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Friday, November 11, 2005

TRESOR HOLIDAY '05- Yule Love it!

YIKES it's almost December!

I realize I have been so negligent of TRESOR'S site updates that I am actually ashamed to have not been updating it regularly because of my blog addiction *blush*

So now it's time to act thick-skinned and post a SHAMELESS PLUG of the site. *I know, I know, I'm taking advantage again* hehehe forgive forgive, tis the season of giving and forgiving :D

AT http://tresormakati.tripod.com you will find Louis Vuitton bags ,affordable (a.k.a. *DIRT CHEAP*) Ferragamos, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Bally, Burberry, and other designer brands. Here are my PERSONAL picks! P.S. I play no favorites here since all the merchandise is consigned, so these are really MY OWN personal picks (I wish my sellers would pay me since I'm advertising THEIR bags on my blog hahaha :D *Selfish biatch alert!)LOUIS VUITTON RED EPI ALMA: I love this, it's such a perfect bag to tote this Christmas (fire engine red!!!) This bag is in excellent condition, the epi leather is still hard and structured as if new. There is a very small scuff at the bottom edge of the bag. Hardware has very minor tarnish. This baby is priced to sell at Php 40,000/ US$ 735 (a New one is 64.5k). It'll come with a dustbag too!LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM CANVAS EVASION: This is one of those bags I honestly wished I owned. I don't travel much but I wished I had $$ to buy this bag because I personally like to carry an extra pair of comfy shoes on the plane, and this bag has a shoe compartment (how perfect is that!) This Evasion is practically new still, was not used often as evidenced by the light cowhide trims and handles. There is a small white mark at the back of the bag but it is definitely not a scratch on the canvas. Asking price is Php 48,000/ US$880.LOUIS VUITTON BEIGE VERNIS BEDFORD: Why did I choose this bag? Because it's barrel shaped (which I find terribly cute), and it's vernis (patent leather)! For the life of me, I can't figure out really why Vernis leather is so expensive. This bedford retails 69K for a new one!!! And this bag, although it has two small chipped- off marks on the side of the barrel, is still covetable! I mean, really, the price for this is a staggeringly cheap Php 26,000/ US$478!! That's already MORE THAN HALF OFF the price you pay if you had bought a new one! The cowhide handles have slight honey patina but are not dark. This one is really a steal already.LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM SPEEDY 30: Ahhhh the Pandora's bag. The bag that started a lot of women's addiction to LV... If y0u are an LV virgin, then, THIS is the bag I highly recommend you to get. The size is perfect! The top handles have slightly darkened, but the bag is in otherwise very good condition. It will come with a lock and key as well. Priced at Php 24,000/ US$440, it's a good amount to pay for a first LV bag. (If you add 13.8k more, that's a brand new Speedy for you!)BALLY LAMBSKIN QUILTED BLACK BACKPACK: Yeah go ahead and laugh, why did I pick this BALLY backpack? Simple. It's made of super soft lambskin leather, it's quilted, it's black (perfect with practically everything), and it's a backpack that has straps you can unzip to make it two straps, or zip to carry it as a sidepack! The bag is sizeable, NOT too large, not small either. Perfect for shopping expeditions or walks out with your kid. NEWLY reduced and priced to sell at Php 12,500/ US$230, you CANNOT find a designer branded LAMBSKIN leather backpack at THIS price. Really.

Ok that's all for now! have fun and please do check out my website for more bags :) have a great afternoon!!!!!