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Friday, November 25, 2005


ROARING BIATCH ALERT: I just hate it when people I barely know act like they know me so well to ask these favors-- actually it would be nice to call it a "favor" but some people just have the friggin nerve to demand(!) for certain things.

While I was with PA and her friend for lunch, I get this SMS message from KM, a guy whom I particularly dislike for his cocky know-it-all/have-it-all attitude. He apparently just got married (I'm not that good a friend *or maybe I'm not even a friend* to be invited to his wedding, and even if I were invited, I would not even have bothered to go because there is no value added in knowing this guy, he is a straight A user just like Lady Voldemort. PA should know :)

So anyway his text went like this "I just got married this weekend and wanted to ask if you can arrange to have our wedding featured at METRO WEDDINGS." I was like "HuH??!!" Ok, first of all, I am no longer with the magazine. Second of all, NOT EVEN A FREAKING HELLO first before the favor? Third, I was not invited to the wedding and YET you ASK ME to feature your wedding?!! Come on schmuck, it's clear to both of us that we are NOT friends (or else I'd be invited *hahaha I'm sooo sour graping hahaha!*) and then you get the nerve to ask for a fabor? Perdon pero no way Jose! People who have your cocky-I-have-it-all attitude don't deserve press space. So, theoretically if I were still connected with Metro Weddings Magazine, I'd still NEVER feature your wedding. This guy, I tell you, belongs with Lady Voldemort. USER friendlies!! *muwahahahahahaha I am soooo biatchy today!!!!! But Im telling you this guy just is NOT worth any of my time*

Soooo moving right along, after my meeting with PA, I passed by Louis Vuitton again :) Rhea and Abby were both there, so we ended up chatting. In comes this Nicole Richie-meets-Vanessa Traina chick wearing a school uniform and funky black shoes (not your ordinary Gregg shoes hehehe.. more like Prada to me). This gal is young-- about 16 or 17 (I later find out she is 16!).

She walks through LV with her male friend (I think.. or relative who also goes to the same school). And I'm telling you I swear this girl is soo cool-- so VERY nicole richie. Turns out she is TT, a super designer bag lover too. And funny thing is, I've actually chatted with her on the phone in the past, and my goodness I didn't even know this was her until Marivic tells me who she is.

So I introduced myself and oh my Gawd it's like we've known each other for agesss.. Her dad apparently ordered the white mink bag for her (yes, THE white mink runway bag). I know, I know, she has the coolest dad who spoils her silly, with the best brands of bags and the best things. I swear she IS the Nicole Richie of the Philippines. TT knows her stuff too well, and she just really shocks me (I'm impressed). I thought I already knew the youngest gal in town who splurges on bags, and oh I am sooooo out of the loop, until today, when a chance meeting led me to TT!

I stayed at LV for the loooongest time *like I became an honorary sales associate today hahaha* In fact, I stayed there long enough to have LV client Dr. M call marivic to reserve a particular bag that we had chatted about last night. It's a VIENNA quilted bag although I didn't remember if it was a KLARA or the non-alligator version of this bag in the photo. My goodness my memory just fails me. Anyway, it was a toss between the Vienna quilted bag or the SUHALI shopper. I told Dr.M-- GET THIS QUILT BAG! Suhali line will stay for a very long time, but this quilted vienna line is just for winter '05. It's a collectible! :) And funnily, Marivic hands over the LV boutique phone to me and said "Someone wants to talk to you." I was like, holy crap, I can take calls at LV now? hahaha!! I was at LV thaaaaaat looooong.
Oh oh oh!

CONGRATULATIONS to KLT for guessing correctly that I had gotten an ORANGE HERMES SCARF. She gets a teeny tiny keychain from HK Disney (no I haven't been there yet but hehe I've been to the store. Doesn't that count? :D) Who knows, next time I do a guessing game, I might give away my own LV bag? hehehehe... *wishful thinking eh?* Sigh, I was chatting with KO last night about her friend who works for NBC and prepares the payments of Katie Couric, Matt Lauer. She told me that Katie C. gets roughly $7Mill a year. **PARDON: MAKE THAT BETWEEN $12-16M a YEAR!! (thanks KO) HOLY CRAP! See, if I made it BIG and make THAT much, I'd be giving away Hermes scarves, wallets, and even bags as prizes!! *siiiigh*

So going back to what I was saying earlier, my prolonged stay at LV made me succumb to the credit card swipe AGAIN. Now, what on earth could I possibly get at LV, right? Well, I can tell you this thing is soooo damn cute that it's extremely hard to resist buying it. It's an ASTROPILL. hehe looks like some teeny UFO with little red lights when you press the belly of the pill. Here it is, strapped onto my Blue Goyard St. Louis PM which I toted today for the 2nd time *sans the silk boxers guy* hehe.. *eewww that just brings nasty memories* I sooo hope that everytime I tote my blue Goyard, I won't be reminded of that icky man!!! *gulp, what a morbid thought!!*

