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Sunday, November 06, 2005

REASONS WHY I LOVE: My LV MANHATTAN-- 1. It's got USABLE exterior pockets 2. It's not as heavy as a Murakami Speedy 3. Roomy interior 4. The cowhide handles are still light!

Do you have an LV MANHATTAN? :) *share share!* I recently did absolutely nothing to stop a fellow baglover from breaking her piggybank to buy a Manhattan. It's too perfect a bag not to get. Although you gotta carry it with sweat-free and acid-free palms or else you run a high risk of ruining the cowhide-- (a.k.a. UNEVEN patina)

Frankly, I think any baglover's MUST-HAVE 1st LOUIS VUITTON is a SPEEDY 30. It's the ultimate schlepping bag. People who buy themselves the Speedy will soon find themselves BUYING YET ANOTHER Louis Vuitton. That's how the addiction usually began. My love affair with LOUIS VUITTON just happened overnight-- literally.

My TRUE love affair with LV began with my FIRST speedy: the denim neo speedy. I've had a couple of LV bags prior to this bag, but I was not one of those ladies who would ask to get waitlisted for the newest LV bag. I frankly could not have cared less, really. Until the denim line came.

That denim SPEEDY bag just gave birth to this *probably* repressed affection for Louis Vuitton. So ladies and gents, if you are one of those LV 'vestal' virgins, might I make the suggestion of making your 1st purchase a monogram Speedy30? Trust me, that bag holds the key to "Pandora's bag". If you are Not willing to see what havoc "Pandora's bag" will do to your wallet and bank account (on a larger scale), do NOT buy a Speedy :D

ELuxury.com is having a fall sale. So naturally I checked in on their handbag section and voila, I have to show you this bag. There are a few bags that are actually on my "NOT BAD" list-- meaning, bags that I wouldn't mind owning and using if someone were kind enough to buy them for me *HINT*

But this DONNA KARAN bag is certainly an exception. This is NO ICONIC BAG *uh-uh!* as its name Claims it to be. *The bag is called the DONNA KARAN ICONIC EVENING BAG* PRICE TAG: $299.00 (Down from $650!) CONVERSION: Php 16,400++

Why do I dislike this bag (it's not bugly but I just don't like it)? Well let's put it this way, would YOU want to be seen carrying your door windchimes on your shoulder? hehe, I didn't think so! *cling clang cling clang* Oh oh, wait! This could very well be your RED "JINGLE BELL" Bag for Christmas!!! :D

Along the same lines: ANY RED-BAG LOVERS OUT THERE? Raise your hands.. I'm not one of them-- since my Daddy passed away, I have sorta thrown in the towel on wearing red or using an all-red bag. Don't know why. Perhaps it's out of respect for him. (Sigh, I miss my Daddy...)

Moving right along, as I write this post, my eyes are also glued onto the other screen with elux. Ahh this is more like it-- Now this KOOBA FRANKIE bag is not bad at all. It is however, made of suede. And I warn you, Suede is one of the more high-maintenance leathers. I once overused my Suede FERRAGAMO bag and within two months of usage, I had to retire it. It was not very "user-friendly".

But between this Kooba FRANKIE and the Kooba SIENNA, I would probably get this bag. PRICE TAG: $375.00 (Down from $500) CONVERSION: Php 20,600 ++

OK that's almost all the bags I think (from the elux sale). Sorry but I just HAD to move along the sale button for SHOES. And here is one relatively cheap find.

MARC by MARC JACOBS Velvet Mary Jane. PRICE TAG: $147.00 (Down from $210.00) CONVERSION: Php 8,000+ Doesn't this pair of shoes (sans the velvet and the ribbon detail) remind you of those old black kungfu shoes you probably saw on old Binondo boys ? They must be real comfy if the oldies wore them... And how, the velvet makes it all lush, and the ribbon detail makes it decidedly girly. Hehehe... Well if you wanna marry comfort with style.. I guess :D *On a serious note: I FIND THEM CUTE*

CUTE SHOES 4-1-1: Check out HOTWIND (a new brand of suuuuper cute shoes!). I practically wanted to buy like 8 pairs but only 2 were in my size :-( Average cost per pair : Php 2,300.00 You can check them out at 2nd Floor, NAIL SPA in Gamboa Street Makati (behind A.I.M. and in front of the park). I'll provide exact address tomorrow. But if you know this area, please drop by their place. I guarantee you'll love the shoes like I did! :D

Ok enough said and enough posted. I am going to take a nap. My stomach is boiling from the super spicy Tom Yum Soup I drank over lunch at Spices, Manila Peninsula. (P.S. I have NOT had lunch or dinner or even merienda cena at Manila Pen for a YEAR now! *Damn just really proves that I am an honest-to-goodness hermit already-- that, and I can't be bothered to pay for expensive dinners, not when my wallet is seriously running on empty, and my bank account well is almost dry*

LANVIN ALERT: P.S. before I re-edit this page again and again, here is the photo of the LANVIN vintage kansas tote that bagaholic MS (or should you go by the initials NS?)was toting in Rockwell when I saw her. Thanks for the photo, girl! *you are such an evil woman for tempting me!! haha!!*

Cheers and enjoy the rest of the afternoon! I got a hold of some new bags that I need to post on TRESOR. I've actually been negligent of my own site because of my blog :D *frustrated writer in action, blah* ~Will someone hire me already so I can make mega-bucks to pay for my bag vice? *hahaha :D I'll beg if I have to!!~