think it is a good bag to get. Pockets are very functional, Bag is BIG enough, and has a zippered middle compartment as well. I RECOMMEND THIS BAG! *whew* SETBACK: Since this is a white bag, just be prepared to use that SUPER ERASER thingie that Ms. CL recommended :)

Yikes, look at the time, it's past 2am now. Time to get shut eye again. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I try to be as unbiased as I can in reviewing these bags, but I can't help it, I'm just too darn opinionated!?!!? *Soweeee :D*

If you have thoughts to share, a bag you'd like an opinion about, a bag you are lusting for or finally getting, email me at tresormakati@yahoo.com

Worse, if you have a bag that you really want but can't get because it's not readily available, PLEASE tell me all about it :) EMAIL ME AT tresormakati@yahoo.com or text me at (+63916)758-0857. I can try to track down that particular bag you like. If you do find the time as well (and wouldn't mind shopping for 2nd hand designer bags *I loove bargains and am guilty of buying sometimes these reasonably priced 2nd hand bags since i get first dibs* ) PLEASE CHECK OUT TRESOR at http://tresormakati.tripod.com

THANK YOU again for putting up with my blabbermouth blog :) THANK YOU for reading it and sharing it with your friends. THANK YOU for laughing at my expense :D *teehee, really, if I make you laugh, MAYBE I can be a comedian and FINALLY make some dolla hehe* I am so shallow, it pains me! Tomorrow I shall bury the thought of ever buying a couch OR furniture for our place... SAD DAY hehehe (NOT! I can always carry my NEW BLACK "TURTLE" BAG! hehehe)

Ni ni!!