Anyway this LV ASTROPILL is one of those light up thingies when you press in the middle-- perfect for those power failures that our country was once soooo famous for :) hey you never know when you'll need these things. And what better way to look for your keys in the dark! It's soooooo cute hehe. If you had watched this old flick called BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED, this astropill looks so much like that little tincan baby UFO :D

**HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ME AND TO YOU-- SO GO GET YOURSELF A CUTE ASTROPILL! :D** Ok on a rather serious note, I want to greet you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. We have so many things to be thankful for, we have to be thankful that we have been blessed with the gift of life, the gift of sharing our joys with others, and the gift of love. Life may be crappy at times, but at the end of the day, don't forget to be grateful for what you have. Blessings will come to those who wait and those who are honest, compassionate, and sincere. Don't forget that! :) *Time to thank husband so maybe he can pay for the astropill *snicker selllllfishhhh!!* (just kidding, I am not THAT nasty. I know how to be thankful too, you know! I'm not a totally selfish biatch! hehe and I'm NOT defensive! *glare*)

IMPORTANT EVENT: If any of you readers are seriously planning a NEW LV purchase and are planning to head over to LV within the next few days, save this date: DECEMBER 1-- LV is having a private client get-together from 7pm to 10pm, where they will fly in limited pieces of bags from their new collections (i.e. the Monogram Mini Camel Trapeze PM *only ONE piece for the night! It's P 76,000.* the GM is shown here). This is an invitation- only event, but if you are seriously planning to make a purchase, let me know so I can include you in. LV also already brought in the new cruise collection line of bags (which I find extremely cute). Shown below is the GLOBE SHOPPER CABAS TOTE. There are also different sizes which translate to different colors like Blue and Cranberry.
The bag is rather heavy, but it's pretty. If you buy one of these, make sure to invest in a can of SCOTCHGARD which is available at True Value. You will need to spray the bag before you use it just so it will repel much of the dirt that might stick to the bag. Crap happens :) But not if you can help it! :D

COUCH UPDATE: See, after having blogged for nearly a month now, I am VERY ashamed to say, I still DO NOT have a couch. Just ask DOP, who was over at my place the other day-- she SAW that I didn't have chairs on my dining table, and I had a ratty old couch. She tried to make me feel better by telling me my place looks ok (It's alright D, I know my place is soooo bare.. hehe). Sigh, I guess I better start selling my other bags to buy a couch *boOOohoOooO hoOooo* I NEEEED A COUCH ALREADY!!!!! *HEEEEEELP!!!*

So ok, Here's the bag I want or rather PLAN to sell. I'm still undecided though... *sigh* Anyway Maria Sharapova is seen carrying the PINK version of this LV Monogram Satin Glitter Cabas Tote :) I am planning to let the WHITE version of this bag go.. It's exactly the same size and model. I am however, unwilling to let it go at a low price-- because 1. This bag is a limited edition bag!!! *that says it all, honey!* Anyyyway, I have the pink of this exact same bag (otherwise I won't even think of letting this go!) :-) If you are interested in the bag, I am willing to discuss terms. But I will already let you know that the bag will cost 6 figures. It's a lizard trimmed bag, hence the price. Soooo if you are faint-hearted, don't bother asking me :-) *I would NOT wanna be the reason for your heart attack hehehe **wink!!!* But boy this really saddens me every time I have to begin editing my bag collection. I need a JOB!!! *Can SOMEONE out there offer me a job already??* hehehe

Oh here let me MOONLIGHT: If YOU need a personal shopper to help you pick out bags at Greenbelt 3, hehehe call me! For a small fee, I will hang with you and help you decide on purchasing the right accessory or bag that would reflect your personality ;) hehehe I gotta charge now, gas is expensive, hags! Money doesn't grow in my backyard (maybe it does on your side of the lawn, honey, but IT AIN'T GROWIN' ON MINE!!) *hehehe*

Sooo that's all I can say for now, *shock, what with my motor mouth not even pit-stopping, am I really already at the end of my post????* Alas, this bag hag is tired. I spent I think an hour at LV today and my credit card went the extra mile today. So I better give my good hand (the hand that signs them damn cardslips) a rest :-)

And please please text/ SMS me at +639167580857 if you plan to buy something at LV. Hold it off til December 1. Don't worry I won't charge you for having your name placed on the list hahaha :) BUT you better make sure you're buying something :) *hehehe the astropill!! It's horribly CUTE!!*

Nite hags! and HAPPY TURKEY DAY AGAIN *ahem my version of Thanksgiving was having a TURKEY AND CHEDDAR CHEESE FOCCACIA BREAD at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.. hehehe Gobble Gobble!!*

Mwahhh baghags :